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Just find an Olive with 2000 ATK, machine killer passives, with Sparky and you win.

Beware people who are trying to use jump units, since you can't dispel the shield he puts up before they come down —————————————————————-

With preparation you can have an easy time with this boss. -Man-Eater and Machine Killer will be helpful for your physical attackers if you’ve got them

        -Galbadian Blade from the recent FFVIII event would be useful 
        -Edgar TMR Machine Killer
        -Diablos (Esper) has Man-Eater ability

-Prep for paralysis, any equipment that can nullify paralysis would be very helpful and will eliminate a turn in trying to prevent it

-If equipment sacrifices too much ATK/MAG there are abilities that can help to prevent paralysis

        -Lakshimi (Esper): Waking Protection will provide paralysis protection 100% for 3 turns 
        -Blossom Sage Sakura: Status Reset will provide all status ailment protection 100% for 5 turns
        -Silvia: Stop Shield will provide protection against Stop 100% for 3 turns
        -Ayaka: Stop Detach can cure Stop as well as her LB Angelic Feather if you happen to get it 
        -Minfilia: Leaders Disposition+2 Stop, Paralysis, Confusion, & Stone resistance

-You’ll want some sort of Damage Mitigation ability as this boss will hit all your units

         -Maritime Strategist Nichol: Impregnable Stance (used with Linked Stance) 
         -Veritas of the Dark, Earth, and Flames: have Defensive Barrier 
         -Blossom Sage Sakura: Defensive Barrier
         -Barusa: TMR Cowered Courage which enables Primal Instinct mitigates physical damage and can be stacked (when used 2nd)

-I used Warrior of Light as a tank in about 10 different battles and in none of them did he cover for anyone; he never moved from his spot so I stopped using him and instead took along another attacker. Not sure if it’s a glitch or something else but since the damage I was taking was so little I didn’t need him

My party: Noctis- Warp Strike (1st turn), Point-blank Warp Strike (2nd turn) MS Nichol- Linked Stance- Impregnable Stance + Soulful Stance (1st turn) Ayaka-(Lakshimi ability) Waking Protection (1st turn), Stop Detach (2nd turn) if someone was stopped Raegen- Blades of Azure Crimson (1st & 2nd turn) BS Sakura- Quick Combo- Quick Final Thunder 2x (1st & 2nd turn) Friend- I’ve used pretty much any friend with ATK/MAG above 500 (some would be able to chain like a Sephiroth or another BS Sakura; or some wouldn’t chain at all like Squall or Tidus)

I took advantage of its weakness to lightning because I had ways around it and was still able to take it down either 1st or 2nd turn with no problems. I imagine if you used 3-4 strong mages and Dualcast chained Thundaja that it’d go down in the first turn. (Sakura, Shantotto, Mediena, Lulu all can Dualcast Thundaja)

I've got a Lightning 7*/lvl120 geared up to 1476 Atk, using Sparky (i.e. geared to Lightning damage), and a machine killer in materia. She kills it by herself using Endless Army. Only just, mind you! Any sort of DEF debuff will make absolutely sure of it.

As an alternative... Lightning's Crushing Blow+2 kills it down to 25% or so... leaving a friend Olive to finish it off... which is what I was doing at the beginning.

Hope this helps!