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Quest Dialogue - My Object of Affection

Side Story/Season 1 Quests

My Object of Affection[edit | edit source]

Quest Start[edit | edit source]

Quest Ending[edit | edit source]

Righthanded Appraiser

Is... is this really them!?
But... it's simply not possible!
Yet it is! It truly is the unsui clothes!
I never thought I would get to see their like again...
And now to even get to hold them in my own hands...
I-I'm sorry. How embarrassing.
These clothes were clearly made by a skilled craftsman.
I of all people can tell what wonderful work went into the making of these clothes.
After all, I am equally skilled as an appraiser! Ha ha ha!
Now allow me to thank you properly by returning these to you.
I am quite satisfied just by getting to see them.
And I should repay this debt I won to you with something tangible and worthy.

Quest Complete