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march on tiamat strategies[edit source]

due to tiamat being resistant to mag/atk break skills (damage is still applied) while vulnerable to DEF/SPR break current along with the standard imunity to all staus ailments (note that at this point gravity and insta KO skills can be assumed to have no effect from testing of 0/1 and 0/12 tries respectively) current strategies that have worked are simple one turn kill team comps. team comp: 1 breaker 1 buffer 2 dpt (damage per turn) 1 chainer (set up does not require a turn to set up buffs) since tiamat is a dragon, dragon slayer skills are basically a must. alternatively a 7* folka can be picked up to give 1 turn of buffer to set up with her damage immunity skill. in that case team comp: 1 breaker 1 folka 2 self buffing dpt (lightning, aurora fryevia...) 1 chainer (note that breaker can also be the chainer in the same package in this case like Beowulf freeing up a slot for 1 more dpt)

for high level players tiamat seems rather easy to kill with a/few generic 7* dpt(s) however tiamat will seem extremely resilient to mediocre teams with a consistent punish for not killing him in one turn, often wiping the players party on his turn. further testing for atk or magic efficiency is required.

note tiamat IS vulnerable to damage over time skills. --

if you dont care about getting the dark resist you can easily build a dragoon to one turn it. I used OG Kain (5* max unit) with a breaker as the friend unit. Kain was enhanced and potted. Equipped with stoss spear, genji helm, luneth clothes, flapping wings, dragoon gauntlet, hero's vow- wind, buster style, sworn six pride-wind and dragoon's wisdom (STMR). I know that's a ridiculous build but I wanted to show how ridiculously easy this battle was. Paired with 2Bs break and no damage from 2B Kain dropped down for 10 million damage with his dragon dive+ enhanced. He hits for around 3.5 mil without the break. Could swap in timothy or any other derpy unit and make it an easy win. == 10:51, 12 April 2019 (UTC)

Tiamat's attacks[edit source]

As info, in 20 turns I saw Tiamat use:

  • AOE wind damage, was not covered by my magic tank (not used often)
  • AOE fire or AOE lightning magic damage (only once in a while)
  • ST physical attacks (several per turn, fairly strong)
  • ST death (~40% effectiveness, used about every other turn)
  • AOE def/spr breaks (may have been tied to the wind attack)

A low power team with a fire/lightning resistant magic tank and death-imune (or reraised) provoker should have no problems as long as all the units have high wind resistance. Several units have non-green magic abilities that raise wind resistance.