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Talk:How to reroll

Boa tarde.

Depois da Atualização 1.1.2 do F.F.Brave Exvius o Nox não carrega, não abri o jogo. Alguém tem alguma opinião ou ideia para solucionar?



Mods please save this and make it look nicer,

Due to the removal of the logout button unrooted phones can no longer manipulate the game for re-rolling purposes without wiping the ENTIRE phone clean, deleting the game data and your cache will not work, only a factory reset will.

However, a method using nox emulator DOES still exist, and you can still transfer it over to your real phone when your ready. Although this is a somewhat tedious process... Please read each step carefully.

  1. Download and install the Nox emulator

2. Load up the "multi-drive" / "nox multi-instance manager" version of nox emulator and make a fresh emulated "phone" by clicking the blue add emulator button

3. Install the apk version of ffbe on your new emulated "phone"

4. Directly after opening the ffbe app for the first time you will be prompted to log into a google play account, make a new e-mail or use one that has never been linked to a ffbe account in the past .You can have multiple google play accounts linked to the same phone number so when it asks the "are you a robot" part, feel free to use your real cell phone number to get the verification code sent to you.

This e-mail you will be using over and over for the re-rolls and eventually binding when ready so make it something you like. There is no need to make a new one every time you restart the re-roll process UNLESS you bind it to a ffbe account.

5. Once you reach the actual title screen of the game, the white screen where it asks you if you want to sync an account, choose the red NONE option.

6. You are then able to start a fresh version of the game and play to the point of unlocking your free summons. If you obtain the characters you want, simply go to the menu > options > account binding, and bind the e-mail account you would like to use.

If you do not get the characters you want, close the emulator, and click the blue "add emulator button" on the multi-drive nox program again to make another fresh emulated "phone" and repeat the whole ffbe installation and logging into google play process over again.

The game updates is what makes this a somewhat long process but it is the ONLY working method as of March 7th 2019.

7. Once you have the account bound and ready on the nox emulator and your ready to transfer to your phone, un-install the game on your phone if your already have it installed, then re-install it. This will allow you to get back to the white login/bind account screen, at this point log in with the e-mail you bound earlier on the nox emulator. It should now load up the correct account for you that we bound on nox emulator.

P.S. I do not recommend facebook accounts for this process (or for any of ffbe in general for that matter now that we dont need to anymore) because "fake/dummy" facebook accounts have a tendency of being banned/shutdown on facebook's end and then you can get locked out of your ffbe account. This is why we use a normal e-mail instead.

Good luck with your re-rolls everyone!