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Strategy[edit source]

What you need:

Offense team:

  • Magic chainers
  • Physical chainers with fire damage
  • Summoner

Defense team

  • Physical or magic tank
  • Provoke tank
  • Buffer
  • Breaker
  • Healer

The magic chainers are only on the offense team as potential bait for the preemptive strike and won't be used in battle. You can even equip them with provoke equipment to make sure they go down. The summoner isn't really necessary, either, but it never hurts to have one. Gear your physical chainers and every other unit for poison/paralyze/petrify resist.

For the first phase, pick whichever damage type you want to guard against and gear your provoke tank accordingly. If you have a 7* tank, you can get away with merging the roles, leaving a slot for your breaker and buffer to rotate between regularly. With breaks and buffs, your team should survive the lone AoE every other round. Use normal attacks to build up crystals for the mission, which shouldn't take too long. Once the LB mission is finished, start physical chaining.

For the second phase, chain Shaula down as fast as possible. if your chainers are strong enough, this should only take a few turns. Once Shaula is dead, the arms aren't much of a threat. Summon Tetra Sylphid if you haven't already and finish them off. 04:34, 22 October 2018 (UTC)

OtakuboyT's Method - Nov 2018[edit source]


Break ATK/DEF, it made the whole thing much more manageable.
I used 7★ Wilhelm and 6★ Estark - 60% Breaks for 5 Turns.
I used 7★ Rem for Esper and Phase 1 - With all the chaining. Using Rem's Esper ability was not necessary.
6★ Maritime Strategist Nichol and 6★ Chow stayed active though out the battle.

Phase 1

Breakers removed and replaced with 6★ Rinoa and 6★ Barbariccia
Rem and Rinoa Chained with DC Tornado and Barb capped with DC Aeroja
Took 2 turns
Before the hitting the cap, I made sure Chow used Charm Protection.

After Transformation

Barbariccia and Rem replaced with breakers. Wilhelm and Estark broke the body, and Rinoa used AoE break to break ATK/MAG on arms.

Phase 2

Breakers and Rinoa replaced with "Fire Team" 6★ Sephiroth(with TM), 7★ Reberta, 7★ Viktor Marchenko
Viktor had Golem with both Bug Killer and Bug Killer+ and was used to cap chains. All 3 had had fire weapons.

Main body was dead in 2 turn, strangely enough arms survived took another turn to kill. Used LBs for mission to kill arms.