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Original Post / Discussion: DefiantHermit's Should You Pull? Ayaka Banner - Oct 06

Hello everyone, /u/DefiantHermit here for this week's SYP, this time with the much anticipated Ayaka and Co!

I'm going to be away next week, but I have content prepared beforehand, so unless things get real wild, threads should be up at their usual time.

As always, if you have any feedback or suggestion about anything at all (format, content, whatever) please do let me know and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

So without further ado, here's my analysis for the Ayaka Banner!

Unit Overviews[edit | edit source]

Ayaka[edit | edit source]

Rarity 5-star5 Star Rarity - 6-star6 Star Rarity
Job White Mage
Role Healing, Support
Origin FFBE
Trust Pure White BlessingPure White Blessing
Pure White BlessingPure White Blessing
Auto-heal (1800 HP, 1x) per turn
Recover MP (10%) per turn
Increase LB gauge (2) per turn

Extremely awaited since she was released in JPN, Ayaka has come to dethrone fashion-disaster Tilith as healing Queen. Base 154 SPR (+34 with pots) is excellent, with a whopping +80% SPR due to her Teachings of Wise Men (+50% SPR when equipped with Staff) passive.

Equipment selection is the expected for a healer, with a slight twist: Rods and Staves for weapons and Robes, Clothes, Hats and Light Armour? for armour. Very weird, but somewhat irrelevant equipment choice. It’s okay if you want to give Ayaka a small defense boost over robes, but there currently aren’t any relevant Light Armour for a healer aside from Assassin's VestAssassin's Vest
Assassin's VestAssassin's VestLight Armor
Stats: DEF+40, SPR+20
Resistance: Poison (Null), Paralyze (Null)
Effect: EvadeEvade
Increase physical evasion (10%)

Her spell kit brings some very interesting new toys to the healing table, most importantly, 2 of them: Curaja (AoE ~2500 HP Heal w/ 18x Mod) as the new tier of healing, recovering a whopping 6100 HP at 400 SPR, which is completely nuts and usually more than enough to completely heal your team with a single cast. The other one is Reraise (ST 3 Turn Auto-Revive with 80% HP) as a DCable reraise, massively ramping the survivability of your team. Those two, alongside the other ones I’ll be mentioning below, can be Dual Cast with her innate Dual White Magic (Use Two White Spells), although that’s not too much of a hassle with the new 10-man trial reward.

Aside from that, she has access to Full-Life (ST Revive with 100% HP) as an excellent ST raise, Dispelga (AoE Stat Buff Removal) as her AoE buff/debuff removal and Esunaga (AoE Cure Poison, Blind, Sleep, Silence, Paralyze, Confuse) for ailment cleansing.

Her ability set is also very impressive, with the all new Wind the Clock (Self +100% Stop Debuff Resist), giving her key Stop immunity, coupled with Stop Detach (AoE Remove Stop Debuffs) for all your Stop-removing needs.

Also boosting her survivability, her Natural Body (+100% Silence/Paralyze/Confuse/Petrify Resist) provides some fantastic ailment immunities, while White Mirage (Decrease Target Chance by 75%) helps her against ST hits. The good ol’ Auto-Refresh (Recover 5% MP per Turn) is also here to give a hand at MP maintenance.

In terms of party buffs, Ayaka has access to Embolden (AoE 5 Turn +45% ATK/DEF) and Meditate (AoE 5 Turn +45% MAG/SPR), providing a complete stat coverage, although with pretty decent numbers.

Even though not as impressive as her spells, Ayaka has access to a few healing abilities: High Regeneration (AoE ~3000 HP Heal w/ 9x Mod split over 3 Turns), providing a good ~1500 HP per Turn at 400 SPR and Purify (AoE ~1000 HP Heal w/ 3.4x Mod & AoE Cure All Ailments) as the usual Curaga+All Ailment cleansing, in case your units have been afflicted with Petrify/Virus.

Since she’s coming to actually dethrone Tilith, it’s just natural that she’s able to perform everything Tilith can, so we just carbon-copy the remaining skills and swap their names: Resurgence (AoE Revive with 100% HP) provides the AoE Full Raise and Dedication (AoE except Self Recover 2500 HP, 50 MP) provides the MP recovery.

