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Water_God_Leviathan (2018) slow & easy win by FalconX

 >Party: WoL, Tilith, Mystea, Demon Rain, Trance terra, friend: trance terra. Can swap demon rain w/ any atk/mag/spr buff char. or chain char. 
 > WoL -keep full break up, Mystea -magic cover , Demon rain -Ignite up,  Tilith -rainbow veil /healer, trance terra x2 -chaos wave x2 spark chain. 
 > boss does magic dmg ice/wind/water, used WoL -magicite netherite equip ability??! to cancel x1 magic cast when possible, last 40%,  choas wave x2 was doing about 20-25% hp dmg w/ spark chain. Nothing to bad w/ element buffs up, Mystea died but i think she wasnt equiped w/ armor or weapons. 

Have fun --Gogamer2018 (talk) 23:30, 23 March 2018 (UTC)

I was able to complete Leviathan using a party made up of Timothy, Shantotto, Shantotto, Shantotto, Garnet

This i basically the Bahamut cheese all over again. First cast Spirit Kill with Timothy, then cast Bahamut first with Garnet, wait about 1 second then have each of your shantottos dualcast tornado. If timed perfectly Bahamut will hit about the time you hit a 60-70 hit chain. In my run it took 2 Bahamut casts to kill him, so as long as you dont mind spending lapis 1 or 2 times to revive it will be cake (your esper bar refills on each revive)


-- 14:45, 13 March 2018 (UTC)

Hold on to your hats!!! ... Garnet 6* about to be released on the weekend! I just had a bit of fun trying to do a finishing OTKO on Leviathan using WoL, Mystea (100% ice & water resist), Roy, Garnet (Bahamut, Soul of Thasma for DC & all Evo Mag+10% materia), 2B, friend 2B. I would've pulled it off too... if it wasn't for those damned meddling kids ... I mean Garnet being so darned squishy :)


P.S. I hold Garnet close to my heart, as she was the first ever 5* I pulled, going way back :) Heck, she was my main damage dealer for quite a long time :)


Yes, I was successful with 6* Garnet at the first attempt. What I didn't mention is that I had already completed the mission with the LB goals, actually using Agrias in place of Garnet, so I was only going after the "use 5 magic" and "summon esper" goals with Garnet in the team. The idea was to quickly get Garnet's LB fired off to fill the Esper gauge, and hopefully cap off an Avoid-attack chain with Garnet casting Bahamut. Garnet was also doing things like dualcast dispel/curaga (make sure to do that BEFORE Roy starts his next song...)

As mentioned, I almost pulled it off with 5* Garnet, but Bahamut missed the chain and then my party got obliterated in the very same turn. With 6* Garnet, the esper gauge was full on turn 5. I felt that was a bit unlucky, as Garnet's LB usually fills pretty quickly, and the sooner we go, the less chance something bad will happen. I then had to wait until turn 6, as the 2B's had to set up with Avoid. In the end Leviathan went from about 85% down to 4%. I didn't see what damage Bahamut did, but I suspect I may have stuffed something up, as I was really hoping/expecting for a OTKO. I am actually wondering if I summoned the wrong esper (Garnet can summon someone else's esper, you see). I am just not sure. Anyway, the RNG gods smiled and nobody died, and the 2B's mopped up with their LB, so I would have gotten that goal too if I didn't already have it. If I was going after the LB goal with this team, I think I would try and whittle him down to around 70%, then try to use WoL's LB on the end of the OTKO move.

There is a question of how to gear Garnet for this. I went for 4 x Evo Mag materia for the maximum Bahamut damage, along with Soul of Thamasa for dualcast, which left her with just under 4000 HP. If she went down, I would have had to use either WoL's raise or phoenix down, then probably follow up with a further heal item. Her 5* version certainly went down a few times, but 6* survived, just barely at times mind you. If I had failed, I would have considered re-gearing her with more DEF/SPR/HP.

And yes, you heard that right, I was actually using Agrias as a healer in my earlier runs!

Team: WoL, Mystea, Roy, Agrias, 2B, friend Orlandeau

Truth is I am a bit lacking in the healer dept, so I decided to go for the quicker kill with Agrias and try to finish it before the RNG got me, hence I didn't get the esper or magic goals. I don't know if I would recommend that team, what with little raise and heal and no re-raise or ailment cure support whatsoever, but it kind of worked for me.

Anyway, Agrias can do curaga in a pinch, and I had Pod153 on her for damage mitigation, and her main role is still chaining/light debuffing with DR (divine ruination) with around 870 ATK. So long as WoL and Mystea are catching most of the damage (both with a mechanical heart), and Roy is regenerating, there often isn't much side-healing to be done. I was also relying on items at times, if anyone got stoned on turn 1 for example. Mystea really needs to do her magic barrier first up, so the petrify resist is only from turn 2 onwards. I found it necessary to put a moogle crown on WoL (null petrify), as he tends to catch the stone gaze, and when he gets petrified, the party tends to die.

With Agrias in the team, it was a 2 turn cycle where she was doing the Pod153 damage mitigation while 2B did Avoid and Orlandeau was free to try and gather orbs. Then it was DR-DR-Avoid attack with everyone carrying a light weapon. I used a friend Orlandeau (for crush weapon on turn 1) rather than the usual 2B, so I was inserting 2B into a DR chain, rather than using Agrias DR to kick off 2B's chains. If you didn't know, Speed breaks those lovely DR chains. Heck, Speed even breaks Speed chains! Speed is okay for easier content like RAID's, but I highly recommend using Avoid-attack here.

That's all, hope that it was helpful and wasn't too long :)

Went into this unsure of what to expect (1 star only) Team consisted of WoL (Brave Presence and Light is with us both at +1), Cloud, OK, Roy, and Luka and a Grim Lord Sakura Friend Honestly .. Luka's Water barrier is probably what made this fight feel so easy .. once Levi's Big buff drops and comes back up I ate a TON of water attacks, once I knew I could Withstand the attacks it was a game of patience .. keeping taunt up and healing

Wait... what? No wonder my enhanced Luka has been so upset lately. She was my #1 healer until recently, and here I am bragging about Garnet & Agrias filling in her roles... actually I blame it all on Roy. His HP regen kind of made Luka's enhanced regen a bit redundant. So Roy and Luka have been cold-shouldering each other for a while now. Hopefully they will all work out their differences :)

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