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General strategy[edit source]

This will require a mix of magic and physical damage.

Offense team:

  • Two non-elemental chainers
  • Magic/provoke tank with elemental resistance
  • Buffer
  • Breaker

Defense team

  • Two elemental chainers; any element off the four mission elements works.
  • Healer
  • Mage with multiple elements; single-target is preferred.
  • Non-elemental mage.

All of Sadalsuud's status effects are single-target, so only your tank needs protection from those. Bring a source of stop resist. Equip Carbuncle on your breaker for Barfiraga.

100% to 80%

This part is easy. Your magic tank will soak up all the damage. Cover, provoke, and set up stop resist before pushing to the next threshold. Don't use your elemental chainers, and make sure any counters are only using non-elemental damage.

80% to 50%

With cover and provoke up, your tank will soak up all the damage. From here you have a few options. Since you haven't damaged Sadalsuud with any elements yet, Sadalsuud will be vulnerable to whatever element he imbues your party with, which might let you push to the next threshold immediately. If he doesn't go down on the first chain, swap in your elemental chainers. If he's still not finished, switch to your non-elemental mage to do damage. Before you push the threshold, make sure Barfiraga is up, as the tank isn't going to cover the Red Wing's attack in the next phase.

50% to 0%

To get mission credit, the four Wings need to die at the same time as Sadalsuud. Killing them too early will buff Sadalsuud. Bring in your single-target mage and pick at the Wings until they're close to death. Under 5% is preferable. Do the same to Sadalsuud. If your damage is high enough, you should be able to manage this within 30 turns. If you haven't covered the elemental damage mission already, do that. Your non-elemental chainers and mages should have full limit gauges by now, but if not you can use normal attacks to fill them. Once they're ready, bring in all four and use their limit bursts all at once. Even staggered, their combined damage should be adequate to kill all the wings and Sadalsuud at the same time, earning credit for the mission and winning the battle. 01:16, 1 February 2019 (UTC)

Astra - Phase 3 1TKO: Trance Terra, Hyoh, Loren, CG Fina, CG Nichol, WoL, Chow[edit source]

This strategy requires the use of TMRs, full evasion WoL, 7 star Trance Terra, and 7 star Loren, the rest can be 6 stars. CG Nichol isn't necessary but his LB helps in phase 3 to clear debuffs on the team. He also has dualcast and Watera for mission.

This is how I did it:

Team build

Unit Esper Notes
CG Fina Carbuncle Built for SPR, 30% Fire resistance, Carbuncle with Barfiraga, Barblizzaga and Dispel, equipped with Baraerora and Barstonra
Warrior of Light Any Equipped for full evasion, HP, Immunity to Paralyse and Confuse.
Chow Any Built for magical eHP (825 SPR, 13.2k HP) and 150% Light, 50% Earth and Wind, 30% Fire and Ice resistance.
CG Nichol Any esper with Stone Built for SPR
Loren Any Built for LB generation. Remember to equip her TMR for her LB break
Hyoh Ifrit Built for ATK (1.85k), non-elemental, Bird and Demon Killer (avg 75%), Level 25+ LB, Ifrit for ATK and fire resistance
Trance Terra Tetra Sylphid Built for MAG, 1.6k, Bird and Demon M.Killer (avg 62.5%), Tetra Sylpheed with Aero

Except WoL, CG Nichol and Trance Terra, all other units must have at least 30% fire resistance for complete immunity (after Barfiraga) to the Red Wing threshold attack


Phase 1: 100-80%
WoL, Chow, Fina, Loren, (CG Nichol/TT/Hyoh)
Set up WoL to provoke and Chow to cover and provide stop resistance. Then get CG Fina into a Bar-spell cycle. Loren keeps 70-74% breaks up.
Complete Fire, Wind, Water and Earth missions with Trance Terra (Fira+Aero) and CG Nichol (Watera+Stone).
Prep CG Nichol's LB for phase 3.
Prep Trance Terra for phase 3: Use Magical Activation>Chaos Wave to ready Chaos Wave Awakened, then Full Magical Activation to ready Chaos Chain. Swap her out when done.
Hyoh comes in to burst the boss down to 80%.

Phase 2: 79%-50%
The boss will use additional AoE elemental magic (Wind 51.2%, Fire 20%, Ice 16% and Earth 12.8%). As long as bar-spells are up, Chow will shrug them off.
Use CG Fina to dualcast a bar-spell with ST dispel on Hyoh to remove the boss's offensive imbue. Sacrifice casting the barstonra spell if necessary (Stone procs 12.8%). Chow can take it if it even occurs.
Near 50%, ensure Barfiraga is up and Chow is guarding then break the threshold.

Phase 3: 49%-0%
Apart from the AoE non-elemental magic damage to Chow, everyone else shouldn't have been touched.
Swap out WoL and Chow for CG Nichol and Trance Terra.
Dispelga with CG Fina, Break with Loren, Clear Debuff+Buff with CG Nichol, Quadcast Chaos Wave Awakened with Trance Terra, LB with Hyoh.

Here's how I ended: Streamable

Good luck!

--Astra (talk)