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Testimonial 1[edit source]

For people that aren't gods amongst men (read: People that don't macro TMR farm), here's what worked for me (every mission complete but for winning quickly (I think I was on turn 58 when I won)):

Queen (Ifrit) as my primary ST Fire DPS/Mana Battery. She doesn't require any real gearing, or even a lot of stat pots to be effective if you've enhanced her Berserk. Keep her self-buff up with her Magic Martyr, and your whole party will be regenerating over 70 MP per turn. Queen's job was to slowly... slowly... slowly peck away as I got Sheratan to 50%. MM, Devastate, MM, Devastate... I gave her the fire great sword and maxed her spirit. She had 450 attack pre-berserk, but 950 was enough to get the job done slowly and surely.

Ace (Ramuh) with Rikku's pouch to cure status ailments, deal a heavy Imperil to Fire/Light/Lightning, and restore MP to the party whenever it seemed prudent to do so. I stacked his SPR as high as I could, and gave him a couple dark resist items (and Diabolos) to make sure he'd last for a bit once things started to suck.

Rikku (Shiva) on Hyper Nul-All duty, and occasionally throwing out a LB to make sure we made it over Thresholds without issue, or chaining fire with Queen (barely) when she was bored. Kept a shield on her, to make sure I stuck to buffs for her primary function.

Tilith (Lakshmi) with a second-rate heavy shield and HP materia, and a good amount of +MP to make sure she could throw out Prismatic Heals indiscriminately when it was needed, but almost invariably used Radiant Light. Lakshmi for paralysis resist for the party, when possible

Warrior of Light (Golem), decked out to the nines. Protective Armor, Grand Helm, Shield of the Empire, Gigantaxe, Resentment, Mechanical Heart, Ribbon, Germina's Boots, Vengeful Wrathx2. Simple rotation of Light is With Us (Liwu), Arms Eraser, Support (Embolden, Raise, Defend or deal Earth Damage)

Backup team: AoE heavy hitters are ideal, but I only had single target to work with.

Noctis, 800 Atk and 300-something magic (Odin)

Light Weapon Agrias (Titan)+ Light Weapon Veritas of the Dark (Carbuncle to max Dark Absorption, otherwise maxed for ATK) for some glorious chaining

Wilhelm with second-hand tank gear just to try and survive a round (sacrificial lamb) and hand out some sick buffs to the flower slayers

Luka, enhanced heal and regen. (Siren) ended up being my Esper Killshot

Turn one, Veritas swaps with Ace to use impact (and deal dark damage) while WoL applies Liwu. Rikku uses Shiva's Imperil so that we can deal Dark and Earth damage at the get-go. Turn two, Ace swaps with Veritas, begins a 3-round cycle of Eccentrick, 3BL, 3BL

The primary team handles basically everything afterward, except two rounds - Right at the transformation. As soon as the flowers came out, I changed my team to Ace, Wilhelm, Veritas, Agrias, and Noctis. Wilhelm buffed, Noctis led with Warp Break accompanied by Ace's imperil, and the Veritas/Agrias chain melted through the Fruit of Tenacity.

Following round: Wilhelm died, swapped for WoL to break Def/Spr, then did the same facemelter to kill off the Fruit of Anger. One round a piece worked. Agrias, Ace and Noctis died, shifted Lineup back to the original except swapped Ace with Veritas.

Continued pecking down the creature with Devastate and Dark Punishment (5% per round, maximum with my gear, and many rounds without dealing any damage while I recuperated and kept my buffs up)), keeping MM up to make sure my party didn't run out of MP entirely as a result of the boss chewing on my magic reserves.

Once the flowers are dead, you just need to make sure you don't cross thresholds without having reraise up. With DV's abyss guard, I think my party took a combined total of 600 damage on her dark magic rounds. --Tfrek (talk) 04:23, 2 October 2017 (UTC)

Testimonial 2[edit source]

Primary Team: Fryevia (whatever, if you have a Timothy with a fully leveled Limit Burst I would recommend using him), 9S (Odin), Cecil (Lakshmi, Rikku's Pouch), Veritas of the Earth (Titan), Rikku (whatever) Secondary Team: Orlandeau (Ifrit/Diabolos, Pod 153), Agrias (Diabolos/Ifrit, Pod 153), Soleil (whatever), Tilith (whatever), Charlotte (Golem)

Phase 1: Involves setting up and slowly hitting one threshold at a time. 9S and Rikku should have full Limit Bursts before transitioning to Phase 2. You'll probably get Rikku's LB up beforehand - her Reraise is invaluable for Phase 2. Earthlord tanks.

