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Biran won't die as long as Yenke is still alive. When Yenke dies, Biran uses Berserk, which drastically increases his damage. Bring Biran to 1 HP, then kill him the same turn you kill Yenke. -- 09:03, 6 April 2018 (UTC)

Or just do what I do. Farm Elite with 4 Seymour’s, a Yuna with maxed out magic, Ring of the Lucii, 400 Mp to cover fights, and another farm unit. On those 2 Ronso, have a Seymour lob a Chaos Grenade at them. How did he get one? Probably best you don’t ask😱. Yuna breaks the Summoner code casting Alterna wiping both out with an inter-dimensional collapse warping thier pathetic Ronso bodies. - Zodiark

Dodging elite[edit source]

You can sort of trivialize Elite with a 100% dodge unit, ideally Noctis. Focus your attacks on Yenke, but use Fish with Noctis in the round you kill Yenke. Biran will focus Noctis now with melee only attacks, which will be dodged by Noctis (or your 100% dodge unit using golem for provoke). You can break Yenkes def/spr with a bonus unit to support a fast kill of him.

Also, you can run from all encounters with smoke from producer armor or run materia, you should kill the bonus mobs instead of running, so beware of smacking the repeat button to often. Also, if you run you can autoattack first to fill your limit meter and esper bar. - asEternal -- 11:37, 6 April 2018 (UTC)

It is probably a good idea to take on LGD with a full team first, so you know exactly what you need to do to beat it with a party of 4. After all, farming LGD once or twice can't be that bad a thing. So anyway, I just went in boots and all with Soleil, Agrias, 2B, friend 2B. All 3 attackers with light weapons & pretty high attacks - Agrias 950 and both 2B's well over 1100.

Soleil just did Schwert Dance. For round 1, against 2 opponents, Agrias bladeblitz and 2B's R040 blade. For the rest of the single enemies it's that old favourite, Divine Ruination-Speed-Speed. It was an easy OTK every round.

For the final Ronso bosses, both 2B's were ready to go with their LB. Agrias did DR on the top boss, as I figured at least make sure one goes down. As it turned out, the 2B's wiped out both bosses fairly easily. The LB on mine is maxxed out, not sure about my friends as I didn't look. Chaining them together is pretty brutal, even despite not getting a spark chain. Actually, I think Agrias' DR will break their chain if they spark, so a staggered chain is probably better anyway.

I'm not sure about this business of Biran not dying if Yenke is alive, as I didn't experience it. Perhaps AoE chaining attacks are the way to go here. And 2B's LB really rocks.

Now, back to farming ELT.

- Shakers

Farming LGD with all bonus units currently rocking a party with a maxed out Lulu and a pack of Seymours.

Lulu: 930ish mag. Level 100. Man eater+ Seymours: 2x imperil 1x world destroyer 1x pod 153 (mirage), water weapon One should have escape if you're not in the mood to fight other bosses.

Grab a Lulu friend with at least 1k mag, 900+ seems ok if they have either man eater+ or beast killer+

Pretty straightforward 1. Imperil both Ronso 2. World destroyer 40% break 3. Lulus elemental chain dual cast floods 4. When hits start trigger mirage to connect the two flood chains

50+ chains easy. OTKO if you brought the right friend.

-- Somehow i manage to kill Biran. My party consist of Tidus, two Wakkas, Seymour, Ayaka, and i bring an ally (Yuna). Now i'm stuck with Yenke because he keep healing himself beyond the maximum damage i could done--

Strategy Guide[edit source]

Damage Mitigation[edit source]

  • The requirement to completely mitigate damage is to have a taunt tank with 100% evasion and units with 100% fire, ice, lightning, and water Resistance.
  • If you do not have 100% evasion, any taunt tank with high enough DEF and damage mitigation will still be able to tank the single target damage moves.
  • The Bandersnatch and the Mech Defender are immune to taunts so make sure your units can survive a 2-3 single target physical damage hits every turn and/or bring a unit with a raise ability. Yuna has raise and Reraise.
  • Yuna's Bar-ga spells can provide 70% resistance to fire, ice, lightning, and water resistance.
    • Equiping your team with 30% fire, and water resistance combined with the bar-ga spells will negate the AoE damage your team recieves.
    • Equipping your tank with 30% fire, ice, lightning, and water resistance combined with the bar-ga spells will negate all magic damage they receive.

LGD Boss Fight[edit source]

  • On turn 1 Yenke Ronso will use Flames and Aqua breath on your whole team so make sure to buff fire and water resistance and bring a taunt tank that can survive against Blizzard, Thunder, and 4 normal attacks on turn 1. Then on turn 2, you can buff ice and lightning resistance.
  • At the 50% threshold Biran Ronso will use Mighty Guard on himself every couple turns, and Yenke Ronso will use White Wind every couple turns, respectively.
  • When Yenke Ronso dies Biran Ronso will use berserk on himself and do more powerful physical damage hits to one enemy.
  • When Biran Ronso dies Yenke Ronso will use Haste on himself and will use White Wind every turn in addition to his normal turn attacks.
  • It is preferred to kill both of them at the same time, but with the 200,000 health difference and the dramatic water resistance debuff that Biran Ronso gets may prove to make that difficult.
    • Kill Biran Ronso first route - Doing this will lower the damage your team receives significantly but Yenke Ronso will regain about 20% of his Health back so make sure to bring very good damage units. Chaining with either Lulu's -ja spells or Yuna's Energy Blast is an effective way of dealing damage during this route.
    • Kill Yenke Ronso first route - Doing this will increase his damage output. However, this is all physical damage that can be either avoided or mitigated with a good tank. Additionally, his attacks can still be taunted by your tank.

--Jhunt1248 (talk) 16:16, 9 April 2018 (UTC)

My take on farming this thing, by Shakers.

This mainly applies to after you have beaten LGD, and are pondering whether to farm LGD or ELT. Based on experience from prior events, the reward-vs-NRG ratio between LGD & ELT is about the same, while lower levels than that have a lesser payoff. So therefore, I will farm ELT. If you can't beat ELT easily, then just farm the highest level that you can.

To me, farming these events gets really tedius well before the end of two weeks, so what I do is set up on turn 1, then just hit Repeat every turn after that, including the bosses. At the moment I am using 2B (R040-blade) and Lunera (Aureola Ray) on ELT level. The rest of my team are just a bunch of Wakka's... (no luck whatsoever on the other bonus units this time around).

Additional tip #1: If you are farming it several times in a row, you don't even have to do setup on turn 1. Just hit Repeat, and the game still remembers what you did with your team the last time you used them. I do this all the time in the Arena!

Additional tip #2: Obviously I am bringing the strongest bonus unit available every time. Because of my Repeated laziness, he/she doesn't actually do anything. So what I am saying is, if your kill team doesn't finish the job against the final boss, you still have your friend in reserve...