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Bonus Mission - Death and Destruction with 2B and friends[edit source]

My team: MRamza, Folka, Livid Shantotto, Roy, 2B, 2B (Folka is 6*, the rest are 7*)

I did it in two runs. On the first run I failed the elemental chains in wave 2, and of course the Esper mission. I have tips for both of these below.

  • MRamza. Geared up as a 100% dodge tank. As such, he was low on elemental resist and did need to have reraise on against the bomb wave, but was an absolute rock against the others.
  • Folka. Yes, I went after her in the step-up, only got one. I still have no 7* healer, for what it's worth. I had Siren on her, mainly so that she had Dispel.
  • Livid Shantotto. Geared up to 1600+ MAG. Had Bushido Freedom and Rahmuh (as the designated Esper finisher). She is here because she can clear the bomb wave by herself.
  • Roy. Yes, I am using Roy, even though I also have Zargy. Roy came through with flying colours, just so you know.
  • 2B. Both with non-elemental weapons and 2000+ ATK. Mine had some machine killers, for Europa. Note that you will have problems clearing Europa/Searchers if you have say lightning weapons. With non-elemental weapons, you can imbue lightning in wave 2 to achieve the chaining goal.

I think the main weakness with this party was the lack of overall elemental resist. For example Zargy and LM Fina both have aoe element buffs, whereas Roy and Folka do not. I got by fine though, just make sure MRamza has provoke & reraise at all times in wave 2. And Livid was a bit squishy in wave 3.

Wave 1

MRamza covers, then entrusts at any opportunity. He also has Ultima for the magic goal.

Roy does his Change of Repertoire ... Victory to the Brave song routine. Folka can use her ailment resist abilities, if needed. LShantotto takes care of the fire/ice damage goal.

2B's just target one Microchu at a time with Speed, or whatever you like, while waiting for the Esper and LB gauges to fill. Just make sure to do your 3 LB's, then fill all gauges before moving on to the next wave.

Wave 2

On both my runs, the preliminary attack killed a couple of my attackers, either LShantotto or my 2B's. Once you've got provoke (Stone Throw) up on MRamza though, it is all sweet. Just make sure he has reraise and Provoke up at all times. Roy is doing the same routine as in the first run.

To get the Activate Element Chain goal with elementless 2B, you first need to imbue her with lightning, and then just hit the Water bomb with a chain of anything. In my first run, I think I somehow managed to kill the Water bomb whilst doing True Charge Spear (aoe damage), without getting the chain goal. After that, you can try all you like doing chains against the other bombs, you won't do any damage and won't get elemental chains. So I think the best way to do it, which I did on my 2nd run, was first do Pod Charge to enable Charge Volt, which you use next turn on anything BUT the Water bomb, to imbue Lightning. Then, just chain away on Water bomb on the third turn.

Livid Shantotto has the job of clearing the rest of the bombs. She has magic to clear everything except Light, for which she has the Final Exam ability. I suggest starting off with that, then begin with triple-casting. Flood II and Flare II can probably OTKO their target from the start. You can switch targets after casting, to hit up to 3 different targets, and don't forget to keep an eye out for bombs about to explode. Just remember, if they have an ATK buff on them, you will have to kill them NOW!

Wave 3

First up on turn 1, you need to dispel both them and yourself. There are two ways to do this with this team. 1) dispel them with Bushido and have Folka dualcast Depronaga and Deshellnaga; or 2) dispel yourself with Bushido and have Folka dualcast Dispel (from Siren) and something else. I went for option 2, since I don't care about dispelling the Searchers as they are about to die...

Next I have Roy do his LB and both 2B's chain their LB's together, to kill the Searchers (they will be back on turn 3) and knocks Europa down by about a third and puts a huge debuff on him. MRamza does physical cover.

On turn 2, both 2B's set up for the kill with Supreme Support Weapon. MRamza can Entrust one of the 2B's (we will likely have to use LB to reapply breaks in turn 3). LShantotto should be free to triple-cast something. Folka will dual-cast Flowing Waters (DEF/SPR break resist) before the Searchers come back, and probably Water Screen for healing. Note that ATK/MAG break protection won't be needed, if the Searchers are killed as soon as they appear.

As for Roy, he is doing Draconic Reverberation for the rest of it. This song has superior buffs/breaks and LB boosts, but doesn't heal, so Folka will deal with that from here on.

On turn 3, the Searchers are back and have buffed up Europa again. LShantotto had Dispel (from Ramuh) so she triple-cast that along with a couple of damage spells, leaving Folka free to do other stuff. One 2B does LB to reapply debuffs (note that this is in the middle of Roy's song, so he is not reapplying debuffs himself), while the other 2B semi-chains with True Charge Blade. This will destroy the Searchers again, as well as do a lot more damage to Europa.

Note: DO NOT use any of 2B's abilities that imbue lightning, or she will be unable to do any damage to the searchers!

Note: On my first run, I had both LB's available on turn 3, and they took Europa from around 65% down to 2%! From there you can't lose, but I got the timing all wrong with the Esper finish.

To get the Esper finish on my 2nd run, I just played it pretty much like turn 3 for the next couple of turns, to whittle Europa down. I think the Searchers were back on turn 4 but not turn 5 (they come back every multiple of 2 or 3 turns, I think). I was ready for the kill by then, but I had a plan to get the Esper goal and it needed the Searchers. So I waited until turn 6.

The reason Esper goals usually fail is because the Esper misses a tiny window. So what I did was have LShantotto fire off Ramuh before having both 2B's hit with an ST attack, YoRHa Sword Dance. This killed off Europa really good and proper, while leaving the Searchers alive so that the battle didn't end before Ramuh landed his hit... or at least this seems to be what happened. Anyway... it did the trick!

