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So apparently I went around and kill all the shadow bahamuts (7 of them) and even started a new tent to finish the quest, too. But I havent cleared the last star. I have not challenged bahamut, nor have I set up all the tents. Did I do something wrong? Anyone tested yet?

Mission requirements were just updated. You need to kill all Shadow Bahamuts AND Bahamut

Testimonial 1[edit source]

Ok my own testimonial. Team was Veritas of the Dark, Marie, Rikku, 9S, Aria and friend Orlandeau. Bring with you MP recovery items just in case, those from Expedition help. Also come to the fight with Rikku's LB filled. Ayaka and Tilith can be used over Aria too. Also make sure everyone is immune to paralysis, not time wasting moves on healing that up or you can be sorry.

First turn and basically every Megaflare turn, 9S's MAG debuff, Darkman uses Defensive Barrier. Rikku uses her LB, the higher the level the better. Oldman can Divine Ruination Bahamut to keep the Imperil for later turns (and possibly boost some LB for Rikku after use). Marie and Aria guard.

Once this happens Megaflare will likely kill everyone except Marie and Aria (they should survive with most of their HP after losing their Reraise, although miraculously they can survive it). 9S may also survive if he has high HP (although it didn't happen to me in later turns).

Second turn and every turn after normal Megaflare, pretty easy. Aria or whoever your mass reviver is, should well, revive everyone. Then Marie applies Love You All (enhanced), major source of heal and defensive layers for everyone who just revived. If 9S lives, then apply his 30% damage reduction, if he is dead, then it doesn't matter, Love You All should suffice (the only difficult part are the normal attacks later).

Third turn and every second turn after normal Megaflare. DPS hit with every ounce of their might and pound Bahamut as hard as possible to build LB for Rikku. If needed Aria can use Curaga, Marie can provide other buffs like Protectga or Shellga (since I kinda left the buffer behind in favour of 9S). 9S alternates between damage reduction and MAG breaks. Always prioritize the MAG Breaks, if you're not sure of what skill to use, then just MAG Break. Rikku can be equipped with Pod 153 and use the physical defense ability to make your life a bit easier for you.

Fourth turn and every three turns after normal Megaflare (or the turn before another Megaflare). Plays about similarly as the previous turn. DPS damage, 9S breaks, Aria heals, Marie buffs whatever (if needed). I'd take this chance to have Rikku heal some MP to whoever is needed of it, as the turn after is pure Megaflare preps and no time to do anything else, you get off the script and you will be blasted beyond Pluto by Bahamut's Megaflare.

Also additional note for third and fourth turn schemes. If there is no need for Aria's heal or Marie's other buffs, then you can have them slap on Bahamut for additional crysts. Rikku NEEDS her LB filled or you won't live Megaflare. Oldman can produce some on the Megaflare turn following this scheme (and provided no random deaths happened), but always make it your priority to fill it on the DPS turns. Additionally I'd use these turns to evoke Espers.

Life is then a continuous cycle of doing this over and over as you chip of scales off Bahamut's body. With Love You All, neither his threshold attacks or Flare should be any problem.

The weak Megaflare can be a bit of a problem, though. At this point I'd recommend trying to fill Rikku's LB and stay as close to the 20% as possible but not go below it or otherwise do it with an Oldman attack on Megaflare turn (since it will override the threshold Megaflare). If you're in a non-Megaflare turn, and have Rikku's LB filled, then use her LB and go full DPS, being close to 20%, a proper chain should leave in digits near 0% (with luck and proper damage output you may even kill him).

That's it, just pay attention to the details, rinse and repeat and you should be fine.

--BGMaxie (talk) 22:21, 26 October 2017 (UTC)

Testimonial 2[edit source]

The Fryevia strat:

Turn 1: Buff magic (soleil), Rikku LB, and then chain, use two weak chainers (I used two setzer with red card) to max the chain, then add in the 2x Fryevia chain so all 27 hits are maxed. This brought me to about 20% health.

Esper goes and kills the whole team, revives, and kills them all again except for the Fryevias who have 1 HP each.

Turn 2: Fryevia's finish him off with their chain with overkill to spare.

Testimonial 3[edit source]

The Great Wall Earns His Name (Aces High)

Wilhelm(/EV)522Spr/8620Hps, 9S 244Spr/7490Hps, Rikku 248Spr/6815Hps/Pod, Tilith 387Spr/5618Hps, Ace 337Spr/5177Hps, Draco Spike (only 752 mag, had jeweled ring, kingsglaive hood, Ulric's Kukri equipped for surviving the LONG trek around the island), Friend Ace (You're awesome, Regnet!): Dual Draco Spike, 982 MAG, 342 Spr, 3992 Hps.

1: Wilhelm opens with maxed LB, 9S purges MAG/SPR, Rikku opens with max LB. Other 3 defend. Friend Ace had 3992 max HPs and survived initial Megaflare. Lowest SPR on the team was 9S with 244, HPs varied greatly. Nobody even used the reraise, everyone completely weathered the opening blast.

