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Hello friends! So I finished Alhena today, and I must say this is not an ordinary trial (at least not in my point of view), especially with you’re going to all missions in a single run. There are some trick I wish to share with you.

My team was the following, all enhanced:

  • INITIAL: T. Terra, Christine, Orlandeau, Onion Knight and Warrior of Light.
  • BACKUP: Lunera, Rikku, Emperor, Lotus Mage Fina and Mystea.

Basically physical and magical tanks are equipped to resist Fire and Wind. Also WoL is equipped with Rikku Pouch for LB fill and Carbuncle with “Dispel”. For esper mission, Emperor is with Ramuh.


I activate “Magical Activation” for T. Terra and “Winter Fall” for Christine, “Splendor of the Water” for OK, “Crush Weapon” for Landu and “Light is with us” for WoL. Since Alhena starts with Fire physical attacks, WoL will receive most hits and your team is safe.

Then, exchange T. Terra and Christine for Lunera and Rikku. Use “Eccentrick” from WoL to speed LB fill, “Elven Song” for Lunera, “Splendor of the Earth” for OK and a normal attack for Landu. Probably Rikku LB is full, so use. If not, normal attack. It’s important to not break 90% threshold without Rikku LB activated, or your team will be wiped out.

Once Rikku LB is up, attack with full power, keep an eye on ATK/MAG break (can be Landu or WoL) and maintain Lunera singing. By the way, this is the time to use 5 or more LB and full esper gauge. Beware with the 70% threshold. If you keep this rotation, you will eventually reach 49%. Be sure to activate Rikku LB before break this point.

After the change, he will use a Meteor-like attack and wipe out most of your team, but you’re safe because Rikku LB. And here comes the other key for success: DO NOT EXCHANGE UNITS NOW! Although Alhena is now immune to physical attacks, he will use an AoE MP drain right after your turn. So, use this turn to perform the following: “Dispel” from WoL, “Crush Weapon” from Landu, “Aureole Ray” to fill esper gauge if not full yet, and defend with OK and Rikku.

Alhena will steal all your MP and probably kill your units... but THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT!

Automatically, T. Terra, Christine, Emperor, Mystea and CG Fina are ready to face a dispelled and ATK/MAG broke Alhena!

The Esper mission is the most annoying one, so here is another trick: DON’T DC nor SPARK CHAIN “Chaos Wave” and “Snow Burial” now! Chain only once and use “Fire from Below”. You will reach somewhere around 25~30% HP. Mystea use “Triteleia Wall” and LM Fina use “Reraise” on Mystea and “Curaja”.

Alhena will attack Mystea, she will die, but will rise up because “Reraise”.

Then, the last turn was as following: chained DC “Chaos Wave Awakened” and DC “Snow Burial”, Esper (Emperor was with Ramuh). If something goes wrong, you can repeat Mystea and CG Fina steps and survive another turn. HOWEVER, probably he will drain all your MP and then you are lost!

And that’s it! Boss defeated and all missions complete!


Best Regards, --Herlesonpontes (talk) 23:49, 17 May 2018 (UTC)

5 MISSIONS GUIDE[edit source]

Hi all, after a couple tires here's my final setup:

  • Basch (Magic Cover) 12k HP 450 SPR
  • Fohlen (Physical Provoke) 100% dodge
  • Ayaka (Heals)
  • Physical Chainer 1
  • Physical Chainer 2

My second team is an OTK magic set up:

  • Trance Terra Dual Chaos Wave Awakened (chainer)
  • Lunera Enchanced Aureole Ray (chainer)
  • Barbariccia Tornado + Aeroga (chainer)
  • Freyvia Enchanced Frost Flower Blitz (chainer)
  • Garnet Bahamut with 4x +10% EVO MAG (Finisher)

PHASE 1 : TANK[edit source]

Basch will soak up 100% of the magical damage. Around 12k HP and 450 SPR + lots of FIRE/WIND resist made sure he lived through most of the attacks. Nonetheless I keep Reraise up on him at all times.

