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Am I the only one having a problem with the "Use black magic" on the first mission ? I used 10 spells of black magic in the 2 fights and can't have it ... Ang3lus033 (talk) 08:47, 8 June 2018 (UTC)

I did it without any trouble. --FencerTJ (talk) 09:03, 8 June 2018 (UTC)
Just to be certain, you are using actual "black magic" rather than skills that deal magic damage, right? When you go into you skill list when in combat, at the bottom right corner of each skill, there may be a colored circle followed by a level number. For black magic, there should be a black circle. If there are no circles, then it is non-black magic ability, and does not count to the mission bonus.

Testimonial 1 - Astra[edit source]

My all bonus unit LGD clear with Pod 153 (3 unleveled Edwards, 1 4-star Edward, 1 maxed Yang and friend Pure Summoner Rydia or Atoning Dragoon Kain)

Unit Role Notes
Edward Chainer 1 Pod 153, Equip S Sword, Bowie Knife, Zwill Crossblade, ensure he has at least 150 MP
4-star Edward Rikku's Pouch, Bahamut, 3 EVO MAG +10%
Edward Chainer 2 Pod 153, Equip Fists, Dual Wield, Sonic Knuckles, Hell Claws, ensure he has at least 150 MP
Edward Toxic Rain
Yang DPS/Breaker 900 ATK, Dual Wield, Kaiser Knuckles, Aigaion Arm, World Destroyer, Odin for Lance

For Pure Summoner Rydia:
First wave, Chain dual Tornadoes with Pod 153 and cap with Yang's World Destroyer.
Second wave, Chain Tornado+Osmose with Pod 153 and cap with Yang's All-out Scuffle.
Third wave, Chaos Grenade, Chain dual Tornadoes with Pod 153 and cap with Yang's Lance.
Fourth wave, Chain Tornado+Osmose with Pod 153 and cap with Yang's All-out Scuffle.
Fifth wave, Chain Pod 153, cap with Pure Summoner Rydia's Bahamut.

For Atoning Dragoon Kain:
First wave, Use Rikku's Pouch/Toxic Rain to petrify Domovoi, Chain Pod 153 and cap with Atoning Dragoon Kain's Sonic Gale and Yang's Raging Fist.
Second wave, Chain Pod 153 and cap with Atoning Dragoon Kain's Sonic Gale and Yang's Raging Fist.
Third wave, Chain Pod 153 and cap with Atoning Dragoon Kain's Sonic Gale and Yang's Raging Fist.
Fourth wave, Chain Pod 153 and cap with Atoning Dragoon Kain's Sonic Gale and Yang's Raging Fist or if Kain has run out of MP, Yang's All-out Scuffle.
Fifth wave, Use Yang's World Destroyer, Chain Pod 153, cap with 4-star Edward's Bahamut.

Kill any and all bonus enemy with Yang's Kick.

That's it.

--Astra (talk) 00:29, 9 June 2018 (UTC)

Tips and Tricks on beating Fabul Castle Guard Legend with BluEvanescent[edit source]

Hello and welcome to the BluEvanescent - where tips and tricks were rarely being seen but effective. Final Fantasy 4! Personally, my 3rd of the best Final Fantasy game with the exception of other 7 to 15 and side games. So, what comes in mind when visiting the nostalgia moment of this area? Well, from what I can remember: Cecil and his gangs are on a point of protecting the Wind crystal by fighting the group of soldiers and monsters who dare to take it away even as far as taking, until Kain takes the Wind Crystal and Cecil's damsel which is Rosa. So, what's the correlation for the original FF4 and this? If you ask me, survival. So, here are some tips and tricks on how to beat Fabul Castle Guard in all mission.

Preparation[edit source]

You need a maximum of 2 FF4 event units, namely: Edward. Yeah, it was lame, but they have advantages. They can Hide! Cool right? Now listen up, the units were only consist of a support/healer, 4 damagers including either be Atoning Kain or Pure Summoner Rydia and 2 Edwards (Edward, onii-chan).