2: Wilhelm boosts Atk/Mag of the party. Rikku uses Mirage, Aces spark chain. Bahamut goes from 100% to Overkilled in one round.

--Tfrek (talk) 11:31, 27 October 2017 (UTC)

Testimonial 4[edit source]

  • Zyrus DW Draco Spike / Omni Rod - 910 MAG, Lv25 LB
  • E.Delita +2 Helm Break
  • E.Soleil +2 Schwert Dance
  • Onion Knight - Onion Cutter + Durandal + Dragon Killer Materia + Odin
  • Onion Knight (Friend) - Onion Cutter + Excalibur + Odin

Debuffed Bahamut with Helm Break, Buffed Party With +2 Schwert Dance, Kicked off the Blood Hydra LB, waited about 1.5s then started the Onion cutter chains-> FTKO.

Basically if you are retrying this dungeon go back a few screens and level up limit burst gauges from spawns, then go back and face bahamut and plow him under with Zyrus LB. --DiegoVargas (talk) 15:28, 27 October 2017 (UTC)

Testimonial 5[edit source]

  • Tilith w/ Hero's Shield, E.Res + HP/MP TMRs
  • WoL w/ 7800HP + Dragon Gear + Ribbon/Rikku Pouch
  • 9S w/ 7900HP
  • Rikku w/ 5600HP + 75% Fire/Ice/Light res + Ignorance/Mog Wisdom TMR
  • A2 5800HP 1110 atk, Excalibur/Agaion Arm, 2x Champ belt ect. ect. no dragon killer mat
  • A2 (Friend) nearly same as above

Get Rikku to full LB TURN 1: Rikku LB, WoL MAG/SPR Break, 9S Dmg Mitigation, Tilith Celestial Light, A2 both jump atk!

TURN 2+ (not pre-Megaflare) WOL panacea most turns, 9S alternate between MAG/SPR break and Dmg Mitigation, Rikku HyperNull All where possible, Tilith heal/raise. (Pre-Megaflare) All units should be alive, rinse repeat turn 1. Pray to RNG gods.

Beat with Offensive Heal Combo 2x w/ spark/ele chain and 1HP left on both A2s and everyone else dead! w00t w00t. FTP (bot $0.99 once, so almost ^_-) player "ming" 07:23, 28 October 2017 (UTC)

Testimonial 6[edit source]

Took me six tries to beat him, but I finally found a combination that works. This is a purely physical solution; there are no mages in this setup. BTW, I'm a mostly F2P player (less than $30 in over a year), so this is not a fantasy team.

My team:

  • 9S
  • Rikku (LB Level 25)
  • Tilith
  • Zargabaath
  • Onion Knight with Onion Cutter
  • Onion Knight with Onion Cutter (friend)

Team notes: Outfit all of your members to have a high spirit. My lowest spirit for this trial was 268 on OK, and he survived every attack. Also important, if at all possible, is to start with at least 30% elemental resistance to Fire, Ice and Lightning. Dragon shield and Dragon armor are very helpful here. Onion Knights should have at least 1050 attack. Finally, do NOT equip any elemental weapons on your OKs. Other than that, you don't need anything special. The characters' basic skillsets work great.

Before Bahamut: Wander around a little and get into some fights. Make sure that Rikku and Zargabaath have their limit gauges full before you attack Bahamut. That's also a good time to summon an esper and get that mission out of the way.

Turn 1:

  • 9S uses Purge: MAG/SPR (50% break!)(NOTE: Sk25 LB gives 54% break, but I didn't have that).
  • Rikku uses Limit Burst (74% SPR/DEF buff, auto revive)
  • Zargabaath uses Limit Burst (30% damage mitigation)
  • Tilith guards
  • Onion Knights (both) guard

Bahamut attacks using Megaflare. By the time it was over, Rikku was the only character who stayed dead.

Turn 2:

  • 9S uses Phoenix Down on Rikku (this must be the 1st action of the turn!)
  • Tilith uses Radiant Light (heals everyone to 100% HP)
  • Zargabaath uses Bastion (40% elemental protection - CRITICAL IMPORTANCE!!!)
  • Both Onion Knights Spark Chain with Onion Cutter (click here for Android trick to getting perfect spark chains every time - no macro, no cheating!)

This gets Bahamut to 69% health. On Bahamut's turn, only my friend OK died - he had really low SPR and no elemental protection...

Turn 3:

  • Onion Knight uses Phoenix Down on friend OK (must be 1st action)
  • 9S uses Spread Shield (30% damage mitigation)
  • Rikku uses Limit Burst for SPR buff
  • Tilith uses Radiant Light
  • Zargabaath uses Bastion again, since my friend OK lost his protection when he died

Bahamut attacks, everyone survives.

Turn 4:

  • 9S uses Purge: MAG/SPR
  • Tilith uses Radiant Light
  • Zargabaath uses Archadian Light (60% all stat buff)
  • Rikku uses regular attack
  • Both Onion Knights Spark Chain with Onion Cutter

Bahamut goes down to 33% health. He attacks, everyone survives, but all buffs have been removed.

