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Less than 8 turns![edit source]

The fight is very easy. Bring a good support, breaker and aoe cover tank. I used M. Ramza as tank, Ramza as breaker/bard, Zargabath as support for damage, immunity and buffs. The damage were Sephiroth and Hyoh with fire weapons. Hyoh with 1.9k atk and Seph with 1187. Was able to do 24% of damage per turn. Around turn he will buff himself and add Resist physicals attack (it can be dispelled) Buffed again the team and used chained again and finished with ultima.

Done in 4 turns[edit source]

Boss is very easy, was no problem with 2 Hyohs equipped with flameblade agni, Sieghard as a covertank and for fullbreak, MS Nichol for buffs and equipped with ring of the lucii for the magic kill and Ayaka mostly for filling limitburst. Manage your buffs, dispel and break boss if necessary and kill boss while 1st casting alterna and chain your Hyohs lbs.

VoD solo*[edit source]

I brought some other units along to soften the time necessary to complete the fight, but its entirely doable with just VoD with full evade. if you're looking for just completion, go for it, but expect to be twiddling your thumbs while he chips away at the boss.

i brought MS Nichol, Delita(7*), LM Fina(7*), wilhelm (7*), Hyoh(7*), and VoD.

like i said, purely for fight completion. if you want missions, use a different strategy obviously.

if this helps, sweet, if not, hey at least now you know --~~ZeroSOAP~~

Was very easy to clear. Had VoD, Orlandeau, Fryevia, Awakened Rain, Xon, and friend Orlandeau all of them 7 stars. A. Rain provoked and buffed and healed when needed. Xon did nothing but stole his buff when he casted it. One orlandeau broke and everyone chained. Beat it in three turns.