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Using Doga & Unei LB's to chain against final Boss[edit source]

I've just been using 2xDoga and 2xUnei in my team to farm LGD, and I just kinda accidentally noticed going auto on the final Boss with their LB's, that they can get some impressive chains up! This might be helpful if you are struggling with LGD.

P.S. I've just been using 2B as a carry. She can kill the final boss easily enough on her own with her maxed-out LB, so I've been using Rikku's Pouch/Eccentrick in the early rounds just to ensure her LB was full.

Exchange Recommendation[edit source]

Collapsed Reference[edit source]

First Priority
Metal Gigantuar (100) Fang of Earth10,000
4★+ Guaranteed Ticket (2) Fang of Earth8,000
Rare Summon Ticket (7) Fang of Earth10,000
Total Fang of Earth51,000

So is the 51000 total just a mistake or are there items missing from there? Like King Metal Minituar (50) -- 06:09, 13 March 2019 (UTC)