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Rod of Gravity

Rod of Gravity

A rod that is so heavy that it is of little use as an offensive weapon. Meant more for the defensive-minded, it is said that users of this rod carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.


  • Type: Weapon (Rod)
  • Stats: ATK+5, MAG+35
  • Element: -
  • Resistance: -
  • Additional effect: Enable use of GravityGravity
    GravityGravityBlack Magic Affinity Lvl 4 
    HP damage (50%) to one enemy

Crafting recipe

Materials Gil
Icon-Massive Stone.pngMassive Stone (1)
Icon-Void Vessel.pngVoid Vessel (44)
Icon-Litrock.pngLitrock (66)
Icon-Earth's Core.pngEarth's Core (66)
Icon-Demon Heart.pngDemon Heart (80)

How to obtain