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Talk:Dracotaur Lancer

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Breaks and dark resist make Elite very easy. I've ran it about 20 times now and only died once because I forgot to break. -- 12:12, 25 May 2018 (UTC)

Kaputjan: Easy peasy. Breaks working, physical cover tank, low def, low boss hp and no strange abilities, no elemental resistances or phys/mag resistances. If you are having troubles take a WoL for Phys cover with +500 def and/or phys evasion and ailment protections since boss can spread paralysis over some (weak) party magic attacks. Be aware. At some point he does some threshold special attacks. I could not identify what he does and what % is located, but party may suffer depending on what you got. I noticed the last trying to do at the first opportunity the esper quest but he almost kill my party, so I had to go full hard as motherfucker. I decided to take a summoner in the second round. Once performed the summon, and no more holding attacks, the boss is no more a threat. From no own will be a first turn OTKO.
--Kaputjan (talk) 16:24, 25 May 2018 (UTC)

Hello and welcome to the BluEvanescent - where tips and tricks are rarely being found. Let's be real. We all know how you deal this things since this one is a piece of cake. But, what about the mission? Let's take a delve towards the setup.

Obviously, the ELITE Mission focuses you on being a patient player. IF YOU KILL DRACOTAUR WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT, YOU'RE AN ILLITERATE HORRIBLE PERSON. And being a "patient" is a key figure to this. Unlike to most Raid Monsters that we've dealt, this one takes a cake for being the cheapest way. Not only the HP is done for, not only the damage he dealt, but rather the amount of time that you can take without achieving the other 2 objectives. So, here's my tactics and I want you to listen CAREFULLY:

  • You need a tank, specifically, the one that can do both Physical and Magical Tank. Whether if you have Basch, Cecil, Veritas of the Earth, Warrior of Light, Chow, Mystea or whatever the unit you have, under any circumstances, GEAR UP AT ALL COST.
  • You also need damage dealers, simple. The higher the stat, whether be a Magic Damager or Physical Damager, it is recommended to NOT use any skills other than normal attack.
  • Eiko or Garnet are the most useful thing in this round. Since they can heal + fill Summon Gauge, you have the opportunity to survive. If you don't have any of these twats, try the use of your strongest Healers. Also, throw out your Rikku as your party member with 250% or above LB Gauge fill rate.
Units that were used during my battle were: Veritas of the Earth, Fryevia, Onion Knight, Rikku, 2 Lotus Mage Fina and Basche as friend

Majority of your doing is to try not to die. Simple, all you need is patience. Since Rikku is the first to fill up the LB Gauge, use it in case. Another thing you should know is that both Physical Tank and Magical Tank must HAVE RESPECTIVE their on guard, Magical Tank can take less for protecting everyone from Magic Damage and the Physical Tank can take less for protecting everyone from Physical Damage.

Again, if you have Rikku on your side, use her Limit Burst. Fill up also the Esper Gauge and try to finish the mission in a single or replay playthrough.

That's it. Congratulations! You gain something? Cool.

Anyway, this is the BluEvanescent and remember, BE PATIENT.

--Bluevanescent (talk) 10:21, 27 May 2018 (UTC)


This boss is incredibly easy, vulnerable to breaks. I don't have a tank at the moment and my normal party for the most part survives. The biggest problem I run into is the HP threshold on this boss.

For the first turn the boss uses ST attacks which is simple and totally survivable even if you don't have any buffs in place. I usually get him down to about 70%-85% of his HP. The in-game strategy says that below 50% it uses an AoE attack, specifically Predation (can KO), Roar (causes confusion and paralysis), Dark Flare (crapload of damage), and Strong Claw. I've left the boss specifically above the 50% mark so I can get all my buffs in place and he's attacked my party with these which he shouldn't. It's happened 4x so far and then I've gotten him to around 47% and he used nothing at which point my buffs ran out (at 4th turn) which is fine since I can get rid of him at that point but it makes this boss far too unpredictable to make sense. So my guess is that somewhere between 45%-70% is the threshold for it to use all those attacks at once, but hey I'm not the expert I can only tell you what happened.

It also uses Darkga which I think is a random attack since it usually only attacks 2 in my party, Dark Breath which can poison, and Reaper which is an AoE physical attack.


The first time I did the ELT boss I did a lot of experiments..and yes Patience is a virtue. I do not have those units mentioned and my strongest team on the line is: 2 x CLOUD, Warrior of Light, Heavenly Technician Lid, Roselia and Cloud (Companion).. It is easy as it gets as long as you are patient and have presence of mind. First, make sure your CLOUD companion has atleast 5K HP and ATK not less than 480. During battle, first cast ATK break (Lid) to reduce PHYSICAL damage, cast Full break (WOL), to add reduce atk/mag damage and def, then cast Meteor Rain on 3 CLOUDS (for elemental chan) and cast MP regen from Roselia. 2nd round, cast MAG break (Lid), cast "Light is with us!" (WOL) to absorb phys atk spam from ELT, then repeat for 3 clouds..but if HPs are reduce, Roselia can cast 3 white spells at one time( except MP regen). you can use curaga 1 or 2 times depending on the damage dealt and the 3rd u can cure poison or paralyze, depending on status, if no ailment, cast regen on WOL. 3rd round, cast DEF break (Lid), cast Embolden (WOL) to boost ATK /DEF of all allies, then do thesame for 3 clouds. Do note that LID breaks are 5 turns so you have the luxary of time to select spells applicable, WOL cast most are 3 turns, so you need to be watchful on that. 4 to 5 turns and I can kill the boss.

Hope this helps if you have this units and you are stuck and have a hard time on killing ELT.