Fohlen will soak up almost all physical damage, only the AoE x5 one will hit all the party but that should'nt be a problem since this is the only source of damage the rest of your team will take. (Any 100% provoke unit will work equipped with high dodge items) Remember; 75% provoke also works + Moogle Plushie = 100%

Keep the boss debuffed at all times. DPS him to 49% with your two Physical attackers, shouldn't be too hard as your two tanks are soaking 99% of the damage. You may want to slow down on DPS if you want to be able to cast the 5 limit bursts.

PHASE 2 : OTK[edit source]

OTK time; swap to your Magic DPS party. This step probably depends on how many Magical units you own and how much gear you have, but I was able to easily OTK from 49% to 0 with 4 chainers and a Garnet Bahamut cap. Since they're all different units the damage frames were all over the place but it did chain enough to kill it in one turn.

IMPORTANT: IF you think you need two turns to kill it, instead of swapping to your magical units at the very beginning of phase 2, WAIT FOR THE BLACK HOLE TO HIT (turn 2 of Phase 2), because if you don't all your magic attackers will be drained to 0 mana.

Hope this helps - Flames2jz

Easy Magic Chaining[edit source]

I just wanted to point out something that was a game changer to me: Frozen Hurricane perfectly chains with Tornado (as in Shantotto). Of course this is helpful in case you don't have Barbariccia or Lulu's flood (flood has a bit longer first frame delay though, but same 12-frames), or any other 5* magic chainer like Trance Terra or Grim Lord Sakura to chain with your Ashe. I think this is the easiest way to get a magic chain for the esper finish. I thank 'pomato' for his video upload in the trial's page as it revealed this to me. Cheers! — jimmydx00

My Team[edit source]

Just posting what worked for me


- Mystea (80% Fire/Wind Resist, almost 6k Health) with Carbuncle
- eWoL (80% Fire/Wind Resist + Black Belt, almost 7k Health) with Tetra Sylphid
- CG Nichol (+MP, MP Regen, +LB) with Phoenix
- CG Lid (Naked but Aura Staff for Dispel) with Siren
- Onion Knight (Aigaion Arm, 1063 Atk, maybe too much) with Odin (for Fingersnap)


- Sephiroth (1030 Atk, Light Blade) with Diabolus (for Man-killer)
- eLight Veritas (394 Atk, 822 Mag) with Ifrit (should be changed to higher Mag Esper)
- eGarnet (Mag 215, Spr 651, Evo Mag +40%) with Bahamut
- Lexa (Mag 908, Man-Eater+) with Shiva
- Shantotto (Mag 679) with Ramuh


- First Turn: Mystea Area Cover, eWol Provoke, CG Nichol Buff, CG Lid Atk/Mag Break, Onion Knight Splendor of Water (For Fire Resit Buff)
- Second Turn: Onion with Splendor of Earth (for Wind Resist), then begin bringing L.Veritas, Garnet, Lexa and Shantotto one by one to give Lone Stance buff, then back to the bench). Remember to double cast Aeroja to build up some stacks. Better if can be done on two turns

Remaining turns paying attention to Mystea Cover, eWoL Provoke, building LB, defending on Threshould

After having cast 5 LBs, bring boss to 49% life. (mine was on Turn 11) If at all possible, with CG Lid and Onion Knight on the surviving party so they can debuff the boss's SPR buff

Cast Heavens' Wept with Sephiroth to decrease light resist

Arm up Defense Team and then...

Lexa & Shantotto -> Tornado + Aeroja

Garnet -> Bahamut

L.Veritas -> Saint Buster

The chaining alone should kill the bost with all the buffs, but the Saint Buster definetely helped.

Mystea and WoL did died one or two times, but having Lid's 50% break plus Nichol 100% buff + 30% damage mitigation made me survive the turns where the tanks died

Hope this can help. By Sephirot (831,419,142)