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Dark symphony -ELT (2017) easy win strategy updated by [falconX] Party: WoL (def520), trance Terra (mag805), milfina, tillith, 5th=any. Friend: trance Terra (mag998)

1st round: WoL -atk/mag down, t.terra x2 -magical activation, milfina -(shadow guard)dark resist, tilith(affectionate aura) -str/def/spr/mag reduction buff on party.

2nd round: WoL -any, t.terra x2 - choas wave, tilith - buff stats, milfina - buff dps or tank,

Repeat, & make sure party keeps debuffs off, trance Terra x2 -choas wave awakened x2. should do about 25% hp damage per chain, ~50%hp dmg spark chain. Dark resist+ from milfina will make the dmg like 20-50hp per hit for no dmg.

Update: can use Orlando divine 45mp move  + trance  Terra choas wave awakened for combo chain and do like 25-45%hp dmg. Easy win still just two more rounds. I changed out WoL to the green holy knight that has atk/mag debuffs for  boss. For more hits. Have, gl. --Gogamer2018 (talk) 10:58, 17 November 2017 (UTC)

Updated final party: Demon Rain (or any str/mag80+ buff char), trance Terra, minfilia, Sillvia, Ashe, friend: t.terra or Orlando.

1st round - demon rain does inginite+2 or buff char. Atk/mag+, t.terra magic activation, minfilia shadow guard, Sillvia - aura cover (status- resist), Ashe - hp refill ability.

2nd round - t.terra choas wave, Sillvia holy AoE at, Ashe hp refill, friend: Orlando repeats 45mp divine ruination / t.terra will spark chain choas wave repeat.

3rd - t.terra x2 choas wave awakened spark chain, repeat, if good 3rounds, 4rounds begin is normal finish. --Gogamer2018 (talk) 10:38, 22 November 2017 (UTC)

Step 1 have Ayaka do Embolden, use 4 Orlandeau's do Divine Ruination. Repeat as needed.

Easy, 15 turn macro farming (Pro or better geared units)[edit source]

My team is made of:

  • Luneth: use Cut-Through for physical finisher. Try to equip non-elemental weapons. Mine is 739 ATK and makes the fight go by faster.
  • Loren: Full Break+ if clicking Repeat every turn, or Blade Prison for physical chain if actively tracking duration of Full Break Debuff.
  • Tidus: w/ Dual Wield, Quick Hit for physical chain.
  • Lunera: Elven Song for mana battery, 40% Full Buff, +1000HP healed AoE.
  • Fina: every turn Superior Healing to heal a large amount (and it cannot be silenced!). More important if magic units are on the team.
  • Magic chainers/finishers will be your best if you do not have Dual Wielding ATK chars. See here for suggestions.

--Guruvirus (talk) 00:27, 18 November 2017 (UTC)

Dark Symphony - ELT (2017) Sure win with Veritas of the Dark by [TheY2T]

If you have Veritas of the Dark or a friend that has Veritas of the Dark, you can easily win as Dark Dissonance will always heal Veritas of the Dark and you can slowly kill Dark Resentful Spirit without even having to worry about dying at all. Having a high dmg Veritas will make the battle shorter but as long as you keep dealing damage, eventually DRS will fall. By far the easiest option if you have VoD or a friend that has it.

Having other party members that damage chain along with VoD will be good and having WoL or Loren for Arms Eraser will help the rest of your party to stay alive. It's optional to bring a healer along if you have a lot of high damage chainer's. Ayaka would be my first preference or Fina is good as Superior healing can be used even if you're silenced. You can even use Aria but she needs to have dualcast equipped to be more useful to your team.

Bring along an MP restorer like Ling, Ace or Zaargabath and they can also help with some buffs as well. Sometimes the battles can go on for an extended period, it's good to bring a support that heals MP as well.

In addition to the Dark Veritas Strategy, if you have a Dark Knight Cecil enhanced to self heal, he can solo as well, as he takes no damage from dark attacks and fully heals each round.