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If you're pushing right up to thresholds, be aware that they actual fire once you go below 81%, 61% and 51%.

Bomb jr elements other than fire/thunder will not appear until you go below 51%, so feel free to use a burst team below 61%, you'll just need to recover from the decreased elemental resistance and MP drain that come from aispir explosion.

Water and Ice bombs only appear if you kill Mom Bomb (top, red) and leave Dad Bomb alive on purpose. A tip for all the monster catalog hunters out there. Luckily this can be done on the lower difficulties as well. Theultramage (talk) 10:33, 23 July 2018 (UTC)

Following up on this complaint, the way the junior bombs are listed on the wiki page is misleading. The center table shows no elemental resistances, and the side column only shows +300% on matching element and -1000% on opposite. The sub-text also says "Each has a +300%/-1000% elemental resistance in their respective elements.". I assume the reality is that they have +300% on ALL elements except their weakness, like the parent bombs (minus the absorb part). Not sure how to redesign this... maybe show all +300's in the main table, and just list the weakness of each bomb? Theultramage (talk) 10:43, 23 July 2018 (UTC)

Could an editor please add this guide? Sinzar - 5-man budget clear - Warrior of Light, Roselia, Rosa, Cerius, Shantotto - reddit youtube | Theultramage (talk) 10:56, 23 July 2018 (UTC)

Tip. If you put up reraise, you can damage as many mini bombs as you want to make them explode on the next turn. Since they all explode at the same time, one re-raise covers them all. This applies while Mom/Dad are still alive. If both are down, the little bombs cast 3 times.

Tip. After you kill Mom and Dad, use hide on the conceal cloth on any unit that has mp regen to win. Keep using it and eventually all the bombs will suicide. No need to cover every element.

NECESSARY:[edit source]

- 100% evasion cover tank
- Dispel the x2 dmg buff on Dad Bomb every turn (Fingersnap from Odin Esper or Holy Torch item works)
- Cloud (or any other high multiplier LB) equipped with Ice weapon to OTK Mom Bomb from ~50-60% hp
- Two fire AND water chainer to OTK Dad Bomb from ~50-60% hp
- Huge DEF break for OTK (Onion Knight LB is 74%)
- At least +70% ice and fire resist buff permanently on all units
- Good Mitigation and AoE mana regen

MY PARTY / ROLES[edit source]

  • Basch -> Evasion cover + Fingersnap dispel on Dad Bomb
  • Maritime Strategist Nichol -> 70% ice resist, 30% dmg mitigation, +100% ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR buff, HP/Mana Regen
  • Lotus Mage Fina -> Reraise + Dispelga when Basch needs to cast Dawn Guard
  • Sephiroth -> Fire/Water Chainer #1 (equipped with fire and water weapon)
  • Onion Knight -> Fire/Water chainer #2 (innate fire/water chain ability) + 70% fire resist buff
  • Cloud -> Omnislash OTK on Mom Bomb (equipped with ice weapon)

STRATEGY[edit source]

Kill the Bomb Junior whenever they spawn and slowly damage Mom & Dad down to around 50-60% hp.
YOU MUST KILL THE JUNIORS IN ONE TURN, else they explode and kill your party next turn.
DO NOT GO BELOW 51% on Mom & Dad or multiple elements Junior will spawn

Before 51%, only the Fire and Thunder Junior will spawn.
Fire Junior can be killed in one hit by a finishing move equipped with ice weapon.
Thunder Junior can be killed by one water element chain cast
Fire and Thunder Junior will only spawn a couple times (maybe 2-3 max)

80 AND 60% THRESHOLD CHECKLIST[edit source]

  • Your entire party has at least 100% fire and ice resist
  • Mom / Dad x2 dmg buff is dispelled
  • You have dmg reduction mitigation buff on
  • 60% threshold includes an AoE mana siphon, be prepared

OTK CHECKLIST[edit source]

  • Mom & Dad are between 51 and 60% hp
  • Mom & Dad have 70% DEF debuff
  • Your finisher has LB up and ready
  • Your units don't have ATK debuff
  • Your units have 100%+ ATK buff

Good Luck! - Flames

Testimonial - Geryth[edit source]

All missions accomplished strategy with no evade tank. I don't have an evade tank so this will definitely stretch your gear and how well you manage your turns. Our tank survives this without evade by stacking all the mitigation we can - physical mitigation, general mitigation, cover mitigation, and good DEF buffs. Here's the team:

