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elt has better than lgd if they have same bonus probability[edit source]

elt drop 700 stone+420 coin and 25 energy lgd drop 1000 stone+680 coin and 40 energy stone/energy and coin/energy are 28, 16.8 from elt and 25, 17 from lgd.

with bonus, elt drop 1600, 2920 and lgd drop 2000, 3680. stone/energy and coin/energy are 64, 116.8 from elt and 50, 92 from lgd.

so elt is easier and better efficiency.

Friend Esther can carry full bonus team[edit source]

  • Turn 1 - Shock Embrace + Shatter Arms
  • Turn 2 - Bolting Strike x3

This should kill it without any trouble.

Kataikou (talk) 20:08, 22 April 2019 (UTC)

Miscellaneous Tips[edit source]

1. Recommended weapons:

 * Tonitrus: ATK+120 Element: Lightning
 * Lightning Saber: ATK+125 Element: Lightning

2. If you don't own at least a 6* Esther you can use a Physical Attacker with 1800+ ATK equiped with a Lightning Weapon coupled with a friend's Esther.

3. You can use a unit that can cast lightning imperil like:

* Barbariccia (7*): 120% lightning imperil
* Reberta: 50% lightning imperil
* Karlette: 100% lightning imperil
* Nameless Gunner Jake: 50% lightning imperil

--Juliolara23 (talk) 21:49, 22 April 2019 (UTC)

ELT or LGD?[edit source]

Ok, overall payoff rates are about the same. Any increased chance of bonus round, for me, is offset by the big chance of fail and throwing away 40NRG. Given I don't even have either Esther or Sylvie. My normally reliable 2B carry is struggling to even make 50% dmg on her own at ELT. I am seeing heaps of 2500+ ATK Esther's though, that can crack the egg on their own (on ELT level) with dual-Storm Brand. If I had a clue, I would swap 2B out for someone who can chain Absolute Mirror of Equity and probably go LGD.

That being said, I am now only concerned with the number 80,000. That is the number of Sunstone you need to complete a complete set of Tectonics. Might never use it as a set, but you just never know... If I happened to finish the event on 79,000, I would be mildly bemused... Just saying!


Just as an fyi, any 2k Esther, 1.1k even, can solo ELT and LGD. Since most will be using elementless weapons, it's more beneficial to do Storm Brand then Bolting Strike since the second skill will get the imbue from the first skill. As a precautionary measure, I throw in a World Destroyer break, and while they aren't necessary some Pod 153 chains help too. --FencerTJ (talk) 10:59, 25 April 2019 (UTC)