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Testimonial 1 - Kamikazzijoe[edit source]

Team: Inickol, evasion ling, veritas of earth, rikku, queen, minfilia, y'shtola, mystea, Fryevia, and soleil. With evasion ling, its more important to buff spirit than defense on the rest of the team.

Phase one: Inichol uses cover on ling, soleil buffs, and Fryevia damages. Inichol and Queen take a moment to hit the element quests. Ling breaks

Phase two: Mystea and Voe tank, rikku...rikkus (is that a verb now?), y'shtola heals/ trade with ling to break, Fryevia kills magic arm then swap for queen killing the physical arm.

Phase three: Inichol covers evasion ling again, ystola heals and dispells, rikku rikkus, fryevia damages (at an oh so painfully slow pace) and soleil trades in with Inichol for buffing. Make sure the dispel goes first then break the boss. At 10% threshold, bring in mystea to soak it (I had 70% lightening resist and it did basically no damage). Final shot was ystola with dispel and holy, the quick clicking soleil buffing magic and breaking spirit, and final quick click was Fryevia. Fryevia kills the boss and then the holy lands.

This did not get the 30 turn quest (and I recommend hitting the physical arm first to get that)

Testimonial 2 - Maxie[edit source]

Ok first things first, if you've beaten Sheratan then this guy is a total chump (for real I mean it). Given how this guy mixes Physical and Magic damage immunities then you'll need a bit more diverse party than usual. A proper line up would be somewhere like 1-2 Physical DPS, 1-2 Magic DPS, 1 Healer, the rest spread between Tanks and support (Make sure you bring Carbuncle read below why).

My line-up was: Veritas of the Dark, Orlandeau, Ashe, Grim Lord Sakura, Rem, Wilhelm, Warrior of Light, Soleil, Noctis, Marie. (Note: Not all of them were used prominently).

Active: DarkMan, OldMan, WoL, Wilhelm, Soleil.

Phase 1 Wilhelm was dropped mid fight because he was really not that relevant tbh. DarkMan and OldMan chain will easily deal with this guy. There are other options I'm aware but they are the to-go chainers so. Aileen and/or A2 are likely to yield similar or better results.

Wilhelm and WoL were for tanking but Wilhelm was not needed. WoL's TLIWU and Breaks very much sufficed. This rounds goes quick with them and buffs, although I would recommend Marie's Love You All for the next turn.

Phase 2 The annoying phase, with immunities and Arms summoning. Whichever Arm you want to kill first is up to you, but I recommend that you kill the Left Arm first to finish all Missions. Anyway, here is where Ashe and GL Sakura shine up (if you lack GL Sakura, then Victoria, Emperor, or similar that can make good use of Ja-tier Spells stacks work fine). Thundaja makes quick work out of these suckers, which is why Ashe and GL Sakura are good (you can use normal Sakura if you want but she's frailer and weaker MAG-wise).

The Left Arm is pretty weak so a few stacks will kill it, so you're left with the Body and Right Arm now. Things are a bit more complicated now given the Body and remaining Arm spam AoE elemental attacks and ST physical attacks. Marie deals with the former easily, the latter any Tank will do the job. WoL works here because of his Cover and because he can break all Body Parts at once. If you lack Marie then Minfilia or Chloe also work. The Right Arm is a chump too, it falls easier than P1 so proper chains will send it packing.

Now the Body remains and this is a bit of a dangerous path. On P3 transition, Elnath will buff itself and will nuke you with major Earth Physical damage and then Magic Damage (both are AoE nukes). You can survive it with some defensive layers including buffs on yourself, debuffs on Elnath, elemental resistance, damage reduction, Reraise, or whatever mix of them. The reason why I suggest two Magic Damage units is due to this transition. It is a wise idea to have one MAG DPS to have him drop to Phase 3 and reserve the other, this is purely a precaution so your MAG DPS won't both die. You should nonetheless stack as much as possible before Phase 3 nonetheless.

Phase 3 The nuke phase. If you can survive it, great, but expect casualties to occur. What you should make sure to save for the next phase is the following: A dispeller (be it dispel or fingersnap), a stat buffer, the Carbuncle unit, a MAG DPS and a debuffer.

What you wanna aim to do here is simple: a) Dispel Elnath from his buffs b) Cast MAG buffs on yourself c) Cast debuffs on Elnath (SPR in this case is preferable) d) Cast Reflect on yourself (i.e. Carbuncle) 3) Reflect a Ja-spell on your party and with all the steps considered, Elnath will turn to scrap immediately.

In my case I had OldMan (with Odin) do the Dispel, Soleil to buff MAG, WoL to apply Armor Eraser, Marie for Carbuncle, Grim Lord Sakura for Thundaja reflect, and kill the sucker instantly.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE FOR GOD'S SAKE, FOR LAPIS' SAKE, FOR RNGOD'S SAKE, DON'T YOU FUCKING, DARE, TRY TO BE FANCY AND DUALCAST YOUR SPELL ON TOP OF YOUR PARTY. It is just bullshit, unnecessary, risky and you will most likely fuck up and kill yourself too. A single properly stacked cast will destroy Elnath completely in one turn.

And that's Elnath, not that tough eh? --BGMaxie (talk) 19:52, 31 January 2018 (UTC)

Testimonial 3 - Flames[edit source]

If like me you are lacking OTK potential for Phase 3, then you might wanna go the "tank" route and just withstand whatever Elnath throws at you.


  • Any physical tank can guard most of Phase 1 damage
  • Barbariccia's Storm Ward gives 70% resist to lightning and wind; the only two elemental magic from Phase 2
  • If you don't have Barb, then go with Zargabath, Rikku, Marie, Tilith, Ling or Orran for 40% resist
  • Barb can also easily solo DPS Phase 1,2 & 3 by stacking 6x Aeroja (But you will need a physical DPS to kill the right arm)
  • Phase 2 also requires physical guarding (the standard attacks hits harder than the magic if you have good elemental resists)
  • Veritas of the Earth can 100% mitigate Phase 3 Genocide Mode: Destruction with Earthen Ward (also; earth damage heals him)
  • Phase 3 Genocide Mode: Eradication can be guarded by Basch's Twilight Guard or Mystea's Triteleia Wall
  • Boost lightning resistance before getting him below 10% to prepare for Plasma Wave


  • Elnath (and Arms) need to be damage break (atk/mag) during the entire fight (at least 40-50%)
  • You will need a unit to Dispel (needed every turn in phase 3)
  • You will need a big damage mitigation to withstand Phase 3's first round (40-50%)
  • ^ A maxed LB from Veritas of the Earth, Chow, Y'shtola, Mystea or Wilhelm will do.
  • OR swap your entire party for 5 other units just before the 29% mark and let them die when Elnath go in Phase 3 form.


  • You can't damage him past the phases (59% and 29%)
  • When Elnath change form at Phase 2 and Phase 3, he REMOVES ALL DEBUFFS FROM HIM and BUFF HIMSELF GREATLY.
  • It is mandatory to Dispel him right after each phase change
  • Phase 3; he will buff his SPR and DEF every turn, so you need to dispel it every turn to deal significant damage.

I killed him in ~40 turns with:

  • Veritas of the Earth as physical tank
  • Basch as magical tank
  • Ayaka as healer / dispeller
  • Barbariccia as DPS / magic resist
  • Roy as buffer + debuffer (Victory to the Brave during 35 turns haha)

Good Luck!