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E3/Anniversary summary: 2nd Year Anniversary

Support Purecryst

Support Purecryst.png

A huge crystal which brings out the potential of abilities. It is necessary in awakening support abilities.

Crafting recipe[edit | edit source]


Usage[edit | edit source]

Ability Awakening Material

  • As of batch 4 (2017-07-20)
  • Totals shown are for +1 and +2 awakenings combined.
Skill Unit Total Needed
Advance Luneth 2
Axe Mastery Mercedes 1
Battle Roar Snow 2
Boko's Pendant Bartz 1
Devotion Ace 1
Dragonlord's Guard Dragonlord 1
Embolden Refia 1
Gun Master Medius 1
Holy Light Cecil 1
Hope Warrior of Light 3
Kazus Pendant Refia 1
Legend Killer Firion 2
Life Giver Bartz 2
Lightspeed Lightning 1
Meditate Delita 1
Omni-Veil Cloud of Darkness 1
Shikkoku Dark Knight Cecil 1
Warcry Mercedes 1
Yakabe Seven 1
Endless Turn Soleil 1

How to obtain[edit | edit source]