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  • Magic damage is recommended as all of the bosses have low SPR compared to their DEF, and some vulnerable to SPR breaks.
  • All of you want to have resistance to status immunities, or a way to cure them.
  • A magic tank with 100% water resist after buffs would be advisable, although having your party’s water resistance at a high level will work. Any Dark and Light resistance will be useful as well.
  • Use a strong provoke tank to take most incoming physical damage.
  • In Battle 1, the searcher will use stop effects, spells like Fingersnap and Bushido-Freedom can be used on your party to dispel these.
  • Using a provoke skill will make sure that the unit you are using to dispel others won’t be stopped themselves.
  • Io’s ATK and MAG are vulnerable to breaks, so remember to keep them up.
  • Keeping a thunder resist buff active will reduce general incoming damage.
  • Using ST damage and killing Io first is recommended, as killing the searcher first will make Io do massive AoE magic damage every turn.
  • AoE damage can be used to take out Io and the searcher together.
  • Remember to dispel any buffs that Io gets from Searcher, and reapply breaks.
  • Every few turns, Io will use an AoE non-elemental magic nuke. With decently strong breaks applied, and potentially your team’s SPR buffed, this shouldn’t be a big issue.
  • Use two earth attacks, which can be easily used with a leveled up Golem esper.
  • Use a limit burst as Io gets killed to achieve the mission.
  • Battle 2 will start with a preemptive attack that stops your unit with the highest MP, units like Wilhelm or Snow will increase their chance of being targeted by this, so that you can dispel it. Or you can make sure that your dispeller does not have the highest MP.
  • Erinyes will use AoE status effect moves every turn, as well as AoE Light/Dark/Water magical attacks, so make sure that your elemental resistance is up.
  • If you’re using physical units, be weary of the elemental imbues from Erinyes, as it is resistant to any element it imbues onto them. So wait it out or dispel it.
  • Your provoke tank will sometimes get a reflect cast on him/her/it(Cag), so be weary when healing them.
  • Make sure to hit Erinyes with a summon attack as it dies.
  • For Battle 3, you will want to keep your water resist buffs up regularly, on your magic cover, or your party, as well as being mindful of your MP as Architeuth uses a lot of ST MP drains.
  • Use a physical AoE cover if you plan to kill it slowly, as well as killing the tentacles before the actual boss, as they recover 1,000,000 HP to the main boss each turn.
  • Once you have killed all of the tentacles, you and used an esper, you can start killing the head.
  • Your tank should either have very high DEF, or you can keep a reraise on him/her/it, to cover Jump About.
  • You could also use AoE reraise tactics, such as Rikku’s/LM Fina’s LB or 7* Rem instead of using a cover tank to survive the AoE physical damage.
  • Try to kill him from above 50% as he uses him AoE physical attack more numerously as his HP goes down.
  • Remember to hit it with magic as it dies to clear the mission.