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Quest List

As of Georl, there are a total of 167 available quests.

Quest reward priority is relative to the region the quest is available in.
To view cleared quests, tap the Cleared button in the Quest Report menu found in the World Map.
Events may add additional quests, inflating how many cleared quests appear in the quest report.
Additional information can be found here.

Land of Lapis[edit | edit source]

Grandshelt[edit | edit source]

Grandshelt Isles[edit | edit source]

Origin Name Reward Priority
Town of Mitra Succor for Sore Eyes Hi-Potion
A Hello to Arms Silk Robe
Bleeder of the Pack Bronze Mace - recipe
Secrets Unearthed Blizzard - recipe
Feathers in Your Cap Buckler
For My Eyes Only Cure - recipe
Royal Capital Grandshelt Pendant Dependent Access to Vault (Earth Key) High
Return Flight Bronze Knuckles - recipe
Caught by Supplies Water - recipe
There's a Scaaar-maaan... Unicorn Horn
Road to the Colosseum Bandana
A Boy and His Slime Phoenix Down
Ruin Subduin' Jeweled Ring High
The Unlettered Poet Bard's Tunic - recipe
Ode to Boy Harp
Prowl Movements Power Wrist - recipe
For Members Only Altair
Whither Townsman? Smoke Bomb - recipe
Port City Lodin A Knight's Duty Copper Cuirass - recipe
Demon Tollbooth Gil1,000
Rime of the Absent Mariner Hi-Potion & Ether
Fruit...or Death? Bomb Arm
Muse of the Anvil Great Sword - recipe
Hello? Sailor? Twist Headband
Bombs Away Silver Armlet
Too Cute to Die Star Quartz Medium
Courier Career Tent
Ordol Port Pest Control in Hell Grenade - recipe

Lanzelt[edit | edit source]

Origin Name Reward Priority
Port City Lydira Patron of the Arts Mage's Habit - recipe
Memento of My Sister Star Quartz Medium
The Hungers Game Earth Key #4 (War Hammer)
Village of Kol Nuts Without My Daughter Healing Spring - recipe
Hammer Time Mythril Dagger
Access to weapon and armor shop
Don't Stop! (Hammer Time) Great Axe - recipe
Constant Devotion Water Blade - recipe
Catastrophi-Kol Black Belt Gi - recipe Medium
Sand Hassle Drain - recipe
Grandport Preserving the Peace Rune Staff - recipe Medium
Cryst Almighty Paladin Armor Medium
Lootiful Dreamer Moon Ring Blade
Ore Inspiring Hypno Crown - recipe
Missing on the Mountain Kiku-ichimonji
Hero Mask Task Tiger Mask High
Niche Dish Wish Coral Sword
It's a Dog's Death Vaccine
Operation Desert Treasure Earth Key #20 (Charm Bangle) High
Ninja Challenge Ninja Gear - recipe
Pillow of Your Dreams Sleep Dagger - recipe Medium
Lanzelt Highlands - Exploration The Last Letter Elixir
Lost Village of Marlo The Wolfsfang Terror Mirage Vest High
Outside In Star Quartz Medium
My Shameful Naked Wrist Red Cap - recipe
The Icemen Overcometh Kazekiri - recipe
Sins of the Past Gaia Gear - recipe Medium

Kolobos Isle[edit | edit source]

Origin Name Reward Priority
Ghost Port Kolobos Zombie Repellent Turbo Ether
Unfinished Business Elven Bow
Golzas Canyon - Exploration A Thief's Legacy Earth Key #11 (Quake Ring)
Felicitas Town Double Trouble Thunder Shield
Thunder Enlightening Star Quartz
Access to Thunder Summit
A Burden of Beasts Pinwheel
Paper Chase Fire Rod - recipe
Shock Therapy Giant Feather - recipe
Location, Location, Location Gold Armlet
Charmless Man Light Curtain
Charm Offensive Barbut - recipe
The Key Keeper Caper Phoenix Down
A Neverending Nightmare Madhura Harp

Dirnado[edit | edit source]

Origin Name Reward Priority
Industrial City Dilmagia Job Hunting Star Quartz Medium
To Whom Is This? Hyper
A Fair Day's Wage Wind Spear - recipe
Mind Your Wares Remedy
Help Wanted Mythril Helm
Settling the Score Flame Lance
For Her Special Day X-Potion
Village of Ambel When the Knight Comes Antarctic Wind - recipe
Invasion Afoot! Mythril Saber
An Animal's Tale Earth Key #21 (Hyper - recipe)
Access to Vault (Gale Key)
Town of Kolts M.I.A. Main Gauche - recipe
Not Your Normal Thief Holy Crystal
More Important Than Life Itself Star Quartz Medium
Dwarves' Forge - Exploration Lost in Dedication Ice Armor
Mobreeze Airship Factory - Exploration To Each His Own Elixir
Wind Shrine - Exploration Timeless Memories Mythril Shield - recipe

Olderion[edit | edit source]

Origin Name Reward Priority
Aquapolis Olderion Family First Turbo Ether
Gotta Love the Baby! Star Quartz Medium
A Legend of Peace Holy Crystal
Whither Townsman, Again? Light Curtain - recipe
What a Man Wants Gale Key #3 (Wyvern Feather - recipe)
A Knight of Grandshelt Patriot
Lake Dorr - Exploration Community Service Ice Shield
Town of Amore Foe of the Veterans Phoenix Down
Gift to the God of Water Elixir
Aqua Supreme Star Quartz Medium
Boarish Pride Gale key #4 (Tornado Ring)
Ghost Ship - Exploration Honor to the Deep Defense Bracer

