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Physical strategy[edit source]

Since I don't have any good magic finishers, this solely uses physical units.

Offense team:

  • Two non-elemental physical chainers, as strong as possible with human/undead killers
  • Magic tank with 100% lightning resist
  • Physical tank
  • Provoke tank with death resistance

Defense team:

  • Two light elemental chainers, can get by without killers
  • Buffer
  • Breaker
  • Healer with reraise

Make sure everyone has petrify/blind/confuse resistance. Depending on what tanks you have, you may be able to condense the provoker/physical tank roles. You shoildn't need stop resistance with this strategy, but make sure someone can cast it just in case. Spread out elemental damage for the mission.

Phase 1

Use your non-elemental chainers to kill the shaman immediately. Guard against physical attacks, break the cultist.

The rest of this phase is relatively safe. Chain the cultist to death, then use the free time to summon espers, do elemental damage, and clear any debuffs.

Once you're ready, swap in your magic tank, provoke tank, and elemental chainers, set up buffs and reraise, then full break Dabih before pushing the threshold. Make sure Dabih will attack on an even turn to soften the blow.

Phase 2

Assuming your chainers lived through the threshold, swap them out for the non-elemental chainers and target the shaman again. This will probably take two rounds. Keep magic cover up until the shaman is dead, then switch to physical.

With the shaman dead, you should be relatively safe again. Keep cover and provoke up until the cultist is dead. Swap in your elemental chainers and dispel them to clear the dark buff from the threshold. To be safe, whittle Dabih down to near 30%, then chain him to death. Fire off a long-cast magic spell (Holy, Ultima, Alterna, etc.) for mission credit as you do so.

-- 20:53, 20 December 2018 (UTC)