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Team Comp: Soleil Rem Warrior of Light Orlandeau 954 Attack Friend Orlandeau 1000 + attack

spammed Schwert dance and 2X blade blitz for mobs. On turtle, Undying wish on WOL, WOL uses Brave presence. WOL takes it for the team. Keep casting Undying Wish so WOL can eat it. Get turtle to 8% or less, use limit break with divine ruination to finish.

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Zodiark has returned with a quick dirty way to beat this turtle. My team was White Knight Noel (Tank), Cloud (LB killshot 25/25), Cidolofus Orlandeau (Divine Ruination Spammer), Ayaka (heals, rezzer), and fresh off his awakening debut Ramza (Hero's Rime +2 and Entrust). Fight was straightforward, WKN does Bring It On, Ramza buffs, Ayaka casts Reraise on herself and WKN, and the other open up with Climhazard, Divine Ruination. Turtle hits the party 6 times for about 2.5k a hit, noticing that Bring it On was not drawing in the attacks. Possible the damage here is Magic? (Needs clarification). The rest of the fight was Ayaka casting Curaja, followed by a Reraise or getting someone back up. Worked boss down to 14% before heading for kill with Cloud's Omnislash making for one of the most epic finishes I have ever seen.

So based on the fight break moves don't work, leave your breakers at home. It's weak to wind, but it didn't use any other attacks based on my setup, so might react differently to magic/weakness. Other than that, if you don't have Ayaka, I think Rikku spamming her Lb for Reraise should suffice. Just bring along an entruster just in case. Well it's 3 Am here...time to figure out where I'm going to find a 1% Moogle for my Lunera. Later dudes.

My name is Zarrikos. My run team for complete was Wolly, Ayaka, eRamza, and OK, and I borrowed an OK. Seriously the wiki said multiple types of damage, and I saw none of it. Seriously Wolly had no problems.

Wolly rotated LiWu, Primal Instinct, and Brave Presence. He also had MechHeart, so Ayaka never really needed more than Curaga frankly. Ramza sang.

I saw on the wiki listing that he was immune to breaks so I didn't even try. OKs threw Splendor Wind First turn and got him to 27% couldn't afford to do that again.

So next 3 turns were just basic attacking him down to 15%. 4th turn i re-buffed with Ramza, and chained Twin swords and then set Sacred Sword off about 3 seconds behind it. My OK did have Aquan Killer Materia equipped but the borrowed one did not. Hope this helps a bit. But yeah I saw nothing but physical attacks that Wolly tanked.

Hello and welcome to the BluEvanescent, how can I help you? Oh, you want some tips and tricks for people who don't know about the boss fight? Simple, have a physical damager and chainers.

Recipe for Defeating Boss in "HARD" You need:

  • 2 cups of Chainers, specifically: Fryevia, Lightlord, etc.
  • 1 cup of Heavy Tank, reccomended for beginners: Cecil
  • 1 can of Physical Damager, specifically: Anyone with 900+ ATK
  • 1 can of Healer, mostly: Ayaka


  1. Mix 2 cups of Chainers and 1 cup of Physical Damager altogether. Pour out 1 cup of Heavy Tank by enabling Provoke and 2 teaspoon of Reraise, make sure it was put AFTER taking the boss some beating.
  2. You could potentially be beaten but; rest assured, heal up with your best Healer.
  3. Beat it for 4 turns.
  4. Finished it up with a garnish of Physical Damager with Limit Burst already activated, followed by Chainers.

And tada! You beat it within 5 turns.

Now, rest up and enjoy your meal!

Note:What I used were: Cecil, Fryevia, Veritas of the Light, Noctis and Ayaka (friend) .

I hope you enjoy your trip and the next time we met, I hope you get stronger enough. Thank you and have a good day.

: #toolazytoaddunits

--Bluevanescent (talk) 13:32, 1 February 2018 (UTC)

Nam-Yensa Sandsea -Exploration (2018) win. Slow_&_Easy 5 char. + LB finish. + no escapes. by FalconX

  > Party: WoL (def618), Cloud(atk1k+ & 19/25LB),  Illusion Nichol(MP487), Tilith(mp527), Ashe(mag810)

> Since beat on 1st try (~15rounds), thinking Wilhelm tank can be swapped out if needed. Boss was hitting for 500-700 per hit w/o Dam.Mit up buff. Has high defense. Need element+ armor/buffs. Used cloud LB on round 1, did about 15-20% dmg. Just make sure to have a dispel handy, only Tilith had it. Will self heal about 10%hp every threshold i think.

> Basically Ill. Nichole puts Cover + shadows on tank. Keeping double shadows on off rounds. Tilith -Rainbow Veil, dispel, hp fill if need.& fills mp up prior to boss entry. Tank was just using ATK/MAG+ embolden when down, or in def. mode. but definitly need cover tank. Cloud -meteor rain / Ashe -heavens fury for chain when can & heal. Will do about 15% dmg if good. Think Ashe died once cause 2 in row magic hits. Have fun! --Gogamer2018 (talk) 00:03, 27 January 2018 (UTC)

  > can swap WoL to Wilhelm for dispel, Cloud to Trance terra x2 party, 

Team: Akaya (or any solid healer), Barbie, Shantotto, Ace (or any MP battery), and Cloud.

Trash mobs are easy, just use whatever AoE you have. I used Finishing Touch with Cloud. Could also have used Tornado chains with Barbie/Shan. Ace was strictly for MP battery, you could use anyone for that. Didn't need a healer at all really but my units were geared very well. If your gear is lacking you might need to heal more than I did. Either way, trash mobs should be fairly easy for most people.

Cleared garbage mobs until I had Cloud's LB up (level 20/25).

Got to the boss and used Deprotect on the boss (could use any break really). Dual cast Tornado with both Barbie and Shantotto. Used Cloud's LB to cap the chain and finish him off. In order to time his LB correctly I tapped Cloud first and immediately hit Shan and Barbie. It worked out perfectly and we OTKO's the fight. Cleared all missions in one go.

Could most likely use any hard hitting finisher such as Luneth, DKC, VotF, VotL, etc.

Could most likely swap out healer or MP battery for a buffer like Roy, Ramza, or Soleil.

Didn't bother with a tank cause I was going for the one-shot.

Team: Shantotto (naked), Tilith with Frozen Hurricane, Onion Knight (800 ATK), Luneth (900 ATK), Garnet (enhanced, 4 x EVO+10%, but 2 on Rydia should be fine) with Bahamut esper.

Hardest thing to do was to build up the esper guage, which was done mainly be using smoke bombs until facing one enemy, then using Luneth's "Cut Through" and chaining with Tornado, Frozen Hurricane and just about any Onion Knight move. One-shotted the boss by first summoning Bahamut, skipping the animation and immediately (as soon as the animation is finished or exited, no later) chaining with Frozen Hurricane and Tornado. Bahamut's finisher seems to land at the end of that chain, hitting for over 8 million HP. Just timed it so that at about the tenth hit, I activated Onion Knight's Limit Burst. Finished with all missions complete.

--Shabba Dee