Turn 5:

  • Zargabaath uses Archadian Light to buff the OK's attack
  • Rikku uses Limit Burst if available. If not, don't worry - If Bahamut doesn't die on this turn, you're probably hosed anyway.
  • Tilith uses regular attack
  • 9S uses Self Destruct (9.99x damage but kills 9S; try to time it to cap the chain)
  • Both onion Knights Spark Chain with Onion Cutter.

That's it! That was enough to kill Bahamut before he could use Megaflare a second time. Note that the perfect chain trick is CRITICAL to making this work. If you are playing on Apple, I don't think this strategy will work.

--Vratar33 (talk) 03:14, 31 October 2017 (UTC)

Testimonial 7[edit source]

Glass cannon build[edit source]

While I used Fryevia, Timothy (maxed LB), Marie, Shantotto, Shantotto, and friend Garnet, anyone that fits the below roles may work.

  • AoE damage dealer for clearing mobs and dropping limit burst crystals. Anyone will work so long as they can either inflict paralyze, stop, or can kill within one turn.
  • MAG/SPR breaker, though just a SPR breaker would be necessary. Timothy is preferred for his limit burst.
  • Healer for heals/revives when mobs attack first and kill some units.
  • Two high chaining dupe units. E.g. Tornado chaining for Shantottos.
  • Friend Garnet must have Bahamut equipped and EVO MAG +30% +2, as well as 4 EVO MAG +10% equipped.
    • She is crucial to the glass cannon.

The goal is to clear Bahamut as fast as you can. After you've farmed enough mobs to fill your esper gauge and breaker's limit burst (if the limit burst is the break), make sure your dupe units have enough MP.

The execution order is as follows: Breaker breaks, dupe units cast their abilities as close to the same time as you can, and is quickly followed by Garnet's Bahamut summon to finish the chain.

And the battle is over in just that one turn.

--FencerTJ (talk) 08:55, 31 October 2017 (UTC)

Testimonial 8[edit source]

No 5* Base/No Healer/Pray to RNGesus[edit source]

What you'll need:

  • Spr Breaker
    • Soleil Cannon Dance+2 (Inc Mag 100%)
      • 2x Combo Builder

Zyrus A friend Zyrus that's decked out to the 9's (meaning preferrably max LB with 850++ Mag)

  • A 45% spr breaker seems to finish the job

(Bring rikku pouch with spr breaker or mag buffer)

    • Not sure if any other Mag buffer can cut it. Probably only Soleil
      • Combo builder can be weak. preferrably multi hit AoE for farming crystals. If not single target chainer will do the job. Otherwise you can use Pod163 (9S tmr) on your strongest physical attacker

So I tried out the guide where you one shot Baha with one maxed out Zyrus but I was only doing 90% damage. So I had the insane idea of removing Rikku/Aria and replacing with another Zyrus (albeit with a lvl1 LB)

(Remember you don't have any revive all unit so you better pray to RNGesus you don't encounter an "enemy strikes first" and wipe out your team) Just like the rest, go back into the other areas and farm LB crystals first and finish the esper quest. Use Rikku's Pouch LB gauge fill rate to lessen the chances of encounters you need to max your LB gauge for both Zyrus. You probably won't kill the mobs with your weak Chainers and that's okay. You only need the chainers at this point for farming LB crystals. To clear off the mobs is where 2xZyrus will come in and kill them with dualcast stonga/waterga/whichever.

Once maxed, head out to Baha. Cannon Dance+2, Debuff Baha's Spr. Cap the chain with 2x Zyrus LB.

Testimonial 9[edit source]

Strategy: Super Slow (expect 50 turns) but "Steady and Safe"[edit source]

For people lacking 1-shot capability.

BE ADVISED: All Stats presented below is estimated to be closest to my team. TMR is not a deciding factor. All are immune to Paralysis.

My Set-up: Oldmanlandue (5400 HP 828 DW ATK with Dragon Killer Materia and Odin) [SPR doesnt matter here] +2 Soleil (5200 HP 350 SPR) - can be DW to increase SPR Ayaka (5200 HP 580 SPR) - either DW or Light Shield (Divine Shield) Veritas of Earth (7200 HP 320 SPR) 9S (5400 HP 280 SPR) Friend - Rikku (5200 HP 280 SPR) - This guy is awesome, DW with Aigaion Fist, Auto Limit and Mog Wisdom Materia

    • Each with at least 30-40% Fire, Ice, Thunder Resist. Except my Rikku friend 10% resist everything.

Notes: 1. Give your supports Specific Role in the Battle and Commit to that role. In mine, Soleil dance (Shooting Dance all turns, Schwert Dance on the turn BEFORE Megaflare to get bonus Shooting Dance on Megaflare turn), Ayaka MP battery, Curaja and Full-life, EV 100% provoke and soak up all damage for Counter to feed Rikku LB, 9S 50% Mag,Spr Debuff (and sometimes Spread Shield when situation calls for it), Rikku LB before every Megaflare and HyperNulAl on off-Megaflare turn.