Turn 1: I'd recommend using this as a turtling turn. Here, 9S and Fryevia use their breaks. I prefer this. Rikku uses Mix to bring up Hyper Nul-All. If Eccentrick is not up, get it up with Cecil. If he doesn't have it, he can provoke. VotE re-applies Provoke if needed or defends.

Turn 2: Orlandeau and Agrias use Divine Ruination. On non-threshold turns, 9S and/or Rikku get swapped in and use Spread Shield or Hyper Nul-All. On threshold turns (80% and 60%), you bring a SPR buffer (oreferably Soleil, Charlotte, or Cecil). One of these SPR buffs must be Soleil's Shooting Dance. This is important for Phase 2. Veritas of the Earth defends, or re-applies Provoke if needed..

Every 3rd turn, until she changes phase: Rikku uses Hyper Nul-All. Tilith heals to full. Earthlord re-applies Provoke if needed or defends.

Repeat the 3-turn cycle, with Tilith replacing Cecil when Eccentrick isn't needed until...

3rd turn, once you're ready to go to Phase 2: Rikku uses Hyper Nul-All. This is because Osmose's turn counter still counts turns in Phase 1, and we want as many turns as possible to prep for Osmose. Orlandeau and Agrias use Divine Ruination. Earthlord reapplies Provoke or defends. Try to push her down to 40% - you will be turtling during the Foreign Leaf threshold anyway.

Phase 2: Turn 1 is a turtle turn. Turn 2, you debuff the right fruit's Light resistance. Turn 3, you zerg down the fruits. From there, you should be fine.

Turn 1: Cecil uses Chaos Grenade. This blinds both the fruits and breaks them. 9S uses his Limit Burst. Rikku uses her Limit Burst. Tilith tops everyone off. Earthlord Provokes or Defends.

Turn 2: Soleil uses her ATK/MAG break. Earthlord Provokes or Defends. Orlandeau and Agrias attack the right fruit. This is to give us a chance of killing both at the same time. Rikku goes last so she gains a Limit Burst charge. It depends on your setup, to be honest.

Turn 3: Orlandeau and Agrias use Mirage. Right fruit should be dead, left fruit should be close to dead. Rikku uses HNA. Charlotte comes in and Provokes. Whoever has Imperil Imperils Sheratan.

Turn 4: Whichever DPSer uses Biora. Soleil uses one of her defensive dances. 9S uses his Limit Burst. Tilith refills MP. Charlotte Defends.

Turn 5: Soleil uses her offensive dance. Orlandeau and Agrias use Divine Ruination. Tilith refills MP. Veritas of the Earth uses Titan, timing it to hit after the Divine Ruination chain. Sheratan should be dead and you should have full clear done.

-- 17:52, 2 October 2017 (UTC)

Testimonial 3[edit source]

Primary team, Phase 1,

2 dps, tank, Rikku (for LB) and Ling (break and raises)

Get the earth and dark damage quest done in the first two turns - I imperiled turn two with ling esper and then used diablos esper bio for dark and VoE for stone. The rest of the first phase is straight forward if a bit frustrating. Since you're counting on Rikku's LB to keep you alive you are susceptible to getting RNG screwed. Dps and break the boss, make sure Rikku's LB is up for the thresholds, and cast earth resistance for every third turn. Do not trigger a threshold attack same time as the earth attack. Evation and cheat death abilities work wonders for your survivability. Swap in a healer/resurrected as needed. The tank and one dps are expendable

Transition turn: Swap in your dark resist caster.

Phase 2, party two,

2 chaining fire dps (2x pod 153), dark resist caster, healer, bard First turn, bring in the two chaining dps, your fire finisher dps from the first round, your bard, and rikku. Buff with the bard, chain/finish 1 fruit to death, Rikku LB (if you can LB first so Rikku reffills, even better) Second turn, optional-swap out the bard for whoever you need. Repeat to kill the second.

