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Talk:Doga's Grotto - Exploration

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This event's difficulty is scaled to be accessible to newer players and can be beaten by a party of 3*-4* base units.

Recommendations: bring escape to flee normal enemies after attacking them to fill your LB gauges. Be sure to bring a magic cover tank with resistance to multiple elements (I remember lightning and wind AoE attacks but there were others, probably fire and ice) and a provoke tank with 100% light resist. Both bosses are demons, so take advantage of that.

Tips and Tricks on Doga's Grotto - Exploration[edit source]

Hello and welcome to BluEvanescent, where tips and tricks are literally everywhere. So, it's been like a year to not posting this and for a while, it bothers me more since the last update was from my December event. To take back all of those responsibilities again, I have to created my very own tips on how to beat Doga's Grotto - Exploration. Listen up since this will be very short.

Required Units[edit source]

Honestly, it all acquires to Demon Killers and trying to fill your LB Gauge during this battle. For the units, you need:

  • 1 or 2 of any magic damagers like Livid Shantotto
  • Units that can boost LB such as enhanced Eiko or any units with Rikku's Pouch
  • Units that can literally heal a large amount of health
  • Physical Evasion tank
Units that I used mostly
Livid Shantotto with 175% Demon Killer
Enhanced 6 star Eiko
Enhanced 7 star Wilhelm
Literal any units that can do more damage

Tricks on Doga's Grotto - Exploration[edit source]

  • Grind LB as hard as you can
  • It is necessary to fill your unit's MP if running out
  • For Doga, kill him by the spell, preferably any magics that can stack or delay like Altema
  • For Unei, kill her by using your entire party's attacks and Limit Burst on the first/second turn
Aftermath[edit source]

If you literally finish the entire mission with only 5 party or less, then congratulations. You win the game for now. TBF, the Eureka Key might be useful if your mission requires to defend against the elemental attacks. But, by God, that was like an easy win for me. Thinking about rematching is tiresome, nor trying to finish on Easy mode. Because, whaddya expect most, I ain't fighting a toddler.