To top everything off, her very well known LB is Angelic Feather (AoE Cure All Ailments & AoE Revive with 50% -> 100% HP & AoE 50% -> 100% HP Recovery & AoE Remove ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR/Stop/Charm Debuffs), acting as a reset button for your party when fully leveled, which you should definitely do. It costs a boatload

Global Trust Mastery Rating: Pure White BlessingPure White Blessing
Pure White BlessingPure White Blessing
Auto-heal (1800 HP, 1x) per turn
Recover MP (10%) per turn
Increase LB gauge (2) per turn
- Cast Self ~1800 HP Heal w/ 1x Mod per Turn & Recover 10% MP per Turn & Gain 2 LS per Turn - Materia - A Rank

That’s quite a few things on a materia, but it’s basically a free heal + upgraded auto-refresh and some passive LB generation as icing. The improved auto-refresh is fantastic for any MP intensive unit and the passive HP recovery goes along extremely well on your tank or support units.

This ends up being an overall very interesting materia, not crucial to anything, not game changing, but just very nice.

Why would you want Ayaka?: Really? She’s the best healer in the game, tied with CG Fina, by an extremely long margin. She can do everything Tilith and the other healers do, but simply better. Her kit is not locked into abilities and she can basically full heal your team with a single Curaja and do something else on a turn (apply a gamebreaking re-raise to a unit, dispel the enemy, cleanse your party, raise a unit, etc).

She brings stop immunity and resistance to the table, has some AoE MP recovery and a dope LB that basically resets the fight for your party. The only place she’s lacking is on the buff department, where she only has access to 45% buffs, but those should be enough for most situations, or you can just bring a bard/dancer.

What about the future? Ayaka has not received her enhancements in JPN, but damn, there’s just so much you can add to a unit before it reaches the pinnacle of its role.

Goken[edit | edit source]

Rarity 4-star4 Star Rarity - 6-star6 Star Rarity
Job Monk
Role Physical Damage
Origin FFBE
Trust Training ClothesTraining Clothes
Training ClothesTraining ClothesClothes
Stats: ATK+20, DEF+32, MP +20%
Males only

Goken is an attempt at making a hand-to-hand combat unit and while he’s definitely interesting, let’s see how he fares out in a BiS weapon world. Base 147 ATK (+34 with pots) is certainly great for a 4-star4 Star Rarity base and due to the unique way he’s built, his ATK passives come from his armour choice: Victory Guise (+20% ATK/DEF when equipped with Clothes) and Victorious Determination (+20% ATK/DEF when equipped with Hat) passives.

While a total of +40% ATK from passives doesn’t sound like much, Bare Knuckle Extreme (+200% ATK when Unarmed) gives him a stupidly high amount of ATK, close enough to cap his passive +% ATK. The implications of this are huge, but not all beneficial. To start things off, Goken can achieve the +% ATK cap with extreme ease, needing only 2 +30% ATK passives, which leaves 2 materia slots completely open for defensive purposes (or killers!), with no damage drawbacks. His weapon selection also leads to an unarmed build being interesting, as he can only wield Knuckles. These lead to him being an incredibly budget and somewhat sturdy damage dealer.

The downsides, though, are rather harsh. While the potential +543 ATK is massive, locking yourself out of equipments means you’re losing their innate +ATK properties (+145 ATK from Aigaion ArmAigaion Arm
Aigaion ArmAigaion ArmFist
Stats: ATK+145
Effect: High TideHigh Tide
High TideHigh Tide
Increase LB gauge fill rate (100%)
and 60~100 from the left hand) and, way more importantly, their innate elements (Wind from Kaiser KnucklesKaiser Knuckles
Kaiser KnucklesKaiser KnucklesFist
Stats: ATK+101
Element: Wind
, Fire from Wind Drake TalonWind Drake Talon
Wind Drake TalonWind Drake TalonFist
Stats: ATK+58
Element: Fire
). This last point is exacerbated by Goken’s lack of elemental imbued abilities or any elemental imbuing on his kit at all.