With the fruits down, keep Ling out of the fight until after the mana drains, then swap her in to use invigorating dance. Keep your dark resister out as well except every 3 turns for the same reason. Otherwise, its just dps, dark resist every 3 turns and make sure Rikku's LB is up at the thresholds. And as in the first phase, don't push a threshold on the dark turns.

My team Primary- Fryevia, Queen (fire finisher), VoEarth, Rikku, Ling

Secondary - Agrias and Setzer with pods, Minifillia, Soliel, and ystola (for my next attempt I'm droppign ystola in favor of an evasion Chizuru) I lost a lot of attempts because Queen would die near the transition)

Testimonial 4[edit source]

Team members:

  • DPS/Finisher: Enhanced Emperor, without Control enhanced.
  • Healer: Tilith
  • Main tank: Veritas of the Earth. Equipped for survivability with Mechanical Heart, some version of Adventurer, Resentment, and more HP Buffs.
  • Secondary Tank, main breaker: Warrior of Light
  • Buffer: Slolei
  • Main support: Enhanced Ace
  • Secondary Support: Minfilia
  • Secondary Healer: Rem
  • Chainer: A2 w/fire greatsword
  • Chainer: Onion Knight w/fire sword

For phase 1, Veritas of the Earth uses Incinerating Press, Defensive Barrier, and Laksmi's Demonic Whisper. Ace starts off with 75% Fire Imperil, then swaps out. Emperor nukes with Fire from Below all the time. WoL uses Arms Eraser and provides support with cute stuff (Pod 153 or Rikku's Pouch come to mind), while his cover triggers for Earthlord (make sure to slot WoL in position 5 and Earthlord in position 1). Slolei should always start with defensive dances, and then apply the offensive one. Keep this up until you know you'll get her down to Phase 2. Be careful about crossing thresholds in turns which are multiples of 3.

The turn you know you'll get her down to Phase 2, swap in Minfilia. Note that the fruits can still attack, so you'll want either WoL with his AoE cover up or Earthlord with 100% provoke on to avoid them randomly killing someone.

Now, her threshold will be an AoE dark Attack (Minfilia should essentially negate it) and two ST attacks by the fruits. You'll have a turn to do the following: make sure 100% provoke is up, AoE break Attack and Magic, blind the fruits with Chaos Grenade, and use AoE imperil. If you're running A2 like I did, you could use Dash Attack to set up Heavy Attack for next turn. Do not hit the 40% threshold.

Next turn, you'll be fire-chaining Sheratan's main body and chain capping with Emperor. Use Slolei for buffs for added certainty. This should kill the body. Your healer or tank can summon an esper as you start the chain; as long as the fruits are alive, it'll damage Sheratan even after the chain kills her.

Next turn, Fruits will attack Earthlord for little to no effect. Having Grand Helm avoids most negative status ailments.

After that, you can OTK each fruit with one use of Fire from Below, no chaining needed. The fruits are inherently weak to Fire (50%), will be imperiled (another 75%), and Emperor should be packing quite a punch after spamming Fire from Below for so long.

Testimonial 5[edit source]

Ok the main tip I have is to do with 2B, or similar units that can build up their attacks. I am talking about the way that units are "frozen in time" when you sub them out. I basically had my 2B come in, get buffed up with ATK buff whilst doing an "Avoid", and then come back when needed to hit like a ton of bricks with "Avoid Attack" when needed.

Testimonial 6 - July/2018[edit source]

I based my strategy after Evil Laughter 101 guide, but with some changes for the power creep.

Key Points

  • Everyone must be Paralyze resistant
  • Turns that are a multiple of three must be handled in a special manner
  • Try to give everyone a bit of health, at least over 5k. Conrad, Edgar & Garnet don't really need extra health, but it never hurts.


Turn 1

If everything is setup right Veritas of the Earth with take some magic damage, but survive.

Turn 2

Turn 3

Your Veritas of the Earth should have taken some punishment, but should hold on. If they are KO'ed, the Reraise should have kicked on. Just reset the Provoke & have Illusionist Nichol make them our AoE tank with Illusion - Redirect.

Now Turn 4 and beyond until 49% health

  • Keep the Reraise rotation going & always Curaja
  • If the Tri-beam Laser imperial wears off, switch Ace back in
  • Some of the health thresholds can be a problem, but typically just the tank will eat it if you've kept up all your other damage mitigation.
  • Earthen Ward on turn 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18. I missed 12 and almost ruined everything

Now before you reach 49% health

Once phase 2 starts, everyone should survive and you should have a full Esper guage

--SlashAndBurner (talk) 05:47, 4 July 2018 (UTC)

Testimonial 7 - PT-BR[edit source]

Depois de muitas tentativas frustradas, finalmente consegui e sinto que foi relativamente "fácil".