Zoldaad[edit | edit source]

Origin Name Reward Priority
Raven's Hideaway Those Who Can, Do Phoenix Down
Survey the Shrine Golden Vest
Scent of a Spy Elixir
Taking Back the Wastelands Remedy (3)
Surging Volcano - Exploration Providing Provisions Star Quartz (2) Medium
Devastated Town Wicked Premonition Phoenix Down (3)
A Nice Spice Elixir (3)
Downtown Zoldaad As Humans Star Quartz (3) Medium
Misplaced Order Flamering Key #4 (Ras Algethi)
Lost Friend Wall Ring
Naughty Pet Flamering Key #7 (Equip Clothes)
Green of the Planet Gaia's Cry

Mysidia[edit | edit source]

Origin Name Reward Priority
Snowy Woods - Exploration Buried Below Flamering Key #6 (Yakei)
Magi Nation Mysidia Monsters 'round Mysidia Mirage Vest
Perfect Forecast? Fairy Ring
Ice of Steel Mystery Veil - recipe
Pupil of the Magi Yellow Ring
Remembering the Days of Ole Aurora Key #9 (Recovery Rod)
Access to Vault (Black Key)
Magic Library - Exploration Ring of Oblivion Star Quartz (3) Medium
Mysidia Tower - Exploration Beloved Equipment Force Stealer
Sorcerer's Hideaway The Uninvited Star Quartz (3) Medium
A Small Repayment Torrent Ring
A Lone Letter Dragon Scale - recipe
Snatched Away Flamering Key #10 (Aura Staff)
Access to Vault (Aurora Key)

Gronoa[edit | edit source]

Note: The Legendary Raven quest is made up of several subquests and counts as 5 quests.

Origin Name Reward Priority
Societal Ruins - Exploration Phantom Spirit? Yellow Ring
Gronoa Shrine Entrance - Exploration Bonds Forever Aurora Key #10 (Dragoon's Gauntlet)
Dual Wielder of the Sea Black Mask
Footprints into the Past Star Quartz (3)
Underworld Gaberada Offering to the Gods Star Quartz (3) Medium
Ceremony of the Wicked Dragon Helm
An Otherworldly Beauty Gaia's Cry - recipe
A Young Lady's Kiss Fairy Ring
The Legendary Raven Great Raven's Cape
Ruggles Underground Pass - Exploration The Four Annoying Siblings Gold Ore (5)
Tunnel to Tomorrow Quake Ring
Duggle Village A Stitch in Time Saves Nine Thunder Spear - recipe

Pharm[edit | edit source]

Origin Name Reward Priority
Foggy Thicket - Exploration Bamboo Shoots in the Mist Elixir (5)
Town of Sian Shiny and Bright Ras Algethi - recipe
The Fabled Warrior Spirit Black Key #2 (Wyvern Spear)
Manju Supreme Star Quartz (3)
The Mysterious Statue Lustrous Shield
Forgotten Walls - Exploration Defend the Falling Walls Magick Gloves

Land of the Crystals[edit | edit source]

Land of the Crystals[edit | edit source]

Origin Name Reward Priority
Sky Cave - Exploration The Vision's Wish Star Quartz (3)
Lost in the Cave of Crystals Black Key #3 (Demon Shield)
City of Illusion The Abominable Stone Warrior Sorcerer's Cape
My Object of Affection Gold Anklet

Wandering Lands[edit | edit source]

Origin Name Reward Priority
Roaring Volcano - Exploration A Memory to Protect Phoenix Down (2)
Elemental Mystery Fira Blade - recipe
Moogle Town Drinking Competition, Kupo! Elixir (5)

Realm of the Dragon King[edit | edit source]

Origin Name Reward Priority
Peaceful Stream Flash of the Blacksmith Dragon Shield
Bright Forest Floating Island Challenge Rat Tail
Edge of the Realm The Last Concern Dragon Helm

Dimensional Vortex[edit | edit source]

Farplane[edit | edit source]

Origin Name Reward Priority
Farplane Find the Moogle Apprentices 1-star1 Star Rarity Trust Moogle
Gather the Moogle Apprentices Rare Summon Ticket
In Search of Kupo Nuts Rare Summon Ticket
The Illusive Superslick 1-star1 Star Rarity Trust Moogle
The Demon's Fearful Curse 1-star1 Star Rarity Trust Moogle
Ingredients for a Mysterious Cure 1-star1 Star Rarity Trust Moogle
Attack of the Beasts Rare Summon Ticket

World of Paladia[edit | edit source]

Georl[edit | edit source]

Origin Name Reward Priority
Dragon's Village Pest With A Bug Platinum Lance
A Delicious Meal Turbo Ether (8)
A Future Dragoon Star Quartz (5)
Cloth of Good Will Phoenix Down (2)
The Busy Dragoon Ruby Ring
Inside Labor Grounds - Exploration Prison for the Lost Star Quartz (3)
Smooth Transaction Star Quartz (3) Medium
Luzell Colony Protect the Forbidden Literature Tourmaline Ring
Checking the Tracks Thundara Blade - recipe