2. First turn in, Rikku LB, Soleil Shooting Dance, 9S Purge Debuff, EV Barrier Shield (20% but better than nothing), Guard on the rest.

3. IMPORTANT: Bahamut is vulnerable to CHARM (Soleil LB). Charm will DELAY every action of Bahamut EXCEPT Full Debuff. Put in to Practice: On the turn AFTER Megaflare, use Soleil LB (fill it up along with Rikku before going to Boss) if you're lucky, Bahamut get charmed and earn yourself a free turn. On the next turn, Bahamut wake up and will cast its Ice AoE along with Debuff everyone (Normally, Debuff only comes on the turn of Fire AoE right before Megaflare). NOTE: this will only work the way I present above if you manage to Charm him on the turn right after Megaflare. This is super useful in my opinion because you have one turn to prepare for Megaflare after debuff.

4. On turn after Megaflare, Rikku uses Mix, or as soon as possible if Rikku dies for good on Megaflare. If Charm works, Rikku will have the luxury of buffing HyperNulAl on turn before Megaflare. That means 30% DMG Reduction innate along with 40% Element Resist for 1 turn after Megaflare (given no one dies).

5. If everything works out, on Megaflare turn you will have this, Ayaka recovers everyone back on full health, Rikku LB, Soleil Enhanced Shooting Dance (Because you will use Schwert Dance on turn before Megaflare, so your Shooting Dance will give you a 120% SPR Buff instead of 100% on Megaflare turn), Guard on everyone else.

6. SUPER IMPORTANT to Know: Since you will only have 1 Damage Dealer, Chaining will be kept minimal (unless you chain with 9S on normal attack and EV on off turns to speed up the process). You will not be able to go straight from 20% threshold to Overkill. That being said, you need some serious planning at that stage. What happens is that the Threshold Megaflare will be DELAYED (NOT cancelled) for one turn IF it overlaps with Megaflare turn. The same happens with every other Threshold (Advised to cross Threshold when you have HyperNulAl active when crossing 80% 60% and 40%, crossing at Debuff turn is a OKAY because Debuff will happen after Elemental AoE). That being said, if you cross 20% on the Megaflare turn, be ready to brace yourself for another Megaflare (weaker one) on the turn after with Lightning AoE.

7. After surviving 20% Threshold, it basically goes back to earlier stage with Damaging and Surviving Megaflare until he is dead.

TL;DR: At least read number 3 and 6 :(

IGN: Hentai - Rank 85. This Post here is intended for players like me who invest time and efforts in but got F*ed over in many ways by RNGesus EVERY F*ING TIME.

Testimonial 10[edit source]

Simple One Shot guide including how to chain.

Team: SPR Breaker: 9S: Used for his 45% spirit break. You can use WoL, Ling, Desch, Timothy, or anyone else with min 45% SPR break. Chainers: Orlandeau: Att 1022 (Excalibur and Odin for Dragon Killer passive) Dark Veritas: Att 740 (Durandal and Crimson Blood for Dragon Killer passive) Agrias: Att 422 (Purely used for the easy chain)

Chain Capper: Zyrus: MAG 937 (Dual Wield with Draco Spike) Friend - Garnet w/Bahamut: 100% EVO MAG (meaning her passive is awakened to +2, and 4 +10% EVO MAG materia)

  • It's essential to use the same element weapons to get the Element Chain.
    • If you don't have these chaining units, 2-3 Shantotto's with Tornado spell works.

2 Steps: 1. Fill up Zyrus LB gauge and Esper gauge before the big fight. Zyrus doublecast stonga or waterga plus one high damage unit is enough to wipe out mobs. I found fighting mobs to the left of the eternal summit much easier. Bring elixirs and a tent etc if you think you won't survive. Using WoL over 9S may be ideal so he can tank dmg plus raise ability. Equipping gear with HP buffs will obviously help.

2. The Bahamut fight - Use SPR break first. Prep your chainers abilities (2x divine ruination + dark punishment for me), Zyrus Limit Burst and Garnets Bahamut summon. I hit the perfect chain by using Zyrus LB quickly followed by Garnets summon (~0.2s gap). Now simply wait for the giant megaflare ball to hit the ground before using the divine ruination chain (it takes about 2s after you skip the full summon animation so be prepared).

That's it. The battle ends before you know it. Good luck hope this helps!

--[[User: Renegade 01:11, 2 November 2017 (UTC)

Testimonial 11[edit source]

OTKO Fryevia strat:

Please use #2's method if you have doubts or fall short on units or gear.

