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Power Break

For other uses, see Power Break (disambiguation).

Power Break


  • Type: Special Ability (Active)
  • Effect:
Physical damage (1.2x) to one enemy
Decrease ATK (15%) for 3 turns to one enemy

Crafting recipe

Materials Gil
Icon-Fire Cryst.pngFire Cryst (3)
Icon-Dragon Fang.pngDragon Fang (1)
Icon-Alcryst.pngAlcryst (1)

How to obtain


Learned by

Name Min rarity Level
Rizer 2-star★ 16
Duane 3-star★ 1
Russell 3-star★ 7
Ruggles 3-star★ 8
Charlotte 3-star★ 14
Leo 3-star★ 18
Kenyu 3-star★ 34
Xiao 3-star★ 36
Steiner 4-star★ 11
Rain 4-star★ 16
Garland 4-star★ 17
Amarant 4-star★ 26
Demon Rain 5-star★ 16
Galuf 5-star★ 70


Name Min rarity
Ifrit 2-star★
Titan 2-star★