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Simple strategy[edit source]

This trial is really easy and only takes a few units to completely nullify any threatening damage the boss can do.

Offense team:

  • A source of magic damage, either two chainers or a good finisher.
  • Two physical chainers with fire weapons.
  • Buffer

Defense team

  • Healer
  • Summoner
  • Provoker
  • Physical evade tank
  • Breaker

Gearing requirements for this trial are incredibly lax. Your provoker and breaker, unless you combine the roles to save space, need no gear at all. The chainers and summoner should have the best damage possible.

A unit will be killed on the first turn. Once the preemptive strike is done, swap in your healer, summoner, and tank. Raise whoever died. Guard with the tank. Breaking is unnecessary with evade, as all of Brachium's attacks in this phase are physical with the exception of Dark Judgement, which can't kill you anyway. Spend the next few turns building up esper orbs with your summoner until you've summoned two and have a full bar. If Brachium uses Assassination Anticipation, swap in your provoker to eat the Death attack.

Once the fist esper mission is handled, swap in your physical chainers. Damage the boss as close to 50% as possible without going below. Swap in your magic unit(s) to hit the threshold. Your breaker, buffer, physical chainers, and summoners should be in the off team. If the boss uses its threshold attack while your magic unit(s) are out, just have them use normal attacks for that round.

Once it uses its threshold attack, swap in the damage dealers, break, buff, and chain-cap Bahamut to finish the mission. Piece of cake. 17:47, 27 September 2018 (UTC)