What you'll want/need:

  • 1 Spr Breaker
    • Dark Veritas(used)
      • No gear, use Impact
    • Delita
      • No gear, use Helm Break+2
  • 1 Ice Breaker
    • Seven(used)
      • No gear, use Elementalash+2
  • 1 Mag Buffer
    • Soleil(used)
      • No gear, use Cannon Dance+2
  • 1 Random Unit(used)
    • This unit is not to be used
      • at all
        • for any reason
  • 2 Fryevia(used mine and a friends)
    • Equip
      • 2 Fryevia Needle, Trick Hat, Dark Fina's Swimsuit, Genji Glove, Magistral Crest and 4 Letters and Arms.


  • Break his spr/ice res, buff your mag and chain Frost Flower Blitz. Done.
  • The random unit is there because Fryevia is the queen of chain breaks and so long as you don't end your turn you can try again.
  • Gear isn't set in stone, I didn't use dragon killer and the friend fryevia had 55 less mag(mine was 1066).
  • Prior to using Seven's ice break I was 17% short so I'm bias in my opinion that she is the main contributing factor in closing that gap.

IGN:lolno. Been a Fryevia lover since the day she came out when the kiddies were talking about how bad she was going to be. Good times.

Testimonial 12[edit source]

Hybrid OHKO using Alterna/Summon Bahamut

To defeat Bahamut, I used a combination of the two main strategies going around to defeat Bahamut with a OHKO. (One Hit Knock Out)

1) Make a high chain team and chain finish with dual cast Alterna from the Ring of the Lucii (Noctis TMR)

2) Make a high chain team and chain finish with a Bahamut summon from a friend

I did a hybrid strategy, because I was trying to defeat Bahamut a month or so after his release, so I didn't have any friends as Garnet with Enhancements to help with the summon damage. During the fight, my chaining was probably off, and I was unable to kill Bahamut just using Alterna or just using a friend summon Bahamut. It dawned on me to use both.

My Team: Ability awakened Soleil, Shantotto, Shantotto, Trance Terra, Warrior of Light

Friend Unit: Fryevia

Team Breakdown:


Soleil's role is to cast Cannon Dance + 2 to give your units +100% MAG to start the fight. Since she doesn't do damage her gear doesn't influence the fight. A month after I did the fight, Noctis has now be revamped and his LB is an ideal substitute for buffing your whole team. A lvl 1 LB from Noctis buffs your team's ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR by 100% for two turns (by 124% if his LB is maxed out).

The Two Shantotto

These Shantottos are used for chaining with Dual Cast Tornado. These two have low stats, but try to get their magic up as high as you can. Don't forget to equip espers with high MAG on them. I tried chaining with other abilities, but Tornado worked the best for me.

Trance Terra

Trance Terra was my magic chain finisher with the Ring of the Lucii. My Trance Terra had 980 magic when equipped with the Tetra Sylpheed and dual wield. She needs your highest MAG stat esper equipped. Any Dual Cast high MAG mage can substitute for Trance Terra.

Warrior of Light

Warrior of Light's only role is to cast Armor Eraser which will give -45% SPR to Bahamut. Much like Soleil he doesn't attack Bahamut, so he doesn't need high attack. If you don't have a high lvl Warrior of Light, you can use a Delita's Awakened Helm Break or a maxed Limit Timothy to break Bahamut's SPR.

Friend Unit Fryevia

The friend unit needs to be a character with the summon Bahamut equipped. According to the Summon damage calculation for Magic based summon damage:

(FLOOR((MAG + SPR + ATK/2 + DEF/2)/100 * (1 + EVO MAG))²) * (1 / Enemy SPR) * Damage Modifier * Damage Up * Lvl Correction * Variance

The more stats the better for your friend unit with a higher magic stat preferred. Your friend unit doesn't have to be Fryevia, but she is great because she normally has a high MAG stat with a higher than average ATK stat for a caster. My friend had over 1000 MAG and round 400 ATK. The dream would be a high stat - Evo MAG Equipped, Ability Awakened, Garnet take as a friend unit.

Battle Plan:

Start at Eternal Summit with a Rat Tail equipped in your items. First, go south from the fork in the map and defeat normal monsters right outside the entrance to Bahamut; don't use your Rat Tail yet just in case they kill you. Defeat the normal monsters until your summon gauge is full. Before you attack Bahamut make sure everyone has enough MP for the fight. If you started at the Eternal Summit you can use your tent to heal as defeating Bahamut ends the stage.

Bahamut fight setup:

1. Soleil buffs your team's MAG 100% with Cannon Dance + 2.

2. Warrior of Light breaks Bahamut's SPR -45% using Armor Eraser.

3. Ready up, but don't use, Dual Cast Tornado on the two Shantottos.

4. Ready up, but don't use, Dual Cast Alterna on Trance Terra or your high MAG caster.

5. Ready up, but don't use Summon Bahamut on your friend unit.

Spell Cast Timing:

Cast Alterna first and wait until the animation first "shatters" and gets more light blue. Then cast summon Bahamut and the two dual cast tornados from the Shantottos. The summon and the dual cast tornados will be pressed as close to the same time as you can get them.

Since this timing is a bit tricky; I'd recommend practicing on the Abominable Wooden Soldier in the Farplane/Vortex a few times to get the timing down.

