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Stealing only 1 white phantoma?[edit source]

This has to be a bug, it's not even worth my time to steal 1 phantoma at a time.

From any of the boss types to the rare encounters, stealing only grants 1-2 white phantoma. It's only with Nimbus that stealing grants much more. Otherwise, how much they drop is more important. Also, it's worth noting that stolen white phantoma contribute to how much bonus white phantoma you receive while taking bonus units. --FencerTJ (talk) 00:10, 4 March 2017 (UTC)

Golden Bomb?[edit source]

I just came across a Golden Bomb on ELT. It was a single Bomb that replaced the second fight. Definitely gave extra Phantoma, I think around 200? Got 441 for all the fights total (not including bonus or steal).

Anyone else run across this?

I came across a Golden Bomb on PRO, got 347 Phantomas in total --9uebec (talk) 15:36, 4 March 2017 (UTC)

Recommendations[edit source]

The recommendations at the moment are quite poor. Players should never buy Elixers or Phoenix Downs unless they happen to desperately need Elixirs/Phoenix Downs. (And honestly, I can't think for what. Maybe there will be an event with an enemy who casts multiple [non-delayed] Deaths at the beginning.) Elixers are pretty plentiful from the arena already, and usually various Ethers and Chocolate can substitute.

On the other hand, the Imperial Helms (and to a slightly lesser extent, Tempered Shields) look great, and are a worthy second priority.--QRand (talk) 01:15, 4 March 2017 (UTC)

Also, the recommendation for Metal Gigantuars is confusing at the moment. I'd agree with listing them as priority one though - they're the cheapest way to max out units. (The cost being 10,000 for the lot.) Players without any remaining slots will obviously have to take a pass.--QRand (talk) 01:18, 4 March 2017 (UTC)

PRO Solo Exdeath (or other 2x Caster) suggestion/streamline[edit source]

Under the farming section, the Wiki currently suggests using 2x Thundaga on the first 3 rounds, then a 2x Meteor on the final boss (Lieutenant Colonel Charlot) in PRO.

Between the time it takes to setup a new cast cycle and the long cast time of Meteor itself, it's actually quicker to keep hitting 'Repeat' and just use two consecutive 2x Thundaga on the boss. Lieutenant Colonel Charlot uses the first round to both buff ATK and heal 20% to prep for its 2nd round strike (which it ends up not getting)

This has the advantage of not needing as much MAG on whichever 2x caster you decide to bring (my Exdeath only has 407 - I'm sure some folks could math the minimum MAG required to cover for high/low variance in spells while still clearing the level with ease with 5 other bonus units.) If your accompanying bonus units are strong enough, the additional melee (minus your solo 'Steal'er) can sometimes assist in clearing the final boss in 1 round anyways - but again, a 1-shot on Lieutenant Colonel Charlot isn't necessary in PRO so long as you can finish off in two rounds.

I've been running Pro pretty much non-stop the last two days using all of my energy pool and have not yet seen the boss use anything but the ATK buff and 20% heal on the first round. Granted, I don't know if these two boss abilities require some kind of damage or being taken down below a specific health threshold as I almost always take it down to around 1/3 health (or less) before healing back up to halfway.

tl;dr No need to swap 2x spells mid-bossfight in PRO (especially if it's a slower spell like Meteor/Ultima), just keep using whatever was taking down the trash beforehand, as you get 2 rounds of 2x cast spell damage before boss answers.

I don't see why there's a focus on Exdeath / Fina (a five star base unit!) to begin with. There are dozens of units that can one-hit KO everything on PRO - even without dual wield! (I happen to use a Chizuru, which is a pretty popular approach)--QRand (talk) 00:41, 6 March 2017 (UTC)
Exdeath is a 3* base, who happens to have dual black magic, that's slightly easier to acquire comparative to Chizuru, a 4* base that's slightly harder to acquire. Plus he having strong AoE magics and a strong AoE limit break is another reason to use him. Otherwise as is with anything, it's just a matter of opinion, and whether you gravitate more towards using physical attackers or magical attackers. --FencerTJ (talk)