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FOR THE SIX REALMS[edit source]

Links for Maps and Bosses of all Six Realms

1 - The Deva Realm (
2 - The Manusya Realm (
3 - The Tiryagyoni Realm (
4 - The Naraka Realm (
5 - The Preta Realm (
6 - The Asura Realm (

Some considerations

- The Encounter Rate is HUGE, so HIGHLY recommended to get as much as possible accessories that reduce it. A good choice is the cheap Charm Bangle from Devastated Town Chocobo Den
- Some enemies will hit first, but never something really strong. A good Chaos Grenade or similar should kill everything but the bosses
- Once you defeat the realm's boss you don't need to face it again if you repear the explorarion
- The missions will only count for the realm you entered, so if you began at the Deva Realm and kill all six bosses, when you exit the stage, all maps will open up, but only Deva Realm's missions will be counted
- The Naraka Realm has a "NO LB Mission" and The Deva Realm has a "bring CG Lasswell" mission

Suggested Party

- Evade Provoker (Bart, good for the imbues as well)
- Magic Cover (Merc Ramza with pretty much 100% all elements)
- Buffer (CG Nichol)
- Healer (CG Folka for anti-breaks and ailments)
- Chainer (CG Lasswell, CD -> Absolute Mirror of Equity)
- Chainer (Auron, LB -> Gnawing Flame/Hellstorm)

Most bosseses will hit for nothing with a good break. Killed most of them on turn two or three chaining Lasswell and Auron after breaking, imperiling and imbuing.

by SephirotSama (831,419,142) --Watashi Wa Omoide Niwa Naranai Sa (talk) 17:33, 30 March 2019 (UTC)

Slow and steady physical strategy[edit source]

What you need:

This is a bit confusing, as you'll have to shuffle roles depending on who you have on hand.

My team:

  • Yuraisha (buffer)
  • Merc Ramza (physical tank, provoker)
  • Basch (magic tank, provoker, breaker)
  • Folka (healer, Carbuncle for dispel and Bar spells, mana battery, stop guard)
  • Two fire Hyoh for DPS, built for Man-Eater

My Merc Ramza was built to be as tanky as possible. Without Yuraisha's physical mitigation or, failing that, someone with Pod 153, he'll need to be full evade to have any chance of surviving Asura's physical AoE. If your only source of that is Ring of the Lucii, evade won't be an option because Holy counters cause retaliation during the Forsaken Stance. Basch condenses the magic/breaker roles pretty well when enhanced. Without him, you'll have to trade your healer for a breaker and full evade will be a must. You'll need a source of Raise if Yuraisha isn't on the team.

Make sure you can cover all four necessary elements to seal the elemental stances without the use of your magic tank. Put either Toxic Rain or Bad Breath on your healer for Blind.

Although normal counters shouldn't trigger retaliation during the Forsaken Stance, I consistently had that problem if the Face of Carnage set preceded the Face of Rage set. Not sure why, just noting it. My successful run happened to avoid the Face of Rage set.


First turn, break, physical guard, buff, and damage to build up esper orbs. Second turn, have the physical tank provoke, magic guard, damage some more. Third turn, wait out the Forsaken Stance. Fourth turn, deal fire damage to seal the stance. Now for the sets.

During the Carnage set, physical guard and keep general/physical mitigation up. Dispel the boss on the first turn to get rid of the buff and break again. Provoke to draw Spirit Blow to your magic tank.

During the Rage set, turtle, since he'll have mitigation up.

During the Penitence set, magic cover, physical provoke, and elemental buff as necessary. If your resists are high enough, this is a good time to summon espers and deal elemental damage.

Use Toxic Rain/Bad Breath when you cross the 50% threshold, making sure to dispel and rebreak. Then go back to the stances.

When you're going to cross the 20% threshold, get provoke up on your magic tank. Once you've pushed the threshold, dispel, break, physical guard. Your magic tank will go down, so Raise, maintain physical guard, and get provoke up again net turn. Keep repeating the pattern as necessary until Asura goes down, firing off some limit bursts at the end if you haven't already. 22:32, 31 March 2019 (UTC)