 Obs: Esse tutorial precisa do MS Nichol para rodar e o LB dele será fundamental na fase 2, quando a Sheratan drenar o MP do seu time inteiro, por isso RESERVE o LB dele para esse momento da batalha!

Awakened Rain - Nível 100
Role: M. Cover Tank / SPR Dmg
Equipamentos: Reflect Knuckle, Demon Shield, Galbadian Helmet, Protective Armor, Jake's Pirate Ring, Force Armlet
Habilidades: Adventurer V, Barrier Mage's Oath, Persistence, Patriotic Recall
Esper: Shiva (SPR)

Veritas of the Earth - Nível 100
Role: P. provoker/support - Earth res. / anti atk/def/mag/spr debuff (Nichol)
Equipamentos: Wing Edges, Zodiac Escutcheon, ZD Helmet, Assassin's Vest, Lucky Bangles, Twenty-sided Die
Habilidades: Evade, Quick Assault, Spirit of Freedom, True Spirit of Freedom
Esper: Phoenix

Maritime Strategist Nichol - Nível 100
Role: Support/Healer - Dark res / ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR buffer / MP Battery
Equipamentos: Ulric's Kukri, Trick Hat, Vestment of Mind, Wind-up Alphinaud, Parade Gorget
Habilidades: Energy Converter, MP +20%, MP +30%, Naga's Protection
Esper: Diabolos (dark res)

Ayaka - Nível 100
Role: Healer / Debuffer // Support
Equipamentos: Staff of Osiris, Magi Staff, Crown of Justice, Gaia Gear, Ribbon, Rikku's Pouch
Habilidades: Dual Wield, True Shard of Genius, True Shard of Genius, True Shard of Genius, True Shard of Genius
Esper: Tetra Sylphid (Camouflage)

Trance Terra - Nível 100
Role: M. dmg - Last Hit
Equipamentos: Fryevia's Needle, Fryevia's Needle, Cat-ear Hood, Maester's Robe, Genji Glove, Wind-up Papalymo
Habilidades: Echidna's Kiss, Letters and Arms, Letters and Arms, Letters and Arms
Esper: Siren (MAG/SPR)

Livid Shantotto - Nível 100
Role: M. dmg Firaga V
Equipamentos: Draco Spike, Draco Spike, White Bandana, Siren's Robe, Golden Hairpin, Golden Hairpin
Habilidades: Dual Wield, MAG +30%, MAG +30%, Rod Mastery
Esper: Bahamut (Garnet)

Garnet - Nível 100
Role: Summonner - Last Hit (Bahamut)
Equipamentos: Elven Staff, Crown of Justice, Pure White Robe, Ankh of Goddess, Rikku's Pouch
Habilidades: EVO MAG +10%, EVO MAG +10%, EVO MAG +10%, EVO MAG +15%
Esper: Leviathan

Quaisquer outras opções que tenham dano decente e possam servir, embora eu não tenha utilizado nenhuma outra unidade.

Turno 1 - Use as seguintes habilidades:
Awakened Rain - Energy Wall
Veritas of the Earth - Incinerating Press +2
Maritime Strategist Nichol - Linked Stance: Duality Stance + Impregnable Stance
Ayaka - Chaos Grenade
Trance Terra - Magical Activation

Turno 2 - Substitua Trance Terra <==> Garnet
Awakened Rain - Complete Focus
Veritas of the Earth - Omni Block
Maritime Strategist Nichol - Linked Stance: Courageous Stance + Fortune Stance
Ayaka - Dual White Magic: 2x Reraise( Ayaka / Livid Shantotto)
Garnet - Prayer to the Eidolons

Turno 3 - Substitua Garnet <==> Livid Shantotto
Awakened Rain - Unleashed Focus
Veritas of the Earth - Earthen Ward
Maritime Strategist Nichol - Linked Stance: 2x Magic Restorative Stance
Ayaka - Livre (Talvez Eccentrick)
Livid Shantotto - Fast Cast: Stone I + Bio III (conquista)

Daqui até o final da batalha você terá que seguir repetindo as skills na ordem abaixo.