  • Kunshira - Needs Cowered Courage to give the team 30% physical damage mitigation. Also needs Magic Infuse (Colosseum reward) for dark damage on the light bomb. Also needs some fire and ice resist, mine landed at 45% fire resist and 25% ice resist. She had no worries with dying. And lastly, pack Diablos for physical demon killer (applies to hybrid damage). She did lots of damage with 689 ATK and 739 MAG. Covers all elements except for ice and earth (dark covered with equipped Magic Infuse).
  • Shantotto - She has low HP so she needs a full 50% fire and ice resist. After that give her as much MAG as possible and Ramuh for magic demon killer. Mine had 586 MAG and was just able to one shot bombs with buffs and breaks. She covers all elements except light and dark (she can help with Biora if Kunshira can't one shot it with Magic Infuse).
  • MS Nichol - Get him close to 50% fire and ice resist (mine had 55% and 40% respectively). Then he'll need some mana refresh because he'll be busy throwing high mana abilities without too much room for mana restores. I equipped mine with an extra 10% mana refresh on 496 mana and he did well with mana.
  • Cerius - Extreme utility efficiency slot. Needs to have enhanced Barfiraga and Barblizzaga. She also needs Aura Staff (for dispel) and Moogle Plushie (requires Equip L Shield) and Golem for provoke. And lastly she also needs 50% fire and ice resist (mine had 55% and 65% respectively). She might take some hits as well so try to beef her up as much as possible. Mine had 5461 HP and 318 DEF and a missed WoL cover had her get one shot a few times so yours will need to be beefier or keep reraise up.
  • Warrior of Light - Get him as close to 50% fire and ice resist as you can while building as much HP and DEF as you can. Mine had 9659 HP, 627 DEF, and 40/40% Fire/Ice resist. He was just able to do the job quite comfortably, though a bit more HP would have been safer. He's also needs an ice elemental weapon for the limit burst kill mission.
  • Lotus Mage Fina (taken as friend unit) - She's ideal as the friend unit because as long as she has high SPR (650+) and decent HP (5500+) then she'll survive without the 50% fire or ice resist the rest of your team is packing.
  • Miscellaneous - Make sure to bring some mana restorative items for the mana drain thresholds. You'll need to bounce back from 4 full party mana drains. Some phoenix downs might be necessary if RNG really hates you.

So we geared them all out to 50% fire and ice resist (or close as we can) so that with Cerius's 100% buffs they'll be at or close to 100% elemental resist with the 50% imperils coming from the mom/dad bombs. With that damage largely ignored we can focus on only having to manage the health of WoL who is not evade tanking.

So each turn has to be managed very carefully and each team member has certain things they need to focus on, so I'll outline the general strategy per unit with their goals in mind, and then discuss important thresholds and turns after.

  • Kunshira - Use Cowered Courage at every opportunity. This is so that she can be free to kill elemental bombs that she's designated to take care of immediately, and not have to worry about leaving a bomb kid up to use Primal Instincts. You're working on the Mom bomb first so once you get Dad bomb to about 85% HP she should stop damaging him and only focus on killing elemental bombs and using Primal Instincts.
  • Shantotto - She needs to kill elemental bombs first as necessary and otherwise Blizzaja Mom bomb. After mana drain thresholds she's the free unit to use an item restore item on MS Nichol to get everyone back up and running. You need to time her -ja spells on elements that Kunshira can't help with (ice and earth) with WoL's breaks, so you might need to leave them up for a turn if they spawn the same turn WoL needs to recast cover. Kunshira might need help with the light bomb as Magic Infuse is a low modifier in which case she'll need to use Biora to help kill it in one turn. I guess I should explicitly state somewhere that you cannot leave a bomb partially damaged or you'll wipe, so be careful when using her to kill them that she's able to one shot them (utilize buffs and breaks as necessary).
  • MS Nichol - So we couldn't fit in some AoE stat break resist so unfortunately we can't spam Fortune and Courageous Stance. So you'll be spamming Soulful Stance, Impregnable Stance, and Lone Stance as necessary. Then use mana restore stance as you are able. Also if you find WoL's LB gauge building slowly try to fit in Iron Stance until WoL has a full LB gauge. You need to time mana drain thresholds so that Soulful Stance and Impregnable Stance was cast the turn prior, so that after the mana drain he's free to run 2x mana restore stance to get the party up and running after the mana drain. When he can get Lone Stance in prioritize WoL and Shantotto.
  • Cerious - Absolutely have to have fire/ice resist up 100% of the time. Then prioritize provoke. Once those two requirements are met, you can use her to dual cast dispel + fire or ice resist and stagger her into a three turn rotation of: Dispel + Fire Resist --> Dispel + Ice Resist --> Provoke. The dispel is crucial to land on the Mom bomb to get rid of her ATK buff so WoL can tank the hits, so don't accidentally hit the Dad bomb with it. Mom bomb has to be dispelled every single turn and giving that job to Cerious for two turns out of three allows LM Fina to focus on other crucial responsibilities. If she ends up getting killed remember to start her over with getting fire/ice resist and provoke up first before using her for dispel.
  • Warrior of Light - Pretty simple, keep Light is With Us up constantly. Otherwise he's defending unless you're dealing with the fire or wind bombs that need ice/earth damage to kill them. In that case instead of defending he needs to use DEF/SPR debuff so Shantotto can one shot them.
  • LM Fina - If Cerious isn't dispelling, then LM Fina is. LM Fina is using Dispelga, Reraise, and Curaja as needed. You'll also need her to use Manatopia as needed but only when circumstances are favorable (WoL defended and will be mostly healed to full by MS Nichol's regen and Cerious was able to dispel). Cerious is in the most danger of getting killed so prioritize her for Reraise and try to have up on her as much as possible. Time her favorable turns so she's casting Manatopia just before crossing a mana drain threshold so everyone gets a couple turns of mana regen after they are drained.
  • All of the above culminates into a few key points:
    • Keep WoL's cover up at all times
    • Keep Cerious's fire/ice resist and provoke up at all times
    • Keep Primal Instincts up at all times
    • Dispel Mom Bomb every turn
    • Priortize reraise on Cerious
    • Keep a DEF/SPR buff and Impregnable Stance up at all times

