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4TKO Regina Strategy / All Missions[edit source]

My build for Regina:
Depending on which units you have, you have to choose between Aurora Fryevia's or Nagi's route.

What you need:

  • 7* Regina (build for LB and Demon/Human with Diabolos)
  • 6* Sylvie (Buffs / MP Recovery)
  • 6* Summer Folka & Citra (Light Imbue/Chaining)
  • 7* Aurora Fryevia (Dualcast = 100% Imperil + DR/AR/OS/AT Chain)
  • OR 6* Nagi (100% Imperil + DR Chain)
  • Chaining Partner (preferably DR + incl. AT Chain)

Preferable chaining partner are:

  • 7* Dracu Lasswell (Dualcast)
  • 7* Pyro Glacial Lasswell
  • 7* Sora (Dualcast)
  • 7* Sephiroth
  • 7* Reagen
  • 7* Crimson (Dualcast)
  • 6* Akstar (Dualcast)
  • 6* Zeno (Dualcast)

All units should gear with min. 50% Dark Resistance. For this example my team consists of Regina, Sylvie, Summer Folka & Citra, 6* Nagi, Akstar. Bring a friend Regina unit that build also for LB and Demon/Human of course. It's important to come every turn through one treshhold (80%, 50%, 20%) to not grapple with his other actions.

It depends on a little bit of luck to not get counterd with his "Mark of the Night". If your Imperil Unit dies on any turn, give her up, because we are switching fast to AMoE/AT chaining. In a bad case like in my tests my chainer (Akstar) dies, so i had to use Sylvie's "Please take this" to give my Nagi a AMoE/AT chaining ability (Cotton Tail) to chain with Summer Filka. If you use Aurora Fryevia instead of Nagi, you don't have to worry about it (innate AT chainer).

Turn 1[edit source]

  1. Sylvie - Double the fun! = Withstand the Elements, Gracious Knight (100% Dark + ATK Break & Stop Resistance)
  2. Summer Folka & Citra - Double Amusement = 1. Gleaming Sun + 2. Glamorous Shine (Light Imbue)
  3. Reginas - Penta-Tactics = Cana's System, Power Generator, Reboot Command, Anti-Demon Module, Regina Cannon (Chain Finisher)
  4. Nagi - Brilliance (Imperil + DR Chain)
  5. Akstar - Double Blade Art = Blazing Heat - Ash + Mirror of Equity - Emptiness (DR Chain)

!! As soon Reginas come to third cast (in this case Reboot Command) Nagi and Akstar starting. Turn 3 same.
If you choose Aurora Fryevia instead of Nagi, her action are: Double Flash = Flash - Furious Radiance x2

Turn 2[edit source]

  1. Reginas - LB
  2. Akstar - Double Blade Art = Absolute Mirror of Equity x2 (switch to AT chaining)
  3. Summer Folka & Citra - Double Amusement = Summon - Sunshine x2
  4. Nagi - Brilliance (not important anymore)
  5. Sylvie - Double the fun! = Let me help! x2 (to both Reginas)

If you choose Aurora Fryevia instead of Nagi, her action are: Double Flash = Flash - Brilliance x2

Turn 3[edit source]

  1. Sylvie - Double the fun! = Growing Offense + Withstand the Elements
  2. Reginas - Penta-Tactics = Reboot Command, Anti-Machine Module, Anti-Demon Module, Anti-Fairy Module, Regina Cannon
  3. Akstar - Double Blade Art = Absolute Mirror of Equity x2
  4. Summer Folka & Citra - Double Amusement = Summon - Sunshine x2
  5. Nagi - Brilliance

Turn 4[edit source]

  1. Reginas - LB
  2. Akstar - Double Blade Art = Absolute Mirror of Equity x2
  3. Summer Folka & Citra - Double Amusement = Summon - Sunshine x2
  4. Nagi - Brilliance

Last recommendation[edit source]

For perfect chains i would recommend to install Nox and use to get the macros for them. Set up three chains separately. One for Reginas Cannon, one for the chainers and one for Reginas LB with the chainers. It can happen that you miss your perfect cap for Regina by starting the chain for your Imperil Team at the wrong timing. Then close the app fast and try it again. The important thing is to cap from the 11th chain to get the maximum multiplier of 4. From there on it doesn't matter at which chain you cap; the multiplier will stay at 4 (for elemental chain).

--DJGorex (talk) 00:48, 26 July 2019 (UTC)

Zeno strategy with evade provoke breaker[edit source]

This is a super obnoxious trial, but here's how I did it.

  • Two Zenos. Diabolos for killers and high attack.
  • Folka for status resist and healing. Also provides water buffs.
  • Yuraisha for dark buffing and HP/MP regen moves. MS Nichol would work equally well, all things considered. Equip a light weapon.
  • Sacred Shield Charlotte with high dark resist and some water resist. Equip Odin for Fingersnap. Equip with Genji Shield.
  • Heavenly Technician Lid. Build for evasion/provoke using Moogle Plushie and Golem. Equip a light weapon.

Build dark resist into Folka and Yuraisha, because they're the squishiest in this build. Everyone should have paralysis resistance at the very least.

100% to 80%

The Zenos are going to be doing their optimal rotation and nothing else, though they can dispel in a pinch if you need it. Start off with cooldown breaks, magic cover, buff dark, and buff status resistances. Provoke next turn.

Once the Zenos have gotten Chaotic Darkness past 80, refresh your provoke if your breaks still have turns left.

80% to 50%

This is largely the same as the previous phase. Use a limit burst or damaging break from Lid to disable the extra moves, then continue as normal. Be sure to refresh your provoke and your magic cover before crossing the threshold.

50% to 20%

You're going to need to dispel on this one. After the first light hit by Lid, Lid may be disabled by Bewildering Chaos. If so, Yuraisha/Nichol have dispel moves that will also count for the second light hit. Then you can cure Lid using Folka, break on the next turn, and continue to the next threshold. As before, refresh your provoke and your magic cover before crossing the threshold. Keep Lid's limit burst charged, because it can help with the kill mission. Save True Mirror of Equity and your limit bursts until you're as close to 20% as possible, then blast Chaotic Darkness as far below that as you can using a Obliterating/True combo. It probably won't kill him, so you shouldn't need to worry about that.

20% to 0%

The faster you do this one, the better, because you can get screwed by RNG here. Hopefully, if you did enough damage at the threshold, this is a one or two turn affair. You should have a good judge of how much damage you can do. If you can limit burst right off the bat and finish the job, do so. If not, hopefully a triple cast of Obliterating Mirror will do the job. You can use Lid's limit burst to tag the boss at the end of the chain, since it takes a while to hit. If that's not an option, just get Chaotic Darkness as close to zero as possible.

Once the first set of special moves finishes, you can dispel then hopefully limit burst the last of his health off. If not, you better hope Lid isn't hit with confusion, because recovery will be a tall order. If Lid's still up, provoke again and use Yuraisha/Nichol to do light damage. If not, still do that, but you have no safety net. On the next turn, Chaotic Darkness may confuse/kill another unit if Lid isn't provoking. Do the final light hit and cure as needed.

With all that out of the way, assuming you recover, you can finish Chaotic Darkness at your leisure. But really, it's a lot better to avoid the risk entirely. 06:58, 26 July 2019 (UTC)