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Short Stories

Short Stories

Overview[edit | edit source]

Unlock Requirement: Clear The Abyss - Chaotic Darkness

  • Abilities can be unlocked for applicable units by completing short stories.
  • If you have multiple of the same unit, abilities will be unlocked for all of them upon completion.
  • These abilities will be unlocked for units from 5★ lvl 1 once a short story has been cleared.
  • Even if you complete a short story without having the unit whose ability it unlocks, the unlocked abilities will be available as soon as you receive one of the applicable units.
  • Unlocked abilities do not apply to friend units.
  • The 3-star★ Trust Moogle received from one of the missions will be a TMR-specific Moogle for the applicable unit respective to their story.
  • Each stage requires bringing a party that includes the original story unit of the respective short story.
  • On some stages, other units may be included in the party aswell.

Azure Soul and Crimson Blade[edit | edit source]

Azure Soul and Crimson Blade

Gunsmoke Memories[edit | edit source]

Gunsmoke Memories

Bazooka of Love[edit | edit source]

Bazooka of Love

A New Life[edit | edit source]

A New Life

What Color Bonds Take[edit | edit source]

What Color Bonds Take

Fina, Fragments of Memories[edit | edit source]

Fina, Fragments of Memories

A Reunion with the Past[edit | edit source]

A Reunion with the Past

A Run-in with the Future[edit | edit source]

A Run-in with the Future

Before the Opening Bell Tolls[edit | edit source]

To unlock Before the Opening Bell Tolls, the Wohlstok region must be finished. Before the Opening Bell Tolls