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Mission objectives

Missions are additional stage objectives, which can be viewed before entering the stage and during battle. The rewards for completing the missions are sent via mail.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Description Tips
Complete the quest
Party of # or less (Companion included)
[Unit] in party (Companion included)
Clear without an ally being KO'd
No continues
  • You cannot use Lapis to revive your party after game over.
No [skill type]
  • Counter will count as usage, depending on their types. e.g. Mechanical Heart counts as an ability.
  • Recovery magic is a sub-type of white magic, like Curaga, but not all white magic counts as a recovery magic.
Use [skill type],
Use # or less [skill type],
Use # or more [skill type],
Use [skill type] # or more times
  • See above.
Use [skill]
Evoke [esper],
Evoke # or more espers
  • The evocation doesn't need to succeed or hit the enemy for it to count.
Deal [element] damage,
Deal [element] damage # times or more,
Deal [element] damage # times or more each
  • Damage needs to be dealt. Full resist don't count.
  • Each skill cast and each enemy hit counts as one. e.g. Dual-casting AoE fire damage to 3 enemies will count as 6.
Get a chain of # or more in # turns,
Activate an element chain # times or more in # turns
  • Elemental chain don't have to be performed consecutively or even in the same chain.
Defeat [enemy] within # turns
  • If it's a wave battle, only the objective's wave turn will count.
  • This is a turn condition to win that wave, and not a specific enemy or boss. If multiple enemies are present, all of them will also need to be defeated before that turn.
Defeat [enemy] with [skill type]
  • Damage needs to be dealt. Full resist don't count.
  • The killing damage and any damage done after the enemy reach 0 HP (dead) will count.
  • The standard strategy is to use 2 or more chainer to kill the enemy. Have another unit cast the objective skill when the enemy is still alive, and make it land after the enemy is dead. Timing is the key.
  • Skills can only be cast before the enemy is dead, so skills with long animation are preferred.
  • There is a small delay between esper evocation CG to it being cast. When doing esper kill objective, make sure the skill animation is actually playing.
  • If an enemy can be re-summoned, the original enemy must be beaten the defined way to count.
Clear all stages in the area
Defeat [enemy] in [time],
Complete the quest in [time],
Collect # or more harvest points in [time]
  • Sometimes bugged and will not clear.