Bahamut should take very low damage and then suddenly be bursted to 0 HP if done correctly.

Good luck!

Testimonial 13[edit source]

The Budget OTKO Strategy

This is a quick explanation of the super budget OTKO strategy I used to kill Bahamut. You don't need to own a single 5* unit (Ring of the Lucii is required but can be on a friend unit mage), no need to find a friend Garnet with Bahamut, no need to have leveled limit bursts for anyone, and if you can find a suitable friend unit for doing the heavy lifting then you may not need any TMRs at all. It also comes with the benefit of being very easy to set up: the timing is simple, plus there's no need to use any limit bursts or summon an esper so you can just run right to the fight without any trouble.

The Team:

SPR breaker - Any 45% or higher SPR debuff will work. I used Warrior of Light. Other options include: Timothy (50%), 9S (50%), and Ling (45%).

MAG buffer - I used Soleil with no enhancements on her Cannon Dance, so just a 60% MAG buff. Anything equal or better will do. You could also probably get away with Minfilia using her 100% MAG buff on Finisher 1.

Shantotto x2 - Dual cast Tornado chains. Mine were sitting at 382 and 343 MAG including esper stats, wearing just their raid crafted gear (Iridal Staff, Tactician Magician's Coat and two Golden Hairpin). Their damage is irrelevant, you just want the long chain.

Finisher 1 - Any mage with dual cast, Ring of the Lucii for Alterna, and a strong MAG stat. Friend unit is 100% acceptable here. I used my own Victoria with 846 MAG with RotL and one Draco Spike. She wasn't quite able to do it by herself when I first tried, got Bahamut down to 11% health with no friend unit used. A similar stat mage with dual wielded Draco Spikes or a 1000+ MAG mage with one Draco Spike would be able to do all the damage needed. If you don't have access to such power, or if you want to be safe, bring along another mage to add to the finishing power.

Finisher 2 - Any mage with dual cast, Ultima or Meteor, and a strong MAG stat. I brought in a friend Trance Terra with a little over 1000 MAG to use Ultima. Another mage with Alterna would of course be fine too. A 500 MAG Exdeath probably would have been more than enough.

The Method:

1. Break SPR and buff MAG.

2. Queue up dual cast Tornado on both Shantottos, dual cast Alterna on Finisher 1, and whatever you're using for Finisher 2.

3. Press your Alterna caster.

4. Immediately press Finisher 2 if they're using Alterna or Ultima (same frame count to hit for both of them). If using a Meteor caster, wait a second before pressing them to be sure the first hit won't land before the chain reaches max modifier.

5. Wait until the Alterna animation color turns from blue to red (for any colorblind folks out there, you can also use the point where the animation starts to do the screen shaking effect as your cue), then quickly press your Shantottos to chain their Tornados.

And that's it. Both Alterna hits and whatever you're using for Finisher 2 will land comfortably inside the max modifier length of the chain and Bahamut will be toast.

--Jorickrpg (talk) 11:09, 2 December 2017 (UTC)

Testimonial 14[edit source]

6 out of 8 areas are worth around 24000 gil + 1 starting area unknown amount (probably less due not having 3 special monsters in there). Thats 160,000+ gil or 640,000+ gil with full steal/gil farmer for 25 energy and a lot of your time. Assuming you survive all ambushes and mental impatience, you'll end up with more gil than best case scenario in gil snapper cave golden cavern. Also you will likely get back 75+ energy, as it is a long grind.

Testimonial 15[edit source]

I went down the Shantotto-Shantotto-TTerra(dc Alterna) OTK route. This method has of course already been described (Testimonial 13 does it nicely), so I won't go into much detail, just to sum it up as follows: Break SPR, buff MAG, TTerra does a DC Alterna, followed about 2-3 seconds later by both Shantotto's doing DC Tornado. TTerra hits at the end of a long and nasty chain. Bahamut dies.

There doesn't seem to be anything here about the "Defeat all Shadow Bahamuts and Bahamut" mission, and how to get around the map with such a squishy team. So here is how I did it.

To start with, I did the entire thing in three phases. Phase 1 was clearing the maps / farming dragon tails etc. Phase 2 was taking on Bahamut for the first time. Phase 3 was completing the final mission.

Phase 1 includes starting a mission from eternal summit, to finish all the missions except "Defeat all...", and very importantly for Trance Terra, this will get you the recipe for dragonkiller+. Very important for me, since I only have 2xletters&arms so far. And since I have to use a dual wield materia, dragonkiller+ fits nicely into slot 4. Fortunately I already had two dragonkillers and everything else except gold ore. So I went away and farmed gold ore for a while. Incidentally, The best place I found for farming it was Roaring Volcano - Exploration.

My "phase 1" team was completely different to my Bahamut killing team, but that is not really relevant, so I will just say that I was using WoL-Luka-Minfilia-Agrias-2B. Minfilia had a couple of charm bangles. Agrias and 2B had light weapons. Friend unit was 2B, and very important that both 2B's had Odin, so they could maintain MP with Lance. Agrias has lance built-in. That is all.

