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Quest Dialogue - Parts Hunter

Tooke Town

Beginning[edit | edit source]

Stern Shibyra

What're you staring at?
Wait... heheheh. This is perfect.
Mind doing me a favor?


Heheheh. Thanks. It's nothing big.
Just bring me some machine parts from the energy station.
They're just lying around on the ground. I won't use them for anything... evil. Hehehe...

Concluding[edit | edit source]

Stem Shibyra

Hey, you got the parts.
Hehehe... With these, I can finally repair the town's food plant.
What's that surprised look for? Did you really think I was gonna use them for something evil?
I may live in a place like this, but I used to be...
...Never mind. I've said too much.
Anyway, thanks again. Here.

Stem Shibyra

The longer you live, the more you see. And the things I've seen...