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Scion Striker's Visor

Scion Striker's Visor

A hat with a visor attached to it brought from the faraway world of Eorzea. Beloved by the female Hyur pugilist of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, the organization responsible for keeping Eorzea safe, it does not obstruct one's field of vision. It is also popular among pugilists thanks to its defensive capabilities.


  • Type: Armor (Hat)
  • Stats: ATK+12, DEF+25, SPR+12, HP +5%, MP +5%
  • Element: -
  • Resistance: -
  • Additional effect: -

Crafting recipe

Materials Gil
Icon-Desert Mineral.pngDesert Mineral (10)
Icon-Old Jungle Tree.pngOld Jungle Tree (5)
Icon-Sealed Box.pngSealed Box (5)

How to obtain


Equippable By