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Nyx's Dagger

Nyx's Dagger

A dagger that was used by a certain hero who held faith in the future of his homeland in the faraway world of Eos. The dagger is noted for its unique, curved blade. He lost his homeland after being invaded by the Niflheim Empire. Soon after, he joined the Kingdom of Lucis's elite force, the "Kingsglaive," and fought for the future of his homeland.


  • Type: Weapon (Dagger)
  • Stats: ATK+158, DEF+50, HP +20%
  • Element: Fire
  • Resistance: -
  • Additional effect: Nyx's KukriNyx's Kukri
    Nyx's KukriNyx's Kukri
    Increase resistance to all elements (20%)

Crafting recipe


How to obtain

Super Trust Master Reward