This left the Searchers alive to be killed the next turn. But don't worry about them, as without Europa they do almost no damage. Job done!

Note: be careful when choosing an Esper to do the final kill, as Europa is immune to a number of elements. I compiled a shortlist of Espers that can complete the mission:

	Esper	Element
	ifrit	fire
	ramuh	lghtng
	odin	none
	titan	earth
	bahamut	none
	phoenix	fire


Some additional info...[edit source]

Wave 1	Blind, Silence and Confusion
Wave 2	-
Wave 3	Stop, Charm

 		Fire	Ice 	Lghtng 	Water 	Wind 	Earth 	Light 	Dark
Wave 1	Ochu	-50% 	-50% 	- 	+50% 	- 	+50% 	- 	- 
	Microc	-50% 	-50% 	- 	+50% 	- 	+50% 	- 	- 

Wave 2		each bomb vulnerable to one, immune to all others & non-elemental

 		Fire	Ice 	Lghtng 	Water 	Wind 	Earth 	Light 	Dark
Wave 3	Europa	- 	+300% 	- 	+300% 	+300% 	- 	+300% 	+300% 
	Europa*	-150% 	+300% 	-150% 	+300% 	+300% 	-150% 	+300% 	+300% 
	Search	+150% 	- 	+150% 	-50% 	- 	+150% 	-50% 	- 

[*] "Change: Impact Mode: Set Fire, Lightning and Earth resistance to -150% for 2 turns to caster"

Astra - 2 Trance Terras, Loren, CG Fina, CG Nichol, WoL[edit source]

This strategy requires the use of TMRs, full evasion WoL or Sieghard, 7 star Trance Terras, and 7 star Loren, the rest can be 6 stars, although 7 star CG Nichol with his imbue would make the bomb fight slightly more convenient. Sieghard removes most of the RNG in the 2nd fight.

This is how I did it:

Team build

Unit Esper Notes
CG Fina Tetra Sylphid Built for SPR 1.5k with Baraerora/ga from Tetra Sylphid
Warrior of Light Golem Equipped for full evasion, HP, Gladiator's Shield or First Strike to give him counters for easy LB crystal generation
CG Nichol Shiva Built for MAG 1.2k
Loren Titan Built for non-elemental ATK 1.7k with Earth Impact from Titan, remember to equip her TMR for her LB break
Trance Terra Alexander Built for MAG, 1.7k
Friend Trance Terra Alexander Built for MAG, 1.7k

All units must be equipped with a Ribbon or its equivalent

As much as possible, ensure that your elemental resistances for Wind, Light, Water, Ice, Dark aren't overly negative for an easier time in the last fight.


With an evade tank, you will take no damage in this fight. Just complete the missions (2x fire, 2x ice, 3 LBs), charge up everyone's LB (especially Fina's and Loren's) and the esper gauge and don't forget to finish Ochu off with magic (use Holy or Alterna).

Ensure everyone's MP is full with CG Fina's Manatopia and CG Nichol's

Bomb Juniors
If you had Sieghard (built with evade and 100% provoke), the pre-emptive strike will be directed at him. With WoL, you'll need to hope that RNG doesn't screw you.

Revive everyone that needs to be revived (you can use items in this fight), use Fina to cast reraise on WoL and use WoL to provoke.

After stabilising, begin the fight with an AoE DEF/SPR break from either Loren or WoL (if he survives) to make killing the bombs a breeze.

Trance Terras can clear Ice Chaos Flare, Light Chaos Dark, Fire Blizzaja, Water Thundaja
CG Fina can clear Dark Sacred Burst
Loren can clear Wind Earth Impact from Titan, Stone Tempestuous Twin Blade, Dark Dazzling Twin Blade, Water High-Voltage Twin Blade, and with 7 star CG Nichol, Thunder Water Infusion
CG Nichol can clear Fire Blizzaja, Thunder Waterja

Remember to chain Trance Terras' Chaos Flare/Dark for the mission.

CG Fina's Dystopia will be too weak (low MAG) to kill the Light bomb, likewise, Trance Terras' Holy will do very little (low SPR) to the Dark bomb so I don't recommend wasting their turns on these skills.

If using CG Nichol's Water Infusion, take note that it lasts 3 turns. If you need to dispel it so that Loren can kill another bomb, remember that CG Nichol has Sharp Kick.

Bombs that tremble will explode the next turn. If you're unable to kill that bomb before it explodes, use CG Fina's LB to survive. The front row (Ice, Water, Stone, Dark) have a 30% chance of trembling every 4 turns beginning on turn 3 (3, 7, 11...) while the back row (Fire, Thunder, Wind, Light) have a 15% chance of trembling every 3 turns beginning on turn 2 (2, 5, 8, 11...)

This fight is exactly like the one in Scorn of the Beasts. With 2 Trance Terras, CG Nichol, and Loren, this fight is trivial.

Turn 1,
Open the fight using CG Fina's Dispelga to remove all buffs and apply Baraerora/ga.
Use Loren's AoE break General's Manifesto or LB.
CG Nichol uses his usual regen buff + mitigation.
Quadchain Trance Terra's Chaos Wave and the searchers should easily die]].
WoL should use his AoE cover.

Turn 2,
Use Magical Activation on both Trance Terras because the searchers will spawn the next turn.
Loren can complete the earth damage mission.
CG Nichol preps both elemental buffs (ice/water and light/dark).
WoL and CG Fina have free turns.

Turn 3,
Same as turn 1, dispel with CG Fina, break with Loren.
Kill the searchers with Trance Terras' 0 cost Chaos Wave

Turn 4 onwards,
Keep killing the searchers whenever they appear. Europa will slowly die. Don't forget to keep breaks and elemental resists up.

Finish the Europa with Titan for the last mission.

Good luck!

--Astra (talk)