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Talk:EVO MAG +30%

Actual effect of EVO MAG[edit source]

The information on this page is inaccurate. The damage an Esper deals scales with the square of the amount of EVO MAG a unit has, not linearly. This is probably because it (for the duration of the attack) increases the Esper's statistics (like the in-game descriptions says, and directly contrary to what this page says), but I cannot confirm that without disassembling the game or something.

I have tested it in two ways:

  • When I was leveling up my Garnet in Maranda Coast's exploration, I checked my Shiva's damage output vs Aqua Elementals as I leveled up:
    • At level 72, when she had EVO MAG 10% but not yet EVO MAG 30%, she was dealing ~12800 damage to the Aqua Elementals.
    • At level 73, when she gained EVO MAG 30%, she began to deal ~21000 damage to those same enemies.
    • If damage scaled linearly with the, as this page says, I should have dealt only 12800 / 1.1 * 1.4 = 16300 damage after the level up.
      • The / 1.1 there is to get to the "base" damage without EVO MAG.
    • Instead, the damage I dealt is consistent with the theory that it scales as the square of EVO MAG: 12800 / (1.1^2) * (1.4^2) = 21000
    • I saw these damage numbers dozens of times while is farming, so this isn't some fluke of weird RNG.
  • When I saw my previous edit to this page listing the above finding got reverted, I decided to test again vs the Earth Shrine exploration boss:
    • My Kefka and my Warrior of Light each dealt ~295000 damage to the boss by summoning Shiva.
    • My Garnet (still with 40% EVO MAG) dealt ~595000 damage to the boss by summoning Shiva.
    • If this page was correct in saying EVO MAG increases Esper damage by the listed percentage, Garnet should have dealt ~413000 (or maybe ~422000 if the EVO MAGs stacked multiplicatively instead of linearly).
    • Instead, she dealt MORE than the damage I'd expect from ~295000 * 1.4 * 1.4 = ~578000.
    • I only tried each character's attack once here (I'm not wasting more stamina than I have to in the Earth shrine!), so this was probably a high damage roll for her, or low from my non-summoners. Either way, she's clearly dealing much more than +40% damage.

I'm not going to start an edit war here by un-reverting the page, but people come to this site to find accurate information about non-obvious things about FFBE. Right now, this particular page is spreading misinformation. -- Crow

I did some more testing, and it seems you are correct, it's not flat damage increase. From EVO MAG+20% I've seen the increase of 1.46 to 1.6 times the damage. I don't know why my test last time showed only 1.12 increase. --Cysidus (talk) 09:01, 29 August 2016 (EDT)

The fact that the ingame tooltip says "parameters" makes it likely that it either just buffs the esper stats so that its effect is indirectly increased likely in the above assumed way or the wording is used to simply clarify that it not only enhances damage dealing esper but also stuff like golem. -- ManuS

Any proof of it affecting Golem? --Cysidus (talk) 14:38, 29 August 2016 (EDT)

No just common sense and the indication from the wording of the tooltip (which is not the most reliable given how inconsistent wordings are in this game compare: cover <-> sentinel). -- Manus

Golem is listed as blocking 50% or 60% of physical damage. I don't think this depends at all on his stats, so I would be surprised if this ability (which seems like it is modifying the esper's stats during the summon) matters for that esper.

Ultimately, I think we'll have to wait for an esper whose effects scale with stats, but do so differently than damage does, before we'll know for sure whether this ability is really affecting esper parameters or just the damage. A healing Esper, perhaps? -- Crow