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All you need for this battle is an evade tank, reraiser, and damage dealers. I took in WoL with 95% evade, LM Fina, two Olives(who I didn't really use), and two Onion Knight for fire damage. WoL will die if Ochu Dance is used because he didn't evade it(learned that on my first try) so I had reraise up. The only healing I did was with Prime Heal in order to get rid of status ailments, otherwise it wasn't even needed. I finished in less than ten turns doing this. Good luck all.

Hi guys, I done this mission Easily with following setup:

Lila / CG Lid / Lila / Fryevia / CG Nichol / Friend: CG Fina

as soon as the battle starts: CG Nichol LB CG Lid LB CG Fina LB

Lila (x2) do Martial Arts - Flamming Spirit > Martial Arts - Heavenly Shift Fryevia LB

mob died on 1st turn.

Very Easy fight as long as you can have everyone's LB ready for the boss.

--Kuroganashi (IGN:Kuro)

Hi guys,

you won't be able to dodge the Ochu Dance, therefore: bring any physical AoE tank (or make any other unit a physical AoE-'tank' with Illusionist Nichol's skill) and put auto-revive on the unit. The rest is damage dealing. Be aware that the complete group will get a debuff on all stats after the Ochu dance. Prepare to dispel it.

My team was two Luneras (for chaining), CG Nichol, WoL (100% dodge what didn't work at all) and as LB finisher (for the mission): Kunshira and Sephiroth.

Good luck!

Super, super easy. An armor break from WoL, an ATK/MAG buff from cgNichol, and a Frostflower chain between 2 Fryevias will oneshot this boss with no trouble whatsoever. -- 18:16, 19 July 2018 (UTC)

Latius Woods -Past (Hard) mode -- Decent win all 3 missions by FalconX

 > Party: Wilhelm (849def, cowered courage+ mech heart +ribbon +golem), Cloud (atk1k+, fire sword +beast killer equip ability + Ifrit), Illusionist Nichol (equips producers jacket for smoke/escape), Blossom sage sakura (mag956), Lotus mage fina ribbon (spr747)  friend: Blossom sage sakura (mag1k+)

You can trade out Wilhelm w/ Veritus of earth for Omni block so dont get enfeebled. I didnt have a great fire sword so i used crimson saber.

 >  strategy before boss: Have party fill up limit break bar to full. Cloud will do LB twice, 2nd time is w/ Finas entrust to him. Do summon for mission prior to entry. Just walk around before boss, use regular attacks & smoke escape each fight to save mp. 4mp per fight :P oh yeah. 

took a few tries before got this so... I did notice that if has a baby seed out will not spam the ochu dance but will use the blind/para/sleep move on party. Have your tank immune to these.

 > strategy 4boss fight:  Main focus is keep reraise on tank. Keep redirect on tank from Ill.Nichol. Wilhelm does generals battlecry +2 if have. LM fina would dualcast reraise x2 on tank & w/e prefer. both Sakuras do x2 each 65mp Quick rebal intention x2 per round/chance. Cloud does meteor rain for combo chance. 

Heres the fun part, Cloud w/ BK x2 +fire sword + 25/25 lb will do about 25%+hp dmg for ochu. I had a 90dmg sword so my damage wasnt capped. About 80% do his LB, when get fina on good round do entrust, do 2nd lb when get to 40%hp so can finish off. I had used Blossom sage sakura as LB finish cuz cloud left 2%hp on 2nd lb. Got ma' ochu hat!!! 3 missions complete. Have fun. --Gogamer2018 (talk) 00:32, 20 July 2018 (UTC)

 > Wilhelm did not die on later rounds when 1 seed was out, he would keep primal instincts/ gen.battlecry/ gen.command on when wore. That did come in handy to counter the atk/mag debuff from boss. Keep that in mind when your damage is low.