Turno 4 - Use as seguintes habilidades:
Awakened Rain - Energy Wall
Veritas of the Earth - Incinerating Press +2
Maritime Strategist Nichol - Linked Stance: Duality Stance + Impregnable Stance
Ayaka - Chaos Grenade
Livid Shantotto - Elemental Seal

Turno 5 - Hora da ofensiva!
Awakened Rain - Complete Focus
Veritas of the Earth - Omni Block
Maritime Strategist Nichol - Linked Stance: Courageous Stance + Fortune Stance
Ayaka - Livre
Livid Shantotto - Fast Cast: 2x Firaga V

Turno 6
Awakened Rain - Unleashed Focus
Veritas of the Earth - Earthen Ward
Maritime Strategist Nichol - Linked Stance: 2x Magic Restorative Stance
Ayaka - Livre
Livid Shantotto - Fast Cast: 2x Firaga V

Repita os turnos 4, 5 e 6 até o HP dela chegar em 49%.

Agora ela convocará as frutas, mas isso não deve ser problema, pois sua skill Firaga V deve estar no máximo. Tenha o cuidado para não deixar a Livid Shantotto morrer durante a batalha!

Quando o HP da Sheratan alcançar algo em torno de 20%, reduza a potência de seus ataques e tente reduzir o HP dela para 5%.

No último turno, a sugestão é usar o set abaixo:

Turno 15~18 - Last Hit
Veritas of the Earth <==> Garnet;
Maritime Strategist Nichol <==> Trance Terra
Ayaka <==> Atacante
Awakened Rain (troque se ele não estiver com Unleashed Focus disponível <==> Atacante

Obs: Tente usar todas as habilidades ao mesmo tempo, mas o Bahamut será o último da fila.
Awakened Rain - Unleashed Focus
Trance Terra - Chaos Wave (não use essa skill em dobro)
Livid Shantotto - Firaga V
atacante - skill (não use nenhuma skill que possa ter frames longos)
Garnet - Esper: Bahamut

Se tudo der certo, você conseguirá derrotar a Sheratan de boas.

--Kardhyr 20:03, 10 Setembro 2018 (GMT-3)

Testimonial 8[edit source]

Offensive team: Cloud (max level 7 star) decked out to the point of having 1550 ATK due to large sword mastery, Buster Style and Crimson saber, Elly(max level 6 star) that has around 1000 MAG spamming double ether Thermo dragon and Thermo cube,Sieghard with about 600 DEF for charm and physical tanking, Folka with around 800 SPR for healing and reraise, and Shylt just to tank the magic AOE

Defensive team: Black Mage Golbez for extra fire DPS and Esther for ATK/MAG breaking.

-Shadow FC:380,356,717

PowerCreeped[edit source]

This is one of the first trials released, I've been very lazy and haven't gotten around to really any of them. Most units will buff themselves so having an external buffer is unnecessary. A provoke tank & magic tank are good ideas to have, 1 of the newer 2019 units is really enough on their own with no chaining needed. I have AK Rain and his LB alone KOed all enemies after the 49% HP lock. So just be careful not to kill it too fast so you can get in all the missions.

My attacker units:

WOL Lenna 7* Veritas of the Earth *unenhanced* 6* Awakened Rain *enhanced & latent unlocked* 7* HT Lid *enhanced & latent unlocked* 7* AK Rain 7*

I never switched in my backup units so I won't list them.

Awakened Rain has innate 30% Earth & Fire resistance and he's very easy to gear since he can equip heavy armor & shields. If you've got his STMR (I don't) that's another 30% for all. He's got self mitigation and another ability that'll give ailment resistance if needed. Lenna has one as well which is what I used. Veritas of Earth just provoked and used stone for the mission. HT Lid is my best breaker and can W-Cast her ST breaks which I believe are at 60% plus she's got 2 AOE breaks which you can do after the fruit pop up, she had Anima attaches for a Dark attack. AK Rain has a barrier which is helpful as a cushion while you get your Esper gauge up. VOE has Bahamut as his Esper (you can also attach it to Lenna). Once you've gotten in your Earth and dark magic in you are ready to kill it with AK Rain's LB, be sure to give it a second between the Esper Summon & Rain's LB.