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Limit Breaks / Bursts[edit source]

So I realized while in the experience follow page (after a battle) That's there's an extra experience bar under each character. Before I thought it was just a divider. Looks like your limit break / bursts level up with use. Is this true? Or does it level up from the red gems? What's the mechanic behind this?

- I've been watching this, I honestly think it increases by 1 each time use use a Limit Break in battle. If that's the case it's going to take forever to grind one up to max.

Stealing LBs[edit source]

Why are all of these labeled as having a 100% steal rate? That's not true. Haven't you ever used these and noticed the "You were unable to steal anything" messages? I expected someone else to catch this, by now. :/ Anecdotally, they appear to have the same 50% rate as the Steal ability. If we can't confirm anything via data mining, we should label it as 50%, I think.

Double checking steal mechanics and 100% steal rate abilities is in the list of TO DO things, I have no idea if anyone is currently working on it tho. But in any case even if its clear that it's not 100% we can't really determine what the correct one would be without a lot of testing, plus there is in the Mechanics page a note about being resistance to stealing, if this is correct then the info that we have might not be wrong (this is easy to test with a Zidane as long as we imply that they didn't change the base steal rate). All in all, we need more testing or someone that can datamine global - worst case we can change the rates to 80% for now just so people don't expect it to always work. --Umuzu (talk) 03:39, 8 September 2016 (EDT)
I am down with that. I changed it to "~80-100%" to denote a variance that isn't exactly set in stone at the moment. Looks good?--Noah Ivaldi (talk) 04:47, 26 September 2016 (EDT)
Locke still says 100% for his abilities, should I go around the site and change those to "~80-100%"?--PotentPortentPorter (talk) 14:05, 26 September 2016 (EDT)
That's what I get for just haphazardly using CTRL + F and editing while half-asleep. I changed all of them to match the same format, then I changed my mind: Since we have a bit of an explanation as to why the steal rates aren't what they appear to be, why not just state them all at 100% and give that explanation as a note at the top of the section? That's what I did, anyway.--Noah Ivaldi (talk) 05:12, 29 September 2016 (EDT)
Don't manually change ability description that are spread across many pages. The admin will mass-change the description when it's proven. --Cysidus (talk) 05:36, 29 September 2016 (EDT)
Oh. Okay. Well, since I changed them all back to saying 100% and just included the note at the top, the only thing that is inconsistent is the format difference between the other pages and this one. This one now has a unified format.

Farming Limit Burst Information[edit source]

Leveling limit Bursts gives each unit extra damage, or extra healing, or an extra buff, however it is painstaking to level them. You can view your Limit Burst XP in two places. The first is on the unit's personal screen where you find the option to equip it. At the bottom, there is a bar labeled limit burst... It has your limit burst xp on it and what level it is. The second is after battle on the world map or in vortex. (Colosseum does not grant limit burst xp.) On the experience screen, there is a bar under the xp of each unit's named limit break. That bar is your limit burst xp. Only by using a limit burst do you gain XP, and then, only 1 xp per use. Red crystals (limit break crystals) provide the ability to use limit burst, but no actual xp by themselves.

Theoretically, the least amount of damage done still provides limit break crystals, but 100% resistance is your ENEMY. So, if you utilize an element against a monster that resists that element, then it takes longer to kill it. Even your limit break doesn't fully kill it if you use the right element. Furthermore, by using units with Healing/protection type limit breaks, you can then not harm the monster at all during limit break. Optimally, you want to do the least damage, while still doing damage, to an enemy that heals itself.

However, there is a maximum number of limit break crystals that get dispensed in any fight. So, building a team of healing limit breaks and walking away, just doesn't work. I know, because I tested it against Epimetheus with two Marias, and Roselia. In my case, I equipped 0 weapons, and had a minimum attack power... then, I tested epimetheus in the colosseum, in beginner A-5. Everything went great for awhile, and then... no limit breaks... OOPS... walk away, and dead party.

Therefore, building a unit comprised of characters that dispense LOTS of limit crystals with characters that are 3 star (for lower cost to level limit bursts) is probably the best way to level limit bursts currently... which results in a sad excruciatingly boring day of button mashing... I'll pass.

There is something to be said for Entrust. Some players say use Bartz, Fina, and Galuf to use their Entrust... When the limit break of the character you want fills, use it, then use entrust to use it again. That is great in theory, but again, I'm lazy and don't want to push buttons enough to give myself carpal tunnel. I say, put the battle on auto, choose to use limit breaks automatically, and farm trust with your limit break at the Earth Shrine.

Oh, and... another sad day, if you level two sprites's limit bursts, and then enhance them, you don't get the limit burst from the one added... So, for example, for S&G, I leveled a 1 star Eldin's limit burst to 2, then I combined it with my other 2 star Eldin who had Limit Burst 3 (because I used to really like him), and guess what? No transfer... Ouch.

Limit break levels stay when your unit is awakened to the next rarity, so it is better to get limit levels before advancing to the next rarity if you even care about it; most people don't outside of Cecil's limit break. So, for example, you can get Rain's limit break level up to three at one star; then at two stars, you can get him to limit break level 4 from 3 because the limit break level stays with the unit when awakened. When you awaken a unit to the next rarity, the amount of limit break exp required increases dramatically. When you level a limit break, it costs more for the next level as well, which is why you generally don't see tables for limit break xp. For example, My Eldin is at 2 stars and costs 300 limit break experience to get to level 4 limit break. But if he was at level 1 limit break, it would cost him only 160. Finally, it appears that Terra's limit break xp increases by 50 for each subsequent limit burst level at 3 stars which is in-line with the xp that Eldin required for level 4 limit break. Here is a basic table. The starting level may vary by unit beyond the scope of this table. For example, most of the 1 star units that awaken to 2 have 160 xp required, but at least two units that start at 2 stars, Anastasis and Skaha, actually only require 100 xp for their first limit burst level at 2 stars.

Stars XP Required at Level 1 Level Limit
1 60 3
2 160 5
3 300 10
4 750 15
5 1450 20

1 burst = 1 xp

Limit Break experience stays with them when awakened, so, when I got Mel at rarity 2, I used her limit break 14 times, but it wasn't enough to level her limit burst. Then, I awakened her to 3 stars. I still had 14 xp, but now it cost me 300 xp to level her limit burst rather than 160. So, lucky her, she now has 286 xp to next limit burst level, not 146 anymore.

-Arturo (talk)

- Edit: Just tested it and that's correct, it keeps the xp on awakening. - Jawstrock

This info should be on the main page, at least the part about how the experience accrues. Ackis (talk) 22:44, 25 February 2017 (UTC)

Limit Burst Ranking by Type[edit source]

What do you folks think about starting an LB Ranking by Type similar to what we have for TMR's ? the purpose of which is to help people make good choices on how to invest burst pots Diego Vargas (talk) 01:24, 22 January 2017 (EST)

In my opinion people should be able to decide who in their team of 5 they want to give their burst pot too, and if they read the wiki they know to give it to a lower star unit. so I think it wouldn't get much use, personally. --Zyga (talk) 02:57, 22 January 2017 (EST)