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Race Avian
No. 709

A bird that is easily distinguished by its brilliant pink wings. In a certain frontier village, a man was found dead and hard as stone, resembling nothing so much as a carven statue. Yet the most curious thing was his face, which was trapped in an expression more horrifying than any who had known him in life had ever seen him make. A pink feather was found on the ground near the body, and so it was assumed that he had met with this fateful bird, who can stop a man's heart with a single glance. The place was abandoned after that, and even the most grizzled of warriors will not go near it.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Stats[edit | edit source]

Location Lv HP MP Exp Gil
Georl Tracks 41 21,500 106 ? ?
Varved Wharf 42 21,600 152
Brown Sands 46 24,500 166
Location Lv HP MP Exp Gil
Fate of the Dragoon: Mission to Seal the Dragon 6 700 25 150 30

Resistance [edit | edit source]

Element Resistance
Fire Resistance Ice Resistance Lightning Resistance Water Resistance Wind Resistance Earth Resistance Light Resistance Dark Resistance
- - - - - - - -
Status Ailment Resistance
Poison Resistance Blind Resistance Sleep Resistance Silence Resistance Paralysis Resistance Confuse Resistance Disease Resistance Petrification Resistance
- - - - - - - -

Loot[edit | edit source]

Drops Steal
Abominable Wing
Aqua Pearl
Beast Meat
Esper Cryst
Esper's Tear
Rainbow Needle
Golden Egg
Heaven's Ash