If that wasn’t enough, Goken’s built as a goddamn chainer, which massively benefits from wielding two weapons to enhance his modifiers through the chaining. Anyways, I’ve dabbled enough on this, so let’s proceed to the skillset, shall we?

Supporting abilities include Hi Chakra (Self Recover 50% HP/MP & Self Cure Poison, Blind) as MP recovery and Counter (30% Chance Counter Physical Attacks) to generate LB crystals and build up the Esper gauge.

His offensive skillset is based on combos, but they’re more straight forward and there’s only really one tree that has two branches for AoE and ST, which you can swap at any time. The starting skills are Light Kick (200% AoE 6 Hit Physical Attack & Grant Wolfclaw Fist and Falcon Kick For 1 Turn), which is a very weak skill in terms of modifiers, but one that has very consistent frames (10-frames between hits). The ST version of it is Go no Ken (300% ST 6 Hit Physical Attack & Grant Wolfclaw Fist and Falcon Kick For 1 Turn), having very similar frame data (different starting frames only) and significant modifier boost in trade for the AoE loss. Unfortunately, due to the rather unique amount of hits, current chaining partners for those are restricted to a copy, but future ones are CG Jake and Kaede.

The first tier of unlocked skills are Wolfclaw Fist (500% ST 8 Hit Physical Attack & Grant Tigerclaw Fist and Dragon Kick For 1 Turn), which is a very strong and consistent chaining ability, with 10-frames between hits and various chaining partners: Pod 153Pod 153
Pod 153Pod 153Accessory
Stats: DEF+8, SPR+8
Effect: A170: ScannerA170: Scanner
A170: ScannerA170: Scanner
Increase common item drop rates (100%)
Ability: A120: RepairA120: Repair
A120: RepairA120: Repair
Heal (3000 HP, 9x) split over 3 turns to all allies
, A060: P ShieldA060: P Shield
A060: P ShieldA060: P Shield
Mitigate physical damage taken (40%) for 2 turns to all allies
, R020: MirageR020: Mirage
R020: MirageR020: Mirage
Physical damage (3x) to all enemies
, Aura, Prompto, Gabranth, CG Jake, CG Lid and Sephiroth (TMR). The other skill is Falcon Kick (300% AoE 8 Hit Physical Attack & Grant Tigerclaw Fist and Dragon Kick For 1 Turn), sporting the exact same frame data, but significantly lower modifiers in exchange for AoE.

The last branch of the tree consists of Tigerclaw Fist (600% ST 10 Hit Physical Attack), providing a very strong modifier, a lot of hits and consistent frame data (8-frames between hits). The AoE version of it is Dragon Kick (400% AoE 10 Hit Physical Attack), with identical frames and a lower modifier to account for the AoE change. Like the other steps on the combo tree, due to the change in hit count, the possible partners completely change, and the available ones are: Lorraine, Hawkeye and Kunshira, aside from a copy.

To finish everything off, Goken has some LB support in the form of Sucker Punch (Self 4 Turn +100% ATK & 4 Turn Self 200% LB Fill Rate) that also adds quite an ATK buff. Interestingly enough, his LB was tailor made to fit into his combo, as it’s Fist Supreme (600% -> 840% ST 10 Hit Physical Attack & ST 3 Turn -30% -> -54% ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR Debuff & Grant Grant Tigerclaw Fist and Dragon Kick For 1 Turn). It has a unique frame data (7-9-7-9-7-9-9-5-5) so it really only chains with a copy, but the modifiers are not bad at all, it grants a fantastic break at max level and unlocks the last tier of his combo tree when cast.

Global Trust Mastery Rating: Training ClothesTraining Clothes
Training ClothesTraining ClothesClothes
Stats: ATK+20, DEF+32, MP +20%
Males only
- +20 ATK, +32 DEF, +20% MP [Male Only] - Clothes - B Rank

BiS piece of armour for DH/TDH units that don’t mind wearing clothes instead of Light/Heavy armour. It may not look very impressive for a BiS TMR and that’s very well justified, because the ATK increase from free similar equipment is very minimal.

