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Quest Dialogue - Smooth Transaction

Starting[edit | edit source]

Weapon Merchant

Huh... What...?
Time for the execution?
Hmph, I see...
So, you're with the resistance.
Great timing!
I just happen to have a favor to ask.

Listen to the weapon merchant's story?


Weapon Merchant

They found out that I was selling weapons to the resistance.
And, this is what happens when they find out.
But I managed to hold on to the weapons meant for you.
Heheh, I took them apart so no one could tell what they were for.
I hid the parts all over the labor camp.
That's why I need you to go and collect all the parts for me.
With those weapons in hand, you'll have some firepower on your side.

Collecting[edit | edit source]

You obtained a grip. (South) You obtained a barrel. (North West Cell) You obtained a hammer. (Inside Elevator Room) You obtained a trigger. (Outside Elevator Room) You obtained a frame. (Main Entrance)

Part 1 Concluding[edit | edit source]

Weapon Merchant

Oh, looks like you have all the parts!
Well then, take them over to the man with the resistance in Luzell.
Nah, keep it.
If the resistance succeeds,
I'll be able to get out of here.
Now, that's a good deal.
Go on, I'm counting on you.

Part 2[edit | edit source]

Deliver the weapon parts to the resistance fighter located in Luzell Colony.

Resistance Man

Hmm... Where are those parts?
Are you with the resistance?


I see... That weapon merchant is in the labor camp now, huh?
Well, he'll find some way to profit from it.
So there's no need to help him out.
He's a renowned adventure-merchant, who knows where he got this weapon from.
It's a magnificent gun, though.
You can tell just by looking at the parts.
I hate to give them credit, but that's Aldore technology, all right.
This alone gives you lots of firepower.
I'll make sure it gets to Dragon's Village.
Thank you for delivering it to us.

Mission Complete