The way that I use were kinda like this:

Units used for FF4 Battle Event Equipments
Marie Recovery Rod, Black Mask, Dark Robe, Wind-up Alphinaud and Elven Gloves
Veritas of the Light (Dual Wield) (Use this after completing party of 4 mission) Yin Yang Charm, Draco Spike, Emil's Head, Force Armor, Magistral Crest and Wind-up Papalymo
Edward Holiday Bell, Escutcheon and Sage's Robe
Edward (use this after party of 4 mission) Dream Harp, White Bandana and Ukiyo's Karigiru
Fryevia (Dual Wield) Lumiere, Frtevia's Needle, Trick Hat, Maester's Robe, Ruler's Ring and Earring

How this battle works[edit source]

In total, there will be 8 enemies - 10 if you count the summoning of soldiers. You need to remember that it's all about trying to outsmart, not doing a sickish move.

  • Both Edwards must hide in all battle.
  • Deal chain damage to both enemies.
  • Heal or revive (use this if you fail the Clear without an ally being KO mission) one ally or more.

Afterwords[edit source]

It is recommended to go Legend if your units are powerful enough. If not, go to Elite stage. After all, your mission is to outsmart them, not trying to be an ASS to them. And that's it! Congratulations! You defeated the Legendary stage. So, any questions? None? Good!

Thank you all for reading the tips and remember: Edward, let's play!

--Bluevanescent (talk) 00:01, 11 June 2018 (UTC)

Just an observation about the (very cheap) items "Attack / Magic Castle Warfare". Everyone, especially new players, should grab these even if just for the Arena. Given that 99.9% of opponents in the Arena are "Human", they are effectively very cheap +30% ATK/MAG materia...


Pulling Atoning Dragoon Kain gave me a bit of a dilemma, given the concurrent Conqueror_of_Izander event. So what I did with him, was give him Odin (so he has Bladeblitz for AoE damage here) and geared him up with the maximum 300% Dragon_Killer and around 700 ATK with 2nd/3rd tier gear (my main attackers are still keeping my best gear thankyou very much). I reckon that should give my friends a bit of a choice on how to use him. Meanwhile, I'm just using 2B to clear every round on ELT using R040:_Blade.

I am envious of anyone who pulled Pure_Summoner_Rydia, as you can chain Quake or Tornado with a friend, which I imagine should easily clear LGD if both are around 1000 MAG. Those two spells also let her chain with Barbariccia and William. I have both, and I have been contemplating leveling up a 2nd William for some time now. Needless to say, PSRydia should be very popular as a friend going into the future. So this is why I cursed my luck when a rainbow popped up, and it was ADKain rather than PSRydia :(

I did a little experiment on LGD, using my Barbariccia geared up cheaply to a miserly MAG 731, paired with a MAG 1000+ PSRydia. They cleared the final Boss round easily using DC Tornado, with a little help from Soleils' Cannon Dance. So I did it again without Soleil or any other help, just the twin DC Tornado. This time they killed the hired help but Captain still stood at 48%. Attention Deficit Kain chaining with 2B Speed failed to finish the job. I got him down to 2% [1] and he wiped me out and re-summoned his goofy pals. Well, not completely wiped out. I had a couple of Edwards in hiding. Edwards LB (boost all stats) would have made the difference. My 2nd Edward came back and killed the Captain with an Esper, but not his goofy pals.

So anyway... I don't see the point of farming LGD unless you can clear it very easily with an all-bonus team. The simple math here is ELT costs 25 NRG for a base 420 currency, LGD is 40 NRG for 680. The ratios are 16.80 versus 17.00. Sure, there may be a higher chance of getting bonus rounds, but that is offset by a very great risk of losing 40 NRG if you make a slight mistake. So you would have to be better off clearing ELT with an all-bonus team, rather than LGD with a team that includes a non-bonus "enforcer" unit. I also like to use the Repeat button a lot. Anyway, that's my view.


[1] I only got him down to about 20-30% with ADKain & 2B on turn 1, and he killed both Barb & PSRydia that turn, so it actually took 2 turns for ADKain & 2B to get him from 48% to 2%, despite ADKain having imbued wind element!