Before taking on Bahamut for the first time, I was reading blogs like this one, to work out that I could actually pull it off with a OTK. I was fortunate in that I picked up TTerra with the Anniversary guaranteed 5* summon, and I also finally pulled a Noctis very recently. I don't think it can be done without his TMR, which gives you Alterna, plus a 30% MAG boost to boot.

It is also a good idea to go to the practice dummy to get your chaining down pat. Note that the dummy has the exact same SPR as Bahamut. The only difference I see is you can't break it and your dragonkillers won't work.

So, here was my team for phase 2.

  • 9S - 50% SPR break
  • Minfillia - 100% MAG buff on TTerra
  • 2xShantotto - DC Tornado
  • TTerra - DC Alterna
  • Friend unit - TTerra for backup, didn't end up needing her

My TTerra was equipped as follows: dual wield (I don't have genjii glove), dragonkiller+, 2xletters&arms. Ring of Lucii (Noctis TMR). Draco Spike and Enhancer. Yes, that's right, Enhancer is my best MAG sword! I need to farm Silvia's TMR (coz I just KNOW Frievia will drop the moment I start doing so...). Esper Tetra Sylphid. Final MAG stat = 922.

I think the Shantotto's MAG was somewhere around 300-400, but as has been said before, not really relevant. Heck, I didn't even have any gear on her or 9S!

I had just one rats tail left after crafting the dragonkiller+, so I set off. Then almost cried as I watched my party die because Auto was turned on...

So then I went back to my first party and farmed more rats tails. I actually did a full cicuit of the map, which turned out to be good practice for later. One strange thing here, when I got to Peaceful Stream, shadow Bahamu was nowhere to be seen. So I finished with 6 rats tails. Fortunately they all showed up when I did my proper run later on.

On the second attempt, everything worked perfectly to plan and Bahamut went down. Yay!

Now on to phase 3.

At first I thought, there was no way I could get around the map with this squishy team. Then I thought about it a bit more and decided I could pull it off, by running away from everything! Everything except Shadow Bahamuts, that is. Don't even bother with collection points if they are too far away.

So I re-geared everyone, and replaced Minfilia with Soleil, and awoke her cannon dance +2. No particular reason for that, other than Soleil had by that time snuck into my main party and stolen the two charm bangles from Minfilia. Plus I suppose Soleil's evade would be handy, and her 100% MAG is aoe, whereas Minfilia's is ST.

I actually put some gear on the Shantotto's: their own exclusives and MAG +10% materia, beefing them up a bit to make them slightly less squishy and slightly more damagey. Assigned Ramuh and Diabolos to them, so they had osmose (and no I don't have reduce encounter on my Diabolos).

The only change to TTerra was bringing in fully enhanced Bahamut, increasing her MAG by a mighty 1 point. Note that I could also go down the Garnet path now if I wanted to, since I have my enhanced Garnet and 4xEVO MAG ready to go, but I decided to stick with TTerra.

Soleil and 9S both had Escape materia. Soleil had her exclusive Healing Waltz II and I also put Rikku's Pouch and a ribbon on 9S. 9S was actually pretty tanky with some gear on. Soleil had Lakshmi and 9S had Odin (for Lance).

For a friend unit, I considered TTerra or some other high MAG unit, but in the end went for Tilith so I had a healer. It was the first time I have ever used a Tilith! Note that TTerra has full revive, her and Soleil(Lakshmi), both have cura, which can be cast out of battle to your hearts content, Rikku's pouch to cure all ailments, so a healer wasn't really necessary.

In hindsight, I should have equipped some weapons with sleep/paralysis/petrify on them, particularly on 9S, and maybe even made him dual wield. Why? So when I need to recover MP, he could use Odin's bladeblitz and with any luck freeze the enemies for 3 turns so that MP refresh could kick in. As it was, the end of battle turn one rarely ever happened since I was escaping all the time, so TTerra and Soleil and friend Tilith were gradually losing their MP.

9S does have Balance Hack, which has a chance of aoe paralysing/stopping, so I used that a few times. I could have put Rikku's somewhere else for chaos grenade, maybe even on a Shantotto. I also found when I got to Clear Reef, those tombstone things don't do much damage and a shantotto can kill one of them in one hit with a fire spell, so I could afford to hang around for a bit. In the end I actually only needed to use an item for MP once, on TTerra just before facing Bahamut. Remember she needs 160 MP to DC Alterna, so for the love of god don't go in with less than that!

I did get hit a number of times by pre-emptive strikes, but nothing catastrophic. Shantotto's pretty much always died, as expected. Friend Tilith died a few times (her build was a bit, um, lacking). TTerra almost did a few times. Soleil and 9S never really close to it, and so long as just one of them is okay, I can escape, go into menu and heal everyone up before moving on.

