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6* Max: CG Lid, Nichol, Chizuru

6* leveling: CG Lasswell

5* leveling: CG Nichol

(I'm not a whale, I just saved literally hundreds of tickets over months to pull for Lid and Nichol in preparation for upcoming 7*s, got "lucky" with CG Lasswell)

Lasswell (900 ATK, Ifrit w/BK+) and Chizuru (775 ATK) are geared with Pod accessories for chaining. Lid does her breaking while 5* Nichol gives some MAG buff w/ LB bonus. 6* max Nichol w/Ring of Lucii geared for MAG (around 950) and friend mage Nichol/Sakura deal some heavy damage with the ATK chainers and emergency support as necessary. Can fairly easily clear LGD this way with OTKO for each battle, especially when Lid and 5* Nichol get their LB's for the boss battle. CG Sakura is MVP for sheer damage and MP economy in this event. Using a Nichol as a MP battery for repeated DC Alterna usage works too, but is harder to time for capping the ATK chains.

Having done 14 LGD runs without any bonus enemies, I'm left wondering whether I have terrible RNG this time around, the rates were nerfed for the fact that so many people have the 100% bonus units, or if the "rates increase with higher difficulty" is right. I'm F2P and don't normally run LGD for King Mog events, but typically my ELT bonus enemy rates would have given 3-4 by now (usually with one run that has 2 bonus enemies in the first 15 runs).

Has anyone done a survey to see what the average % rates are for getting bonus units at different levels? If so, then for which types / how many in each run?

Do things like +common or +rare drops apply to rates for bonus enemies?

Having some actual numbers and percentages from the community would give me a much better aim for where my energy is best spent.

- Cirrious

reply to above > the bonus rounds are some bunnies so far, come in 2 or 3. if lucky get about 12-20k points w/ bonus around 18k for 3 bunnies.

Join Grandshelt Knights - Legend spam win by FalconX

 > Party: Chizuru (atk700), Nameless gunner jake (atk572), blossom sage sakura (mag947), Rikku, lotus mage fina. friend: blossom sage sakura/ nameless gunner for bonus.

ok here goes: just use everyone except rikku to hit & build limit break for rikkus reraise. Have rikku escape every round after you get lb stones. kill bonus round mobs!! if get bonus you can get ~20k points per win.

 > on boss round: 2 chimeras >>>  use blossom sage sakura x2 quick rebal intention for spark chain. Rikku = lb reraise on party. everyone else uses strongest moves/ aOe. 

Use chizura w/ ifrit beast killer x2 if have em + beast killer ability . phantom shadow on bosses. Easy wins + bonus. Have fun!! --Gogamer2018 (talk) 20:32, 17 July 2018 (UTC)

Final setup for 1round finish on Legend: friends: pyro glyshal lasswell, blossom sage sakura,

 > round 1:  blossom sage sakura x2 each quick rebal intention. wait 3sec until her rings go to one charge, use combo from chizuru & nameless jake to chain. spark chain w/ sage sakura for in physical chain for kill. easy win! no death or rr needed. have fun  --Gogamer2018 (talk) 05:54, 18 July 2018 (UTC)