Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki

Sellable Weapons


Please always be extra careful when selling your equipment.

Sellable Weapons are weapons that safe to sell because they can be reacquired at any time either by purchasing it in a town shop, a fat chocobo, or a common recipe. Excluded are any items that are limited by event or can only be obtained once.

For best results, sort your equipment in game by selecting Type (Strength) Decending, then sort the tables by ATK. This should synchronize the sorting order between the game and the tables.

If you really want additional equipment space, sort the table by their primary stat (ATK for Rods, Mag for Staves, etc), and look at any of items below the first green item. If the item doesn't contain any unique qualities (additional stats, passives, elements, etc), they should be safe to sell since you can already craft a better weapon.

Table Key

  • Items marked in GREEN are safe to sell. They can be purchased in a shop or crafted from a common recipe.
  • Items marked in Orange may be limited. They can be purchased with Star Quartz, or crafted using event-limited materials. Be careful when selling these items.
  • Items marked in WHITE can not be reacquired if sold.