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Took me a while[edit source]

Used my typical esper 3 stars set up. Mystea, WoL 100% evasion, trance terra (1500 mag, fully awakened ), tilith and seaside nichol. Friend trance terra with 1600+ mag (the higher the better, must be fully awakened ) helps

Gear Mystea ~150 fire defense. Then get as much SPR/HP as possible.

Once I finally figure out that keeping Mystea alive was the key, it became easier. You have until round 11 to kill Phoenix before he recovers.

WoL keeps provoke up. Debuff mag when needed

Keep mag debuff up always. Dispel every turn he buffs. And reapply debuff.

sNichol should always have foam active for Mystea to tank non elemental magic damage. A shade thrown in from time to time helps.

Tilith keep elements and att/mag/spr buffs up. Heals when needed. Dispel if needed.

Trance Terra's are chaining awakened chaos waves every turn. Just chip away.

This was a lot of trial and error. I found a 1900 mag trance terra friend which Is how I best the first time.