Fight Flow:

  • Start with Mom Bomb:
    • Hit Mom Bomb lightly until you've killed 3 fire bombs and 3 thunder bombs. Then cross the 80% threshold (easy threshold with nothing to worry about). Get her close to 60% and then do the following on the turn you hit 60%: MS Nichol uses Soulful Stance + Impregnable Stance, LM Fina uses Manatopia, Kunshira uses Primal Instincts. It doesn't matter what the rest are doing, but you'll want these things done to easily get back up and running.
      • SPECIAL NOTE - At any point early in the fight use one of Kunshira's off turns to summon an esper. It's easiest while you're working on the Mom Bomb since she won't have much work to do in between kid bomb spawns.
    • After 60% threshold is crossed: Use Shantotto to mana restore MS Nichol to mana restore the party. That combined with Manatopia should get you going smoothly.
    • Damage Mom lightly until you've killed 3 light bombs and 3 wind bombs. These are the bombs you'll really need WoL's breaks for.
    • Cross the 40% threshold with the exact same preparations as before to get up and running again with mana for the party.
    • After 40% is reached pour on the damage heavy and then stop somewhere around 5-8%.
  • Now move on to Dad bomb:
    • Nuke him to 60% and pass that threshold with the same mana preparations as before.
    • Damage him slowly after the threshold until you've killed 3 dark bombs and 3 stone bombs.
      • SPECIAL NOTE - Your 3 element chain in one turn mission is easiest on the dark bomb. You have Kunshira's Glittering Light, WoL's limit burst, and LM Fina's Sacred Burst that all have multiple hits to get a light chain going. If you used WoL's limit burst you'll need to build his up again or use LM Fina's Entrust so he's ready to use this LB on the killing blow.
    • Pass the 40% threshold with the same mana preparations as before.
    • Maybe it's the order I took them down in, but I never encountered the ice or water bombs.
    • Push Dad bomb to a single turn before his killing blow.
    • If necessary, push damage a bit on Mom Bomb also to a single turn before her killing blow (stopping at 8% earlier allows Shantotto to build a couple Blizzaja stacks making the killing blow easier to ensure).
  • Kill Mom Bomb with Shantotto + WoL limit break, and kill Dad Bomb with Kunshira in the same turn to finish the fight.

So RNG can ruin us a bit. Here's a quick section on what can go wrong, and how to recover:

  • Pre-emptive strike has a low chance to one shot someone. Shantotto is the only unit free turn 1 to use a phoenix down. If Shantotto dies then don't raise her for a turn while you get set up.
  • My Cerious occasionally took a Slap that WoL didn't cover. I beefed her up as much as I could but it still one shot her by about 500 damage. You prioritize her with reraise for this reason. If she dies, she starts over with fire/ice resist. This means a turn without her provoke active. If WoL fails to cover again it could spell disaster if another key unit gets one shot. Despite my Cerious getting killed a couple times I was able to recover and get her back into her rotations without much issue.
    • If WoL happens to get the Slap it won't include cover mitigation so he could actually die too if you get hit with crits along with it. I had one scary turn where he was brought down to 500 HP since a Slap hit him for 3k instead of the 1.5k it normally did (cover mitigation does some work!). If WoL dies in this manner it will be hard to come back from that if he didn't have a reraise on (My WoL didn't always have a reraise since LM Fina has a lot to do and I always wanted it on Cerious). Now what happened most of the time for me (and is the most likely thing to happen) is if Cerious dies to Slap and then can't use provoke for an extra turn, the next turn's Slap targets a random unit that WoL then covers. In that case he tanks it as usual like any other turn and you've recovered fully.

Good luck! It was really hard to tune my party to meet all the requirements with elemental resist but enough damage to one shot the bombs (and with all elements covered in my damage!), and to infinitely sustain through mana drains and no evade tank. So hopefully this helps someone else save some energy.

--Geryth Drayfore (talk) 22:35, 2 August 2018 (UTC)

An efficient strategy[edit source]

I have to share a synergy that worked out pretty good. The needed characters are Lotus Mage Fina (Entrust), Kurasame equipped with an ice weapon (for his powerful LB), Malphasie (for her cooldown break+LB fill), two fire chainers and a provoke tank. On turn one, you go with Malphasie's Birds of a Feather, then use Fina's Entrust on Kurasame. Kurasame takes down the Mom Bomb with his LB, the fire chainers take down the Dad Bomb, the provoke tank provokes. You shouldn't having issues in surviving the attacks of the Junior Bombs, and in taking them down in the next 1/2 turns.