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Magic strategy[edit source]

What you need:

Offense team:

  • Buffer
  • Physical tank/provoker
  • Breaker
  • Healer
  • Mage chainer

My team: MS Nichol, Merc Ramza, HT Lid, Folka, Trance Terra

Defense team:

  • Summoner
  • Magic tank
  • Mage chainer
  • Two free spots, just need survivability

My team: Garnet, Basch, Grim Lord Sakura, Raegan, Sephiroth.


Build your offense team and mage chainers for water/wind resistance. Put killers on your chainers if possible. Protect against ailments and have a source of stop resistance. Break resistance is really helpful here, hence Folka being a good choice for healer.

The magic tank has one job: protect the rest of your team from the 20% threshold. Build it for HP/SPR accordingly. You can stick a source of elemental damage on it for the mission.

Use the free spots for elemental damage and espers. Make sure they can survive a few rounds of the regular rotation in phase one.

Phase One

Swap in your magic tank for the first turn and activate cover. It won't trigger on the first turn, letting you set up for later. Buff, break, physical guard. Break resist if possible. Once that defense is set up, swap out the magic tank and start swapping in your summoner and elemental damage units to deal with the missions. Your breaker can be rotated in and out as necessary to speed the process up.

Once the missions are covered, rotate between your breaker and chainers. Alpherg's threshold magic isn't that strong with breaks and buffs, so you should be fine.

Phase Two

Provoking is a lot more important than cover in this phase. Most of Alpherg's attacks are single target and the AoE is survivable. Bite Down is the attack to watch for, so keep reraise up on your tank. The pattern is otherwise the same as phase one, until you hit the 20% threshold. Make sure your magic tank is up front for this attack. Once you're past that, chain to win. 23:22, 1 March 2019 (UTC)

Basic guide by a discord user[edit source]

first phase: provoke tank with high SPR, water and wind resistance buffs, paralyze resistance. can use either a magic tank or a physical tank, and you should get mitigation buffs for the type that your tank is not covering. second phase: provoke tank and magic cover tank, water resist buff, stop and petrify resist. on even turns, guard your provoke tank.

before crossing the 50% threshold, use your strongest mitigation buffs and make sure everyone is fully healed. before crossing the 20% threshold, guard your magic tank.

under 20%, burst him down quickly because he gets really dangerous

Also, break resist is optional but helps a lot

Bring paralyze resist for your magic tank, or for everyone if youre not using a magic tank. Provoke tank does not need to be evasion.