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Discuss about anything related to the wiki in the #wiki-discussion Discord channel. Note: This channel is for the wiki discussion. You may use #global-discussion for the game discussion and #wiki-unit-ratings for unit rating and discussion (to participate in the rating channel, you need to join 'Exvius-Ratings' role by typing ~wikiratings on other channel). This Discord is maintained by the /r/FFBraveExvius Reddit moderators.

If you are not keen on using a text chatting application for discussion, you may also use wiki's built-in discussion. If you are looking for a specific event/unit/etc discussion, go to their respective page and then click on the discussion button.

On the talk page, please sign your message with --~~~~ or click the signature button at the top of the edit box.

Check contributor central for other helpful information relating to the wiki and posting rules/guidelines.