For the most part, the routine was to manually hit buttons to attack before doing escape with 9S. I found that if I used Auto, everyone seemed to be escaping before getting their LB crystals, which is why I started doing it manually. If 9S needed to recover some MP, he would do Osmose and Soleil would do Escape. I should have put an Osmose Blade on Soleil. Not an option on TTerra as it would reduce her MAG considerably.

For the Shadow Bahamuts, I used them as target practice for the real Bahmut. There was no need for DC Alterna, a single Ultima was sufficient and the timing is the same. So it was DC Tornado Shantotto's (actually doing about 80% damage by themselves) with an Ultima at the end of the chain. Shantotto's simply do an Osmose next encounter to refill their MP.

On to the final battle. I was pretty confident because I have actually maxxed out 9S's LB, bringing him up to... 54% SPR break! I thought it was a bit more than that, but never mind, the damage output is still going to be more than last time. Stick with the Purge if you haven't maxxed it out.

Anyway, so there it was, all missions accomplished. 10% moogle! Yay!

Testimonial 16[edit source]


If like me you are lacking OTK potential, but you have two Rebertas lying around, you can use the Rebertas to SKIP ALL MEGAFLARE DAMAGE. Using this strategy, you mostly only have to care about surviving the flare with 4 units. Use Jump boosting materias like Sworn Six's Pride - Wind and Dragoon's Gauntlet.

Reberta has Dragon +100% damage innate ability and +200% jump damage, plus two Reberta will always SPARK CHAIN the buffed Death Crimson every time without efforts: YouTube Video

Timing the jumps on Megaflare rounds and maximize damage is the key to winning this. Your deadly move is Death Crimson, but it requires preparation using Jump/Recovery Jump/Raging Thrust. Dual wield isn't needed for this combo because it does'nt scale on Death Crimson (the damage is not dealt twice), so I went with Buster Style and Marshal Glove on mine.

With two Rebertas around 900 damage, you can deal ~30% dmg with each Death Crimson and 10% with each Jump, so you need around 12 rounds total to kill Bahamut.

Your 4 other units needs to be resilient, high SPR and have at least one MAG break 45-50%, one Elemental Resistance buff for your whole party, Damage Mitigation or Magic Protect. I went with Dark Veritas for 45% imperil + 20% dmg mitigation, Ayaka for heals, Zargabath for +30% elem resistance, stats boosting, paralyze immune and damage mitigation, and a friend Mystea for Magic protect. (Thank you Moonlight, you're awesome! from your friend Flames)


- Break Bahamut MAG (this is a must) and buff your team.

- Rebertas Jump (They will skip Megaflare dmg next turn)


- Reberta will land and will have enhanced Death Crimson for next turn.

- ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE buff (this is a must)

- heal & buffs up.


- heal & buffs up.

- Rebertas Death Crimson (They will skip Snowstorm dmg next turn)


- Rebertas will land Death Crimson, mine did ~30% dmg

- heal & buffs up.


- Break Bahamut MAG (this is a must) and buff your team.

- Rebertas Jump (They will skip Megaflare dmg next turn)

Rince and repeat.

Doing it this way means you only have to have 2 DPS and can have 4 support/tank units, you should be able to end the fight in 3 buffed Death Crimson casts, which is 12 turns.

Hope this helps anyone out there!

Testimonial 17[edit source]

OTK w Zyrus and friend Garnet(Bahamut)[edit source]


  • 2B (Elemental Chainer)
  • 2B (Elemental Chainer)
  • Warrior of Light (Breaker)
  • Ramza (Buffer)
  • Zyrus (Mag Dmg)
  • Friend: Garnet (Esper summon)

Key points to take note

  • Equip a rat's tail in your inventory slot before starting the quest (This is required to reach the area to fight bahamut)
  • Before the battle, farm LB Crystals for Zyrus and Esper Orbs for Friend's Bahamut
  • Equip Draco Spike on your Zyrus for the dragon killer passive
  • Be sure to check your friend's Garnet and make sure that she is equipped with Bahamut, 4x EVO MAG +10% with EVO MAG +30%.

Skill Order

Break Bahamut & Self Buff, Chain with your chainer and finish off the chain with Zyrus's LB and Esper summon

Testimonial 18[edit source]

So my solution was OTKO

ARain - naked

Soleil - naked

Shantotto x2 - naked

hylo 1600 attack


Trance Terra with 1500+ mag

upon fight start

aRain - Escort leader Soleil - Cannon Dance +1

Shantotto x2 - Dual Cast Tornado

Hylo - dual blade servant of the blade

Trance Terra - Dual Cast Ultima

I casted the dual cast Ultima waited 2 seconds then dual casted Tornado and dual blade- servent of blade all one right after another. before the last ultima hit Bahamut he was 9% last hit did another 6+mill.

I was reading all these testimonials and I didnt have most this stuff what I did have was Shantotto x2 aRain Soleil and Hylo with 1600+ attack.and like 3 Trance Terra friend with over 1500 mag I went in to this trying this first time thinking it would fail and not even get close to killing him. And this setup pretty much was over kill.

All rewards but the Moogle reward