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Silver Chests

In-game tutorial for using magic keys

Silver chests, or locked chests, can be unlocked with a Magic Key, crafted from 3 Fine Alcryst and 3 Screamroot. You may also purchase a magic key bundle using Lapis. Fine Alcryst can be obtained with a small chance while crafting any ability. Screamroot is one of the two materials dropped from a very rare monster, Minituar, found randomly during explorations. Either materials can also be obtained as a reward from clearing certain trophies.

To unlock silver chests during explorations, you have to bring it as consumable items. However, the same cannot be applied in town, as you have to unequip the key from consumable items.

The key is used up upon unlock, so you will have to craft one for each chest. Due to limited amount of materials available, Magic Key is considered a limited resource and should be used with caution.

World of Lapis[edit | edit source]

Grandshelt Isles[edit | edit source]

Town of Mitra Fire BladeFire Blade - recipe
BarfireBarfire - recipe
Royal Capital Grandshelt VoxVox - recipe
BarblizzardBarblizzard - recipe
BlindBlind - recipe
Port City Lodin SilenceSilence - recipe
Ordol Port Icon-Bandana.pngBandana - recipe
Earth Shrine BarstoneBarstone - recipe
Latius Woods Silence BladeSilence Blade - recipe
Dalnakya Cavern Blizzard BladeBlizzard Blade - recipe
Grandshelt Catacombs BarwaterBarwater - recipe
BarthunderBarthunder - recipe
Fulan Pass BaraeroBaraero - recipe
Stone BladeStone Blade - recipe
BioBio - recipe

Lanzelt[edit | edit source]

Note: The recipe for Osafune can be obtained in a chest in the Wind Shrine - Exploration.

Port City Lydira Icon-Muscle Belt.pngMuscle Belt - recipe
Village of Kol ShellShell - recipe
DeshellDeshell - recipe
Grandport BraceBrace - recipe
BarwateraBarwatera - recipe
Lost Village of Marlo Icon-Osafune.pngOsafune
Phantom Forest Bio BladeBio Blade - recipe
Zadehl Westersands AeroraAerora - recipe
BarstonraBarstonra - recipe
ParalynaParalyna - recipe
Lanzelt Highlands Mental BreakMental Break - recipe
Wolfsfang Peak BarblizzaraBarblizzara - recipe
Lanzelt Ruins BlizzaraBlizzara - recipe
BaraeroraBaraerora - recipe

Kolobos Isle[edit | edit source]

Note: Green Beret can also be purchased in Felicitas Town for 500 gil.

Felicitas Town Icon-Green Beret.pngGreen Beret - recipe
Kolobos Marsh SPR +10%SPR +10% - recipe
Golzas Canyon Icon-Pinwheel.pngPinwheel - recipe
Kolobos Reef Bug KillerBug Killer - recipe
Shrine of Decay MP +10%MP +10% - recipe

Dirnado[edit | edit source]

Note: Wizard's Robe can also be purchased in Felicitas Town for 1000 gil.

Industrial City Dilmagia Sleep BladeSleep Blade - recipe
Village of Ambel Icon-Wizard's Robe.pngWizard's Robe - recipe
Town of Kolts DispelDispel - recipe
Maranda Coast MAG +10%MAG +10% - recipe
Dwarves' Forge BraveryBravery - recipe
Windy Heights (West) Aero BladeAero Blade - recipe
Mobreeze Airship Factory FaithFaith - recipe
Junkyard Spirit SlayerSpirit Slayer - recipe
Wind Shrine Icon-Tiger Mask.pngTiger Mask - recipe

Olderion[edit | edit source]

Note: Brigandine can also be purchased in Underworld Gaberada for 1200 gil.

Aquapolis Olderion Icon-Icebrand.pngIcebrand - recipe
EVO MAG +10%EVO MAG +10% - recipe
Town of Amore Biora BladeBiora Blade - recipe
Mystic Woods Icon-Brigandine.pngBrigandine - recipe
Aquatic Cove Watera BladeWatera Blade - recipe
Lake Dorr CuradaCurada - recipe
Ghost Ship Auto-ProtectAuto-Protect - recipe
Water Shrine ATK +10%ATK +10% - recipe

Zoldaad[edit | edit source]

Raven's Hideaway Auto-ShellAuto-Shell - recipe
Osmose BladeOsmose Blade - recipe
Devastated Town Icon-Elven Bow.pngElven Bow - recipe
Downtown Zoldaad Bird KillerBird Killer - recipe
Timber Tracks Icon-Thunder Shield.pngThunder Shield - recipe
Abandoned Orphanage Icon-Ice Armor.pngIce Armor - recipe
Surging Volcano Icon-Flame Lance.pngFlame Lance - recipe
Fire Shrine Icon-Sleep Sword.pngSleep Sword - recipe
Zoldaad Castle Grounds Icon-Trident.pngTrident - recipe
Invincible Interior Icon-Rod of Lightning.pngRod of Lightning - recipe

Mysidia[edit | edit source]

Magi Nation Mysidia Icon-Ice Rod.pngIce Rod - recipe
Sorcerer's Hideaway Icon-White Robe.pngWhite Robe - recipe
Snowy Woods Icon-Ice Lance.pngIce Lance - recipe
Magic Library Icon-Black Robe.pngBlack Robe - recipe
Mysidia Underground Icon-Ice Shield.pngIce Shield - recipe
Tower Underground Icon-Golden Staff.pngGolden Staff - recipe