Why would you want Goken?: As interesting as he is as a unit, he just doesn’t compare to other chainers in terms of damage and combo implementation still comes with a load of issues.

The unarmed build should probably never be considered, as even if you’re spark chaining, missing out on element to make use of Imperils is just such a massive drop in damage that the “free” ATK just can’t compete. Not only that, but on a chainer that relies on long chains to build a decent global modifier, going 1-handed is usually only considered when DH/TDH is in play, which is obviously not the case here.

Aside from that, though, he’s not that bad. Clear cut frames means he can chain pretty well with a copy and his average modifiers should be on par with, if not better than most 5-star5 Star Rarity chainers (average per turn of ~480%, taking global chain modifiers into account, disregarding LB).

Even though they’re not very consistent, every step of his combo tree has several chaining partners that you can use on 10-man trials or just standard fights, if you’re willing to wait a bit for that specific step to be unlocked.

Finally, his LB provides a decent alternative for Tim/9S on hard trials where you need that level of breaks to survive.

What about the future? No enhancements for Goken at the moment, so you can still hope.

Silvia[edit | edit source]

Rarity 4-star4 Star Rarity - 6-star6 Star Rarity
Job Spellblade
Role Hybrid Damage
Origin FFBE
Trust SorcerySorcery
Stats: ATK+100, MAG+84

In very simple terms, Sylvia is a Fryevia wannabe that fails at everything that makes Fry good and I’ll show you exactly why. As you’ve guessed it (or read on her Role), Sylvia’s a Hybrid damage dealer, so both offensive stats are relevant, even though MAG based builds should definitely be favoured. Base 136 ATK (+30 with pots) is not that great and she only has +40% ATK from passives due to her Fortunate Swordsman (+20% ATK/MAG when equipped with Sword). Her MAG side is not in a much better shape, with a slightly higher base 140 MAG (+30 with pots), with the same +40% MAG from the Swordsman passive.

Okay, so stats are not stellar, what about equipment? Weapon selection is Daggers, Swords, Rods, Staves and Maces and armour selection is simply all types of armour. Very nice weapon selection, allowing her to make use of Letters and ArmsLetters and Arms
Letters and ArmsLetters and Arms
Increase MAG (50%) when equipped with a sword
builds and innately equip rods for high MAG and Rod Mastery if you don’t have 4 L&A lying around. Armour selection also backs her up for any type of build you’d like.

Skillset, though, is where things really get ugly. Her supporting skills are not that bad: Magic Field (5% Chance Counter w/ AoE 50 MP Recovery) provides a very neat MP recovery, but has abysmal proc rate, while the duo of Stop Shield (3 AoE Turn +100% Stop Debuff Resist) and Cover Shield (3 AoE Turn +100% Stat Debuff Resist) provide valuable stop and debuff resistance for fights where it’s relevant.

Her offensive skillset is mixed with some support as well, with the “Gem” toolkit: Sunlight / Heat / Cold / Blast Gem (400% AoE 4 Hit Light/Fire/Ice/Wind Hybrid Attack & AoE 3 Turn +70% Light/Fire/Ice/Wind Resist). Don’t let the good numbers deceive you, as this is a hybrid ability, thus roughly equal to a 200% modifier skill, which is crap. The odd amount of hits is backed up by an odd, but consistent frame data (30-30-30) that is shared with no one except a copy. The added resistance is pretty neat, though.

Sylvia’s LB is a fusion of the gem abilities: Elemental Braver (400% -> 640% AoE 4 Hit Hybrid Attack & AoE 3 Turn +50% -> + 74% Fire/Ice/Wind/Light Resist), providing a slightly better modifier at max level and a very good combination of elemental resists. It doesn’t costs many crystals (20), but has the same frame data as the gems.

Finally, Sylvia has access to a finisher in Magic Blade (600% ST 1 Hit Hybrid Attack), but the equalized modifier is ~300%, which just doesn’t cut it nowadays.

Global Trust Mastery Rating: SorcerySorcery
Stats: ATK+100, MAG+84
- +100 ATK, +84 MAG - Sword - A Rank Fryevia users, rejoice! Although not as strong as Fryevia's NeedleFryevia's Needle
Fryevia's NeedleFryevia's NeedleSword
Stats: ATK+92, MAG+112
Element: Ice
, this sword is a massive upgrade to players running EnhancerEnhancer
Stats: ATK+82, MAG+23
on the left hand or even a rod, since you can now forgo the Equip RodEquip Rod
Equip RodEquip Rod
Allow use of rods
materia and slap another L&A.

Sorcery’s not just good for Fryevia, as she can be slapped on pretty much any sword wielding MAG-based unit for great effect with L&A, like Trance Terra and Ashe!

Not only that, but it’s actually the strongest elementless sword not linked to a 5-star5 Star Rarity unit, so it even has uses for physical based units!

Why would you want Sylvia?: Because of her TMR. Fantastic elementless sword that can be used on MAG and ATK based units alike.

As a unit, Sylvia fails at everything Fryevia does well. Lame modifiers on hybrid skills, poor amount of hits and poor frame data. The +70% elemental resistance on her hits are nice, but at that point you might as well as bring Minfilia or Marie and you’ll definitely have a better time.

What about the future? No enhancements for Sylvia, so there’s still hope she can be a small fry!

Yuri[edit | edit source]

Rarity 3-star3 Star Rarity - 5-star5 Star Rarity
Job Ninja
Role Physical Damage, Hybrid Damage
Origin FFBE
Trust High SpiritsHigh Spirits
High SpiritsHigh Spirits
Increase ATK/MAG (20%)

Quite unfortunate that we’re not getting Yuri’s 6-star6 Star Rarity straight out, but this cute ninja definitely holds up as a niche 3-star3 Star Rarity base if you get to pull one. Base 108 ATK (+20 with pots) is not that bad, but there’s only a +10% ATK passive at 5-star5 Star Rarity to back it up. Things are a bit worse on her MAG side, with base 101 MAG (+20 with pots) and the same measly +10% MAG passive.

Equipment selection is pretty varied and enables her to be built with a focus on either MAG or ATK. Her weapon selection includes Daggers, Katanas, Rods, Staves, Bows, Whips and Throwing Weapons while the armour selection includes Robes, Clothes, Light Armours, Hats and Small Shields. Katanas and daggers allow for an ATK centered focus and Rods for MAG builds. Being able to use Throwing Weapons and having elemental-imbued finishers means she can also abuse Fixed DiceFixed Dice
Fixed DiceFixed DiceThrowing
Stats: ATK+1
Two-handed weapon
, if it fancies your taste.

5-star5 Star Rarity skillset is… lacklustre, but already reflects her 6-star6 Star Rarity potential. Whirlwind Evasion (210% AoE 8 Hit Wind Hybrid Attack) has a stupidly low modifier, but comes with consistent 8-frames between hits, opening up chaining partners as Cor, Beatrix, Vaan, Zidane and a copy.

And… that’s about it. She has a few other abilities with crappy modifiers that only work against certain monster types, but they’re so irrelevant that I’m not even going to include here. She has Hide (3-5 Turn Stealth), though!

Anyways, her 6-star6 Star Rarity form is quite more versatile, gaining 450% Hybrid finishers imbued with Wind or Earth and, more importantly 400% Hybrid chainers, one with the same frame data as Whirlwind Evasion (so same chaining partners) and another with consistent 10-frames that can be perfectly chained with Wado, Prompto, Gabranth, Vayne, CG Jake, Emperor Shera, CG Lid and Sephiroth (TMR). If you’ve watched a few of O’ZACK’s videos, you’ve seen how much he uses the budget Wado+Yuri duo for chaining.

Global Trust Mastery Rating: High SpiritsHigh Spirits
High SpiritsHigh Spirits
Increase ATK/MAG (20%)
- +20% ATK/MAG - Materia - C Rank

This is just marginally better than most ATK/MAG materias and provides no defensive bonus at all. If you’re mass pulling for Ayaka and ends up fusing Yuris for a few of those, sure, otherwise, you’re not farming this.

Why would you want Yuri?: Right now you really don’t. In the future, with her 6-star6 Star Rarity, you get a rather versatile unit, with plenty of chaining partners, including a very budget duo, for 10-man trials and whatever fight you’d like.

What about the future? I think I’ve talked enough about Yuri’s 6-star6 Star Rarity, so it’s just a matter of when she’s dropping.

Kamui[edit | edit source]

Rarity 3-star3 Star Rarity - 5-star5 Star Rarity
Job Samurai
Role Physical Damage
Origin FFBE
Trust HoemaruHoemaru
Stats: ATK+120
Element: Fire

Unlike Ninjas, the Samurai Kamui is surprisingly not Hybrid based, but it’s stuck at 5-star5 Star Rarity for the forseeable future. Base 122 ATK (+20 with pots) is massive, but only a +10% ATK passive backs it up.

Equipment selection is great, since he’s able to wield Swords, Greatswords and Katanas and wear Light and Heavy Armours and Helms. 3 Major weapon types and relevant armour sets to back them up.

His relevant skillset is based on life sacrifice to deal damage, with Sacrificial Flame (Lose 30% HP + 150% AoE 6 Hit Fire Physical Attack) having a miserable modifier, but decent amount of hits, innate element and consistent 10-frames between hits. Number of hits is a bit odd, only opening a copy, Goken, Kaede and CG Jake as partners. It can even be accompanied with an Imperil due to his Hellfire Slash (100% AoE 1 Hit Physical Attack with 1 Turn Delay & AoE 3 Turn -50% Fire Resist).

Much more interesting, though, and extremely surprising for a 5-star5 Star Rarity max, there’s Sacrificial Blow (Lose 99% HP + 900% AoE 1 Hit Physical Attack), almost killing Kamui, but dealing a whopping 900% modifier in damage that can be Dual Wielded. Good luck casting it twice, though, as it costs 99 MP and Kamui only has 170 when fully potted.

Global Trust Mastery Rating: HoemaruHoemaru
Stats: ATK+120
Element: Fire
- +120 ATK, Fire Element - Katana - S Rank

Very high ATK and introducing a non-limited version of a fire element katana to the game. Gets bonus points for being an extremely common weapon type, with readily available, non-limited mastery that also has many top-tier users.

Why would you want Kamui?: Obviously for that dank sudoku 900% move. No, seriously, for his TMR.

It won’t be as common as ExcaliburExcalibur
ExcaliburExcaliburGreat Sword
Stats: ATK+120
Element: Light
on many physical damage dealers, but it allows Orlandeau and many others to have a high ATK weapon when they need to avoid using Light.

What about the future? No 6-star6 Star Rarity for our little samurai that could, so maybe he’ll have a bright future someday?

Should You Pull?[edit | edit source]

As tempting as it may be and as strong as Ayaka is, if you're not a whale and are just looking for units, don't pull.

The 3-star3 Star Raritys are a mixed bag: Kamui is a TMR fodder, but not a high priority one, even if it's a really good piece of equipment. Yuri is unfortunately stuck at 5-star5 Star Rarity on her release and has some niche applications in the future, but nothing you won't be pulling as a off-pull anyway.

The 4-star4 Star Rarity slot is a duo once again, with Sylvia being a legitimate pull for Fryevia users or anyone that needs an elementless sword and can't wait for off-banner pulls. As a unit, she really sucks with no GL exclusive changes. Goken's TMR is also decent for TDH units, but not that big of an upgrade over other available equipment. As a unit, he's not bad, but he's not worthy of a pull either.

The 5-star5 Star Rarity really is the prize here. Ayaka stands as the best healer in JPN alongside CG Fina and they're leagues above the other healers, even Tilith. That said, pull rates for rainbows are still abysmal and you can still clear every single content without her.

If you're a whale, it's just a matter of picking Ayaka or CG Fina (even though Fina is gonna take quite a few months to get here if they follow the leaked banners), but it should be a no brainer pull at this point.

If you're not a whale, do not chase Ayaka. You're not getting her in 50 tickets, you're not getting her in 2 10+1s. Wait for better 4-star4 Star Rarity units and 5-star5 Star Rarity guaranteed banners. You'll finish content just fine with your healers.

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