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Rewards Wheel

A feature for watching ads in order to receive rewards. Rewards are claimed from the mailbox.

  • Limited to 5 spins per day.
  • Ads may not be available at any given time. This is regional & time-based.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Reward Est. Odds
1 NRG Restore 10 33%
2 NRG Restore 10 19%
5 Lapis 24%
10 Lapis 13%
30 Lapis 7%
100 Lapis 4%
  • An additional 500 Lapis may be claimed after every 100 ads watched.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Clicking or interacting with the ads themselves or installing the advertised software is not necessary.
  • Unusual times (very early or very late for your region) are more likely to have ads available.
    • Using a VPN to login through another region (especially wherein the above applies) is an effective method if there are no ads for your region.
  • Certain ads obfuscate the close button once the ad has finished, use your hardware/OS' back button instead.