Gronoa[edit | edit source]

Underworld Gaberada Icon-Circlet.pngCirclet - recipe
Duggle Village Icon-Golden Shield.pngGolden Shield - recipe
Societal Ruins Icon-Flame Shield.pngFlame Shield - recipe
Gronoa Shrine Entrance Icon-Golden Blade.pngGolden Blade - recipe
Ruggles Underground Pass Icon-Betelgeuse.pngBetelgeuse - recipe
Gronoa Shrine Depths DEF +20%DEF +20%

Pharm[edit | edit source]

Town of Sian SPR +20%SPR +20%
Foggy Thicket Icon-Mage Masher.pngMage Masher - recipe
Forgotten Walls Icon-Raikiri.pngRaikiri - recipe

Land of the Crystals[edit | edit source]

City of Illusion MP +20%MP +20%
Sky Cave Icon-Golden Helm.pngGolden Helm - recipe
Clouds of Lasting Light Icon-Unsui Clothes.pngUnsui Clothes - recipe

Wandering Lands[edit | edit source]

Moogle Town Icon-Twin Whip.pngTwin Whip - recipe
Roaring Volcano Icon-Platinum Tiara.pngPlatinum Tiara - recipe
Land of Darkness DarkraDarkra - recipe

World of Paladia[edit | edit source]

Georl[edit | edit source]

Dragon's Village Icon-Platinum Robe.pngPlatinum Robe - recipe
Luzell Colony Icon-Seraphim Shield.pngSeraphim Shield - recipe
Industrial City Dormdry Icon-Platina Armor.pngPlatina Armor - recipe
Vesta Ruins Blizzara BladeBlizzara Blade - recipe
Inside Labor Camp Icon-Platinum Musket.pngPlatinum Musket - recipe
Georl Barrier Station Aerora BladeAerora Blade - recipe

Gungan[edit | edit source]

Nature Capital Naturia Icon-Platinum Dagger.pngPlatinum Dagger - recipe
Estavilla Icon-Cypress Pile.pngCypress Pile - recipe
Petra, Forest of Illusion Icon-Rubber Suit.pngRubber Suit - recipe
Energy Transfer Station Icon-Platinum Saber.pngPlatinum Saber - recipe

Crystallis[edit | edit source]

City of Ash Anabeth MP +15%MP +15% - recipe
Kappa Village Icon-Platinum Mace.pngPlatinum Mace - recipe
Ilteah Town Icon-Platinum Breastplate.pngPlatinum Breastplate - recipe
Capital of Despair Hellstya Icon-Platinum Shield.pngPlatinum Shield - recipe
Runferia Castle Icon-Platinum Whip.pngPlatinum Whip - recipe
Energy Extraction Station Icon-Platinum Edge.pngPlatinum Edge - recipe
Nirvana Woods Icon-Platinum Axe.pngPlatinum Axe - recipe

Visectrum[edit | edit source]

City of Trials Dendalio Icon-Platinum Bow.pngPlatinum Bow - recipe
Karvell Resort Town Icon-Platinum Fist.pngPlatinum Fist - recipe
Plains Town Relaks Icon-Diamond Robe.pngDiamond Robe - recipe
Savage Ruins Icon-Platinum Lance.pngPlatinum Lance - recipe
Ghastly Valley SPR +15%SPR +15%
Londell Road Icon-Diamond Knife.pngDiamond Knife - recipe
Sandstorm Maze Icon-Diamond Sword.pngDiamond Sword - recipe

Town of Desolation Visectrum[edit | edit source]

Town of Desolation Visectrum Diamond ArmorDiamond Armor - recipe
Visectrum Underground Waterway Diamond ArmorDiamond Armor - recipe

Magistellus[edit | edit source]

The Yuraisha Icon-Adamantite Katana.pngAdamantite Katana - recipe
Magitek Weapon Development Facility Icon-Diamond Jacket.pngDiamond Jacket - recipe

Operations Map[edit | edit source]

Children of Hess's Headquarters Icon-Diamond Saber.pngDiamond Saber - recipe
Lezal Mountain Base - Exploration Icon-Diamond Helm.pngDiamond Helm - recipe

Rubiena[edit | edit source]

Militant Town of Moraque Warrior's Intuition - ATKWarrior's Intuition - ATK
Habal Village Icon-Diamond Tiara.pngDiamond Tiara - recipe
Pearl Cavern - Exploration Icon-Diamond Lance.pngDiamond Lance - recipe
Glistening Ice Caves - Exploration Icon-Diamond Staff.pngDiamond Staff - recipe
Smokey Caves - Exploration Icon-Mining Pick.pngMining Pick
River of Fire - Exploration Diamond ShieldDiamond Shield - recipe

Aldore Tower Final Battle[edit | edit source]

Aldore Tower - Exploration Icon-Diamond Rod.pngDiamond Rod - recipe

Grandore[edit | edit source]

Grandore Gravity Block - Exploration Icon-Diamond Buckler.pngDiamond Buckler - recipe

Dimensional Expanse[edit | edit source]

The Fortress City of Berga[edit | edit source]

North Side District